It’s official! Black women are finally considered pretty now!

It took over 400 years but the day has finally come. Black women are finally considered attractive. It was announced today that People magazine named Lupita Nyongo the most beautiful person in the world. I guess now that a mainstream(white) magazine has said it–it MUST be true. Of course I’m being sarcastic, but I don’t believe the hype. I think many black women,in particular dark skinned women,will see this as a triumph. I personally think many dark skinned beauties are overlooked in the media. They love to glorify the mixed/biracial types. The ones that I consider “pseudo-black”. So the fact that a dark skinned,full lipped woman with natural hair is on the cover seems surprising. But there’s been quite a lot of hype around Lupita this past year. It’s due to her portrayal in the slave film,12 Years a Slave. She was very good in that film I must say. Although I’m tired of the “slave,butler,maid” films. But that’s another subject altogether. I don’t want black people to get too excited over this cover story though. I believe that Lupita’s beauty is fetishized by the media. There are so many white/latina/mixed women seen as beautiful in the movies that Lupita seems like an alien by comparison. The media portrayal of dark skin is always put in a negative light. No matter how beautiful a dark skinned woman might be,she never will get the praise a white women does. Or a biracial woman for that matter. As a matter of fact the last woman of color to make the cover of People’s most beautiful list was Beyoncé back in 2012. A decade ago biracial beauty Halle Berry graced the cover. I guess it was a slow progression until they got to a woman with dark skin. But the past years have been Kate Hudson 2008,Christina Applegate 2009,Julia Roberts 2010,Jennifer Lopez 2011 and plain Jane Gwyneth Paltrow in 2013. All average looking women in my opinion. Although I will admit that Lopez does have nice curves. But even having nice curves,nice butt and full lips are still more recognized in the media when they are on a non-black woman. A woman like Lupita should have been on the cover a long time ago. To be honest I think Lupita is hands down the prettiest woman they’ve ever had on the cover. But I think it’s just one moment in time. This fascination with Lupita reminds of when I was a kid in the 80’s with Grace Jones. The media was fascinated with this “tall,dark skinned African looking” woman. I don’t think it will last. In a system of white supremacy you have to make black people feel that they’re ugly,inferior and less than. There’s no way they will keep this trend going. It would throw a wrench in their system. You have to instill a sense of inferiority in people of color. This is what happens in films,television and magazines to keep the system going. Even Lupita herself has battled with issues of skin color. Earlier this year she was at an awards show and spoke from the heart.
She mentioned how she would pray to God that she would wake up with lighter skin, “I tried to negotiate with God: I told him I would stop stealing sugar cubes at night if he gave me what I wanted; I would listen to my mother’s every word and never lose my school sweater again if he just made me a little lighter, but I guess God was unimpressed with my bargaining chips because He never listened.”
That’s a very painful thing to hear. But it’s a reality that many young black girls have to live with. Black parents must instill a sense of pride in their children. So that they’re proud of their culture,race and heritage. It would be nice in the coming years if People magazine were to name Lauryn Hill,Kelly Rowland,Tika Sumpter,Lanisha Cole and Tomiko Fraser has the most beautiful. But…..I wouldn’t wait to long for that. I don’t think we should wait for validation from white owned publications to tell US what is beautiful. We as black people know that we have unique beauty all out own. I say congrats to Lupita. You are a gorgeous sista. But you were already beautiful as a young girl growing up in Kenya. Long before you ever knew about People magazine.

58 thoughts on “It’s official! Black women are finally considered pretty now!

  1. I do not watch movies about slaves, never have and never will. I did not even know who this woman was. Obviously, I’ve been underneath a rock. However, her statement about trying to ‘bargain’ with ‘god’ so to speak to make her lighter certainly goes back to my poem that everyone has been reading. Melanin and more melanin is much better than any ‘light’ skin! Geesh!

