Nekisha Lewis

Nekisha Lewis

This sun-kissed beauty is Nekisha. Beautiful hair,glowing skin and great style! A perfect 10 in my opinion.Her beauty is obvious but she’s also very intelligent. She knows just about everything there is to know about hair and makeup. She lives on the gorgeous Caribbean isle of Antigua & Barbuda. Be sure to support this beautiful sista and check out her blog.

18 thoughts on “Nekisha Lewis

  1. Yes, she is LOVELY!……Hey there, love!! I got your message on my YT Channel but I can’t comment because, yet AGAIN…..I’m unable to log in to my channel. You Tube is a hot mess!…..I miss chatting with you as well, King. How’s things going in your sphere?

    • Hey my love! There’s my sweetie pie. I missed you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know what you mean about Youtube. I’m thinking of cancelling my Google plus account. Even though there are hundreds of my followers on there. Youtube has been a pain in the a$$ ever since Google bought them. Anyway,I’m doing pretty good. How’s your fam? Things good in the ATL?

      • I’ve been thinking about cancelling mine too…Yeah, Google has done a REAL job on messin’ up thingz…..Good to know all is well out there Cali….All is well here in the ‘A’. The fam is fine…..I’ve missed you as well! :)’s…

      • Thanks sweetie. Good to know everything is cool with you. You haven’t posted anything on your blog or Youtube lately. I figured you were just busy with real life stuff. I can relate though. We all get caught up with everyday situations we have to take care of.

  2. This woman is beautiful her skin is so amazing and she has a nice smile. She has the same hair as me. her blog looks nice. i’m glad to see some beautiful 4c haired sistas representing.

    • Thank you, Ms TooGood4Yall ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you liked my blog as well. I find that we 4C sistas need to represent so as to inspire other 4C naturals to embrace their hair. I also hope to inspire those whose hair is relatively short and has a slow growth rate – like mine. You just gotta love what you were blessed with. Stay beautiful x

  3. Thanks for link Brother. I will check it out. A Sister’s beauty and intellect is unparalleled without question.

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