BET or is it EBT??

BET is definitely not what it used to be. A lot of buffoonery and degrading images of black people are all over that channel. It’s not even a black owned channel anyway. That’s a whole other subject. *sigh*

19 thoughts on “BET or is it EBT??

  1. A Black man used to own BET, but he sold it. I figured that mess that bought it would turn it into something that I would not care to tune into! Turns out, I was right!

    Thanks Prince.

  2. The shame is that there is little else Black folk can watch to see themselves in an upstanding way. Soul Train was alright, but Soul Train was many decades ago.

  3. yep it is ebt, I don’t watch anymore the last empowering show they had imo was tj holmes don’t sleep, but I guess that was too educational for the network and they took it off air, smh. the boondocks episode was right it’s black EVIL television.

      • yes I heard about his new show, but he won’t be working on boondocks which coming out next month. If boondocks goes into a different direction then it won’t be worth watching. Black jesus idk I will have to wait for it to come out before I can judge it we will see. hopefully both boondocks and black jesus won’t be stereotypical and won’t be cooning. I think boondocks is one of a few conscious black shows on tv.

      • Yeah I disappointed to hear that Aaron left the show. I hope the show keeps some of it’s integrity though. Although that will be hard without him there. But I see your point. If the direction is too different it wont be worth watching. I feel you on that.

  4. We lost another chance @network ownership when Bob sold. That could have easily been the trend to have instead of a record label and/or clothing line.

  5. You know, I used to despise the Johnsons for selling the network for the same reason many of you probably do, then I realized something: you can’t really blame Bob and Sheila Johnson for literally “selling out.” Think about this, would modern-day black people really, and I mean REALLY support educational programming? Be honest. I remember an interview Sheila Johnson did many years ago in a black publication (name and date escapes me now, but it was around the time they sold BET to Viacom) but they essentially asked her about the drastic change in network format. They asked why the network went from mainly positive, family-friendly news and educational programming with periodic entertainment (i.e., videos) to majority video entertainment with very little educational programming. Sheila Johnson’s response was (paraphrasing) “To continue with the former educational format was too economically risky…” Translation: black folks were not tuning in to support that format. Black folks changed over the years. Society changed. Current blacks place more value on entertainment than education. Can you blame the Johnsons and BET? Really, can you?

    I look at it like this: the Johnson’s really had no choice. They could have stood on principle and kept BET and its educational formatting, but this would have more-than-likely meant the end of the network. Other bigger networks would have just developed their own black network channel replete with coonery and buffoonery to compete with BET. Which network do you think blacks would have tuned into? Any time blacks tune into watch the modern-day minstrel show that is Real “House flies” of Atlanta, Love and Hip-Hop, etc., then I think you already know the answer. That would have been the end of BET as we knew it anyway.

    At the end of the day, the problem is not the Johnsons, the problem is black society. Networks have to remain profitable to sustain operations. Generating profits comes from increasing viewership. So, at the end of the day, you MUST give the people what they want. Even if what they want is garbage. This sale of BET to Viacom was truly disappointing, but it should be a wake-up call as to where our value systems are as a black collective.

    If I could offer any encouragement, that would be to note that black TV is not dead. We still have TV One.

    • You make a good point. The mentality of our people MUST change. We have to stop embracing ignorance and every aspect of anti-blackness. I do think in some ways TV One is a little better. But TV One is far from perfect.

    • Greetings every One! I first want to “Thank” Kushite Prince for his blog, one that’s based in True information and equally as important, based in respect…it is very necessary and appreciated.  reality_check…peace!… I think I understand your main points but have a different perspective on a couple of others. 1) If we overstand ‘the Boule’ and its role, along with the umbrella of the so-called illuminati, then we [must] know that no matter how much hard work one puts into a creation of his/her own, UNLESS it is aligned with and promotes (overtly or covertly) the agendas of white supremacy, it will be “permitted” to do but so much and go but so far, period. The so-called jews own and run ‘the media’ in this corporation (We’ve been mis-educated to think it’s a “country” but that’s another conversation)… regardless of certifications and university degrees, experience, know-how, financial backing, etc., in order to be “allowed” to play in that demonized game, one has to pay by selling their soul (to varying degrees). As such, although I have no concrete proof of the matter concerning Bob Johnson/BET, having accounted for a considerable amount of the pieces to ‘the grand puzzle’ (so to speak), I think a practical deduction of what’s hidden in print and in plain sight tells Us Bob Johnson sold out – and was required to – from the very beginning.

      I was a young child in 1980 (1979) when BET came on the air, and naturally, We all were excited to see an entire network – using the term loosely – ‘devoted’ to Us as Afrikan non-Sovereigns displaced in america, or just to keep it simple for now, Black folk. And for several years, the “programming” – which is yet another conversation in and of itself, a heavy one indeed – was far more positive, educational, wholesomely entertaining than anything we had yet to see (as an entire package) portraying Black folk in america. My memory doesn’t serve me the way I’d like it to but I do re-member we had real journalism/journalists, a nightly news, our own game show (I think – please correct me if I’m wrong), sports shows that covered HBCUs and Black athletes/athletics, once being a Hip-Hop head (RIP) I re-member Rap City and the Saturday Top 10 countdown, I Loved Teen Summit (& Ananda!) and how could I forget Video Soul with Donnie Simpson (plus the Beautiful sister(s) who would co-host whose names leave me at the moment…was it Sherry?…oh, and Madlyn (sp) Woods!) along with some pretty good (comparitively speaking) syndicated and original sitcoms and shows. I know, I know, I went a bit nostalgic for a moment but it built a wide enough context for Us to see the con.