    • I feel you sis. This is just media hype. I take nothing away from this sista’s beauty. But it’s all just deception. This is a fleeting moment. They basically ignore this type of beauty all year long,THEN finally they throw black women a bone! Give me break! We don’t need their validation.

      • More white supremacy…and “smoke-screens and mirrors.” Just a mainstream mag attempting to bolster the readership and unfortunately, some sisters will fall for it, tooth and nail to speak. And I won’t even begin to go into my diatribe about the so-called magazine for “us,” ESSENCE. Which in MY opinion is “white-washed.

      • That’s true. Essence is owned by Time-Warner. Every since white folks bought out the magazine they’ve been promoting homosexuality and interracial dating. Essence has sold out! It’s a useless rag now!!

  2. Meanwhile, how many white women are spending $$$ and risking cancer to get darker skin?

    But, there doesn’t seem to be any issue if that tanned skin is accompanied by long blonde hair and blue eyes. It has gotten very old!

    I see this as a break through. The fact is black women have always been some of the most beautiful women, but now I guess it is official with the supermarket stand pedestrian media.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve seen white women try to tan,get lip injections and butt-lifts. All the physical attributes usually associated the black women. Even though by and large the beauty of whites is seen as the standard,it’s clear that many white women secretly admire things about black women. I’ve even had white women tell me in private that black women age better they do. It’s funny how the media talks about the beautiful pouty lips of Angelina Jolie or nice butt by Kim Ksrdashian. But millions of black women have these body parts. It’s only seen as beautiful when it’s attached to a non-black body I guess. Such a double standard! I agree that Lupita is gorgeous. No one can take that way from her. But will it last? Be honest now. Who will be on the cover next year? Most likely no one that looks remotely like Just being honest.

      • Black women do not age, they are eternally beautiful. And yes, white women know it and perm curls in their hair and try to their copy features.

        And, MANY white men have also secretly been very attracted to black women too. But, it was also so secret and hush-hush, putting black women in the degrading positions of mistresses for the rich white men who can put food in the refrigerator, because the slavery never really ended.

        You’re right, when you are this strong and beautiful, who needs the validation of supermarket tabloid?

        Especially when it took them this damn long!

      • Yes that’s very true. But I think most black women will eat this up. Mainly because the media knows how to make people starve for attention. First you deprive them of any recognition and make them feel like they’re second best. Then when they get any recognition at all,they’ll jump on it! It’s very predictable. But I agree with your other points as well.

  3. I’ll play along.

    No sooner than she became Cinderella at the Oscars was she already linked to a Whitman. Jared Leto is one in pursuit. It’s not so much the accolades. Share your knowledge and success w/us. Build w/the less fortunate of your own hue. I hope she pairs up w/a Blackmon. Don’t be the poster child for IR relationships & roles like Zoe Saldaña or never marry black like Harry Belafonte, Quincy Jones or Cuba Gooding Jr. (divorce papers filed).

    1. Kelly Wells, Olympian.

    2. Angela Bassett, actress Supreme &
    Goddess. (Like Denzel, shoulda been
    Won any & all awards)

    3. Nia Long

    4. Nadine Ellis

    5. Jill Marie Jones

    6. Erica Tazel

    7. Bria Myles

    8. Yaya Alafia

    9. A young Chaka Khan

    10. Sally Richardson over Halle Berry
    Any day. White folks can have her

    Just to name a few for example.
    There are sooooo many NICE sistas ou’chea w/the right (dark) complexion it ain’t real but they’ll keep shoving the swirl down our eyeballs as if we could never look good w/o them.

    I’m done.

      • u noticed that the media was acting butt hurt because she chose a brotha over jared leto. I saw one website and they were going into detail about him and saying he has kids, and at the end they talked about jared leto and had a pic of jared leto with lupita but didn’t have a pic of lupita with knaan.

        It’s like they were trying to compare the two and saying she should choose jared. smh.

      • I know what you mean. They love to push that interracial agenda. They see black love as a threat. That’s why you don’t see black people making love in films very much. They always have us fighting each other. It’s a very serious agenda to keep us divided.

  4. As black people, we ignore the fact that black beauty has always been celebrated. Those in power chose to show it in other women…Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Lauren, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins, Britney Spears, etc. Blackwomen are the standard, let’s be forthright about this. Whitemen are fully aware of what they did to our women. Today, one can travel all over the globe and see examples of melinated beauty in various women…North Africa, Iberia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim, and so forth. This insanity has festered all these years because a specific group of blackmen hate themselves. The blame has to be on our backs as blackmen. European and Arab whitemen created this problem, but the deaf and blind among us keep the bs going. Whites are not gonna change, they will always push Becky and the Swirl Girls over authentic blackwomen. I expect whitewomen to be stupid,, lightskin and biracial women know better. My respect for both is low at this time, and getting lower by the day. Lupita is beautiful as she is, but, too many blackmen aid and abet hatred of our women. Sistas, put the onus on us, not yourselves. Ya’ll are the only innocent actor in the drama we call white supremacy.

    • Hey Tyrone,
      If Lupita gets with anyone, but a black man it is not because black women have not made it clear what we want and will wait for. Black women still have the lowest marrying out rate and the lowest rate of producing mixed children. Yet, it is hard to find a black man who will step up.

      If, she marries an other she will be celebrated and her career will be on the rise. If, she marries a black man she will struggle like all of the other black women actresses in Hwood. We black women can’t make black men marry us and be family men. All we can do is better ourselves and never settle for less than what we deserve. Yet, we get passed by for lupe, maylee, and becky. Do other men have to be with us before black men catch a clue?

      Unfortunately I don’t think black women will hold forever and can we blame them. We are not meant to be left alone and no other men have ever been able to make up bend or break except black men. Hence the complaint from others of why won’t black women date out. But, the mass rejection that is getting louder from black men that has gone unchecked will make black women bend.

      Tyrone the onus is on black men and if, Lupita and others leave it may be for good.

      • Part of the problem is with black (and all) women. When women say to the father of their children, “Get out of the house so that I can receive welfare money,” it’s no wonder so many families are in disarray. We have to reject socialism, both white and black communities.

  5. Lupita is very beautiful, but we should not be concerned with others approval,
    there have always been beautiful sistas, that have not been acknowledged
    by the media. This is the same people that will have gabourey sidibe on their magazines and saying she Is beautiful, when we know that is not true.
    they want to push black American women as being ugly, while praising
    non black women and women who are not descendants of slaves.
    we will always be a reminder of our ancestors and how they treated them
    and continue to treat us. we cannot be seen as beautiful in their eyes
    because we are a threat.

    I’m happy for lupita, and her presence and beauty being broadcast is inspiration
    to dark skinned sistas everywhere. However, the media likes certain kinds
    of blackness to be shown, they will pick on dark skinned black American
    women but will view black women from other countries as exotic and beautiful.
    We will probably not see a black American version of lupita being hyped
    by the white media. That is ok, but just watch the double standards
    they will make fun of michelle Obama and serena Williams for their bodies
    while praising those same features on other women. divide and conquer.

    I want to see black women from all over the globe being celebrated
    I want to see black women with different skin tones being celebrated
    and I want see black women be ing celebrated for our differences ,EQUALLY.

    • @mstoogood4yall

      We shouldn’t waste time hoping and praying Madison Ave, Hollywood, and the Fashion Industry turn the corner, Why? All of them are heavyweights within “The Matrix.” Think about it Sis, blackwomen in Africa are bleaching their royal black and brown skin because global media told them that White is Right…Says Who? Why is Black Female Beauty marginalized? Easy Answer…Whitewomen! Men are evil, Women are Hateful. A jealous woman can inflict much harm to those around her. The war between sistas and the light-bright crew is centuries old. Blackwomen have genetic diversity and age-defying skin. The facial and physical attributes speak for themselves, but the fact that sistas can have baby-soft skin with no lines, wrinkles, and sunspots is what really irks other women. Melanin is the trump card, it’s Black Gold…Literally!

      • We used to have athletes with guts in the 60’s and 70’s. Men like Muhammad Ali,Bill Russell and Jim Brown. Now we have cowards like Kobe No backbone at all! And NO balls! Where are the black men with dignity and self respect??

  6. @ Kushite Prince
    Lupita is a very beautiful black woman and I know that it helps black women/girls, especially our dark skin sistas to see Lupita on one of entertainment’s top mags being considered as beautiful as the rest, but we have to be on top of the trickery of racist man/woman. Black women/girls have been forever beautiful, so now they throw us a bone and we should be happy? Really? Not!

    • I totally agree with you OW13. We are beautiful people no doubt. I could care less what People magazine thinks. It’s not a magazine owned and produced by black people. So their opinion means nothing to me. You’re right though,this is deception. We are still marginalized in this racist culture. We can’t get excited because they threw us a bone! Trickery at it’s best!

  7. Oh please never think that you are not beauty itself. Why do you think they can never leave us alone. why do you think they get pissed when you say you prefer black. Cause if, you prefer black to all else then they can’t dip in and get some for themselves. In a balanced world do you really think we would be mixing? LOL no and they know in our right mind we would replace them all. It would in short order be a black planet.

  8. EVERYTHING white people do they do for a reason and the reason always benefits white people. Putting Lupita Nyong’o on the front cover of People Magazine as the No.1 Beauty was simply a gesture to prove to the world that white women aren’t in the least bit threatened by or envious of beautiful slim black women with dark skin and natural hair… but we all know they deeply are!

    The proof is in the pudding with the title bestowed upon Lupita Nyong’o by the BRITISH who have named her ‘Most Beautiful PERSON’ instead of ‘Most Beautiful WOMAN’

    Try as they may, they can never hide their true feelings.

    • Person instead of most beautiful woman??? Hmmm…..that’s true! A very interesting way of playing with words. But you’re right,they exposed their true feelings. Thanks Eden,I can always count on you to bring an interesting perspective. Thanks sweetie.

  9. What happens when one dark skinned black women gets a little shine in the media:
    1) Black people, mostly males, rush to the mic to tell black women that Lupita is just a fetish. The take home message is that if non-black people find black women attractive it can only be a fetish because being attracted to black women is pathological.

    2) If black women (especially dark skinned) feel good in any way about Lupita fame we are pathetic, insecure and seeking white people’s validation.

    If black men had any real understanding of the depths of the skin, hair and facial feature bashing dark skinned black women endure(mostly from black men) they would have not put so much energy into sh$tting all over Lupita getting some shine. You guys couldn’t look at Lupita’s fame through the eyes of dark skinned black women and not focus on white people’s honesty or dishonestly in labeling her an “It” girl. You guys couldn’t let dark skinned black women have this one and fall back. Black men couldn’t let dark skinned black women have a “moment” of shine without constructing a “don’t believe it she’s just a fetish” narrative. The lack of empathy, compassion, and emotional abuse that the black community has for dark skinned black women is very blatant. Many black men work overtime stroking the egos of light skinned mixed/white/Asian/non-black latina women. Dark skinned women can’t shine without black men swinging a baseball bat at our psyches.

    • Any black male who doesn’t adore and put on high above all other races of women the inner and outer beauty of his own race of women, is not a MAN but a coon… and coons are the prized pets of Massa & Missy.

    • @Alchemist
      I think I get what you’re trying to say. But I think you’re missing the point. I was not trying to diminish the beauty of Lupita. Her beauty is undeniable. I was just pointing out that in the system of white supremacy you can never trust what they say. People magazine is a mainstream(white owned) magazine. Just because I’m saying I don’t trust the opinion of white folks does not negate the beauty of Lupita. Also I never said that black women who felt good about Lupita’s rise to fame were pathetic, insecure and seeking white people’s validation. I just said that WE as black people don’t NEED their validation. There’s a difference.
      I do think that there are whites who honestly find Lupita attractive. But let’s be honest Alchemist,as a white collective she is not the romantic ideal. You and I both know this. Let’s not kid ourselves. There are individual whites that may think she’s pretty but she can’t be the standard of beauty in a system of white supremacy.

      You said:
      “Black men couldn’t let dark skinned black women have a “moment” of shine without constructing a “don’t believe it she’s just a fetish” narrative. The lack of empathy, compassion, and emotional abuse that the black community has for dark skinned black women is very blatant. Many black men work overtime stroking the egos of light skinned mixed/white/Asian/non-black latina women. Dark skinned women can’t shine without black men swinging a baseball bat at our psyches.”
      I personally always highlight the beauty of my sistas. Of every complexion on my blog. I have always had empathy and compassion for black women. I have dark skinned women in my family that I love more than anything. And I will never stroke the ego of non-black women. Never going to happen. And black men and women have both spoke out on the hypocrisy of the people magazine. I’m not trying to “swing a baseball bat” at the psyche of my sistas. I just want them to be aware of how white supremacy operates. Don’t fall for the okey-doke,that’s all I’m saying. And why is everything about black men vs black women?? Why is everything always twisted into a gender war discussion? I’m really getting fed up with it. It only causes more division in the long run. Alright I’m done. Thanks for your comment.

    • I don’t think he’s throwing shade on anybody. His sarcasm and mistrust comes from the fact that her love affair with the media will be short-lived like it is any time they fawn over a person or woman of color. Case in point Frida Pinto star of “Slumdog Millionaire” the media slobbered all over her after the movie but what about now? Or Yang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh from “Crouching Tiger”. They were lauded like crazy after that film yet where are they now? People magazine has been especially guilty of showcasing an ‘it’ girl of color only to forget her later. time will tell if Lupita is still getting praise 5 years from now but I doubt it.

      • Another thing before black women start attacking black men we need to take a long hard look at how WE glorify white or men of other races. I have seen countless blogs where black women gush about Asian, Italian or Arab men. I myself make no secret of my love for John Cho and the late Bruce Lee. Both sides are guilty of saying screw you when it comes to love and race.

    • @ the Alchemist:

      VERY well said. Many brothers state that they champion that darker sista, but in reality STILL rant over “light, bright and dam near white.”
      This is said with absolutely no disrespect towards my fair skinned sistas. I realize that people DO have personal choice, for example, I think that darker hued brothers are “a treat to the eyes.”

      The problem is that in black communities, our people STILL promote this form of thinking that dark….means less. And as I have referenced before, “we are ALL equally hated under the same microscope.” Instead, why not love each other and the skin you’re in? Instead of continually looking for acceptance from a “system” that gives LESS than a rat’s a** about you? Makes perfect sense to me. Why place so much weight and validation on what whites think? These colorless sub-humans are not YOU.

      The “color caste complex” as I call it or thinking that one’s character is “better” because ??? should be seriously examined in the black community.


  10. Wow, I don’t think she’s a fetish and one of the reasons I like Kushites blog so much is the fact that he show cases black women of all hues especially dark skinned black women. Oh course all men know that dark skinned women are breath takingly beautiful so much so that when you meet such a woman you can’t forget her. It is a shame that in this world there are not more pictures of dark skinned black women, but we all know why.

    I just wished she along with other black women were not in slave roles and that we told more of our own stories and that we could celebrate the beauty of all of our sisters without fear of ill falling them, but we know out there with them it happens more often than not. So, I get it and is one of the reasons I really like blogs like this that praise black women and has such an uplifting voice about us coming from a black man.

    Sometimes when I get down due to dealing with black men who don’t appreciate us and like you said seem to always want to tear us down it nice to come and see the pictures and read how excited a black man is in seeing a black women just be beautiful as she is. We all need that and YES black women especially our darkest sisters are hurting because for too long they have been neglected, hidden, ignored by the ones who should be lifting them up and praising all of their beauty.

    • Thanks for the comment Honey. I don’t think she’s a fetish for US as black people. I mean for SOME whites she is seen as a fetish. Her dark skin and hair texture is a big contrast to them. They look at her as the “exotic other” in my opinion. I was not trying to offend anyone or put down my sistas. I would never do that. I’m just being real with everybody. I do NOT trust these white publications! We don’t need their validation at all! And I stand by that! We have to use our better judgment when dealing with racism. Just because they acknowledge the beauty of a dark skinned woman we’re supposed to totally disregard hundreds of years of racism?? Come on now! Let’s not be naive.


    Greetings Family! I was reading thru most of the comments, and it all makes sense. But while I overstand why We’re “still” massaging the same dialogues about Our skin color– it’s a program that’s been running for centuries, I’m sick and tired of it because it shows that We are, collectively, still wading around in the quicksand of white supremacist thought…We just can’t seem to get over it. Keeping what I’m saying in its proper perspective, there are so many OTHER programs continually running (in Our minds) that tie-in, in one way or another, skin color thus taking us back once again to the light “versus” dark dilemma it becomes difficult NOT to address it. It’s like the repeat button on Our collective consciousness is stuck.

    At the moment, I’m not really sure how We can move forward & away from this issue without collectively under/overstanding the source of it, in the first place…under/overstanding the concept and reality of mental “programs”…then being willing to simply shut-down, remove and step away from the “program” (and others) all together.

    On this blog and elsewhere I hear and read others expressing our need to do Our own thing– check! Tyrone said (not verbatim) that “We should forget about Madison Avenue, ‘hollyweird’ and the fashion industry”– check! Kushite Prince said “We don’t need their validation”– check! All of this is True, I’ve been hearing it for over 30 yrs to no avail. Kushite Prince and other sisters & brothers on the blog know why developing Our own industry has been made to seem (and feel) extremely difficult plus nearly impossible…only thing is, it’s nearly just as difficult and impossible (it feels/seems) to get the rest of Our people to know…or even listen!

    However, in the outer banks – f’ the mainstream – We can find a much smaller collective, but collective nonetheless, of givings that better serve and respect Our people. Atop is the link to a webseries titled ‘Smoke and Mirrors’…an example of what I’m saying.

    I trust some will injoy it, some won’t… and that’s not an issue, We’re not robots. However, my opinionated two cents thinks the sprinkled use of “nigga” was an unnecessary seasoning…the creation itself has deep flavors. Other than that – this is/was intended for a slightly younger audience – I Loved the Love…the Togetherness… the dialogue and conversation… the absence of drugs, violence and the blatant disrespect of Our women/Our Selves…and a cast of Us representing Us. My point: Where there is no door, We create one. Much Love to the sister and brother who created the series– christmasinjuly1982.

  12. While I think Lupita is attractive, I’m surprised no one has mentioned that the few times the white Media showcases an attractive dark skinned woman, she always has to have SHORT hair. Lupita’s haircut is androgynous. I don’ like it. Alek Wek, I and many Africans, don’t find attractive. I’m tired of all these South Sudanese models the fashion and beauty industry parade in our faces to represent dark black women. South Sudanese have a very extreme look –some almost alien–so to use them as a representation of African/black women is dehumanizing. Many conscious Black Americans and Africans smell a rat with the fashion world’s real motive in showcasing such women. African women do indeed have hair. Deep dark women have all kinds of features. Not just a Nilotic look. Just one glance at a variety of deep dark North Sudanese women of varying features and hair textures will quickly dispel any fake illusion of hair length correlating with complexion. Or bone structure.

    There’s always a catch. Their reasoning is this: Rarely show dark skinned black women as beautiful. And if you do, make sure they don’t have ALL the attributes that make women look feminine and lovely: soft features (not hard), shapely figure, and most importantly LONG HAIR! Black women with natural chiffon soft fluffy hair is threatening to white beauty. As long as dark skinned women are depicted with buzz cuts, BALD, or cropped hair, dark skinned women are still being demeaned and short changed. The illusion is to create some sort of inadequacy to take us down a notch compared to other races of women.

    There seems to be a trend of black women sporting BALD heads. Black women need to think before adopting these trends. Notice if that trend is targeted ONLY to black women . And if so, then don’t blindly follow such trends or you may unwittingly support the illusion of your own –OUR OWN– deficiency.

    • “Alek Wek, I and many Africans, don’t find attractive. I’m tired of all these South Sudanese models the fashion and beauty industry parade in our faces to represent dark black women. ”

      Ajak Deng is someone who I would consider stunningly beautiful who is also from the south Sudan.

      It’s true though that white depictions of authentic African/black women are biased in favor of whites in order to ensure non-Black women come out more favorably in comparison. Outside of Lupita, most images of dark skin women are generally less attractive (e.g., overweight or middle-aged and beyond). It’s as if they’re saying no beautiful authentic black women exist to be shown.

      The reason Europeans project such biased images of beauty is simple: they understand the role such ideals play in terms of (a) maintaining their own biological survival and, (b) motivating others to commit biological suicide. Beauty standards represent biological and genetic ideals; values regarding what a particular group considers to be the embodiment of human genetic perfection. If black people internalize such values they will be motivated to dilute their own bloodlines. On the other hand, if whites internalize the same standards/ideals, they will be motivated to maintain, enhance and advance their genetic survival. What we need most of all is an authentic (classical) black beauty ideal.

      • That’s very true. I like Ajak Deng as well. I don’t think Ajak gets enough exposure though. There are a lot of attractive African models that don’t get the respect they deserve. I like Agbani Darego too. Although she is a beauty queen so more people know of her.

        There are a lot of beautiful African actresses that many don’t know about. Actresses like Terry Pheto and Tiwa Savage are two of my favorites. There’s an American actress named Emayatzy Corinealdi. She is a stunning beauty! But she’s just up and coming. Here’s a pic of her:
        The white media wants to degrade the images of black women. This is why many times the image of dark skinned women is usually like the girl from the film Precious.

        You said:
        “The reason Europeans project such biased images of beauty is simple: they understand the role such ideals play in terms of (a) maintaining their own biological survival and, (b) motivating others to commit biological suicide. Beauty standards represent biological and genetic ideals; values regarding what a particular group considers to be the embodiment of human genetic perfection. If black people internalize such values they will be motivated to dilute their own bloodlines.”
        That is very o point! I think this why television and films are perfect for brainwashing black people. It gives us a steady diet of self-hatred. It’s obvious that black women are physically more attractive than white women. But this goes to show you the power of media. It’s nothing more than propaganda fro pushing a “white beauty” ideal. We should be wise enough to know this by now.

  13. My mom says the reason lupita is seen as beautiful especially to white america is because she’s african and seen as exotic compare to american birn black women who are not seen as beautiful

  14. i know someone will complain about this, but in all honesty i don’t find Lupita that attractive. her face is really pretty, but she has that mainstream-model physique: damn near CURVELESS! i much prefer women like:
    Amesia Harris
    Charda XL
    Damaris Lewis
    Amara la Negra
    Jennifer D Johnson
    Kumiko Ming
    Betty Bonsu
    Teiko Dornor
    Tasha Smith
    Halen Johnson
    Azizi Johari
    (and many others)
    though on the other hand, Lupita could help dispel the myth of all ‘black’ women being obese…

  15. (While forking out my hair with my hair comb) Well dam! I’m sooooooo happy to be nappy! Au natural with no make-up (most of the time!). I’m good to go in about five minutes!

    Yep….lol! Phenomenal woman, that’s me and a whole lot of other sistas! 🙂

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