      Counter to what served Us well during the beginning phase(s) of BET– I’ll go a step further and label it ‘the BET Experiment’ [NOTE: Let Us re-member and be clear that “much if not all” of the dealings extended to Us from this corporation have been/still are, whether on the surface or at the core, an experiment, e.g., Tuskeegee, housing projects, Hurricane Katrina, AIDS, crack, Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Act 1964/de-segregation, the Black Mayor initiative, even John Hanson– the first Black President, etc., etc.]…a constant barrage of any and every thing possible, seen and unseen, has been and still is directed at Us to move Us further and farther away from our True Selves, Our Unity and Nature, so it’s no surprise that eventually~collectively We would end-up ill-positioned…neither realizing nor caring enough (because it’s just too much other s#@t to deal with) about our state of non-Being. Thus, gradually, no more professional journalism and news, no more Video Soul because our music has become soul-less, HBCU sports drop-off the same way too many HBCUs have declined (been diluted and parts divided to own), Teen Summit is abandoned like our youth, classic & (somewhat) uplifting tv is replaced by violence and highly-sexualized reality shows and other silliness that does nothing but dim and shut down Our thought~feeling inner-abilities keeping Us spiritually/functionally dormant and asleep…and just like that, We find ourselves staring at a carousel of coonery, hyper consumerism and conflict…the “new” BET…the one Viacom/the illuminati/USA, Inc. always wanted to see Us watching and absorbing to begin with…but like most well-thought out plans and agendas, it involves a “series” (uhmm…related in some way to tell-lie-vision/”TV Series”, maybe?) of test-runs to determine the pros and cons, the viability…hey, it’s a process…an experiment.

      If We re-call the previous years after years of all the under-handed, low-down, (spit-)in-your-face, behind-your-back, thievery, trickery, out-right-lying, de-grad(e)-ation, usury, mis-use, rape and un-reasonable treatment of Us as Human Beings, Our common sense would tell us “the sell” was made ‘out-the-gate’! See, it was ‘the appearance’ that got us…just like ‘the appearance’ has got us, once again, e.g., President Barack Obama…”feeling”…like We had, in a way, ‘made it’…”feeling”…like We had something that we – realistically – did not have…similar to the NAACPs, Jesse Jacksons, Oprah Winfreys, Tiger Woods’…even the O.J.s whom We thought We had finally gotten a piece of justice thru but, for it, We still paid the price (with Johnnie Cochran’s life) and O.J.’s ruling of not-guilty was essentially revoked, leaving him (still) fighting.

      Before I get briefly into 2), l need to make Kushite Prince aware from the first post that I’m not the type of guy who tries to step-up into somebody else’s thing and take over by going on and on– that’s definitely not my intention, it’s disrespectful (one of several standards We’ve lost here as a community). Having said that, I seek…Truth(s), I write, and I’ve been blessed to be alive and to know (and know of) so much which means I (innately) know everything (beneath the layered veil) and here in this space of aspiring to know more and more, I really know nothing at all…allways overstanding that my opinion is, at its best, simply my opinion…until more with it is done that creates something better. Ase

      To touch on the second point where my perspective differs with reality_check, I’ll start with something s/he said, “At the end of the day, the problem is not the Johnsons, the problem is black society”. While many of the issues We deal with in a collective sense are Our own self-made problems and if it stopped there, then We would, indeed, “BE” the problem. But to actually sign-off on that thought as uncontended would fall into the soured soup of self-hate or delusion…and I’m NOT saying that you, your Self is dealing with that. The important, very important, aspect of the world We’re living in now is “programming”. First of all, before I go there, We must overstand this tactic has not singled Us out but it affects/effects Humanity…well, I can only speak factually about the part of humanity housed here in this corporation, USA, Inc. In the same breath, it is Our responsibility to focus on Us, Our community(ies)…fully. Due to the enduring process of mis-education and anti-education, fundamental information which, within a naturally functioning Self would only require a constant cultivation of the data design in the human system, is now in a sub-state where there needs to be a process of un-learning in order to remove the debris (i.e., the results of most schooling, mis-education) in order to get to point zero. From there is another in-depth process of cultivating that inner knowledge where ‘right knowledge’ in the outer world, when discerned, can assist with cultivation thru confirming then expanding on the confirmation(s). But in order to even begin with these processes, We have to re-view and take a comprehensive inventory of Our individual physical-mental-spiritual-and emotional Life traumas…some-to-many of which having found us genetically– slavery purposely left an imprint. Once done individually (on a wide enough scale), We can enhance and energize the healing – give it True Power – by coming together as One, collectively, to put forth a mass healing using Our cleansed and re-deemed hearts and minds…a communal re-set, if you Will. See, chattel slavery (not “the other slavery” that shackles americans now– another conversation), was a thing that We collectively thought to forget would mean to heal and release; however, it wasn’t/isn’t quite that simple, definitely not easy…the results as visual as the Sun only hidden to Us by the clouds of Our shame. We must face the blemishes these evils left on our DNA and our soul. As a start, We can have a daily conversation with The Prime Creator/God. I’m not a professional in this field so I’ll leave it there. What I want to end with, for now, is that Black society is NOT the problem…the “real” problem was created with society itself. Programming is a BIG issue…tbc’

      • Wow! Beautifully said! You said a mouthful! Nothing I can add to that. And I agree with you 100%! Thanks for that comment! Come by and drop knowledge like that

  6. Greetings! Kushite Prince, Thank You brother for the sincere welcome. Man, I didn’t realize I had written THAT much…I guess when your laptop has flaked-out on you and the next most convenient move is the cell phone then, yeah, you try to get it all in. Well, this won’t be a repeat but I want to tie-up – in an abbreviated fashion, it’s deeply layered – the agenda of “programming” and how it affects us ALL unconsciously and subconsciously.

    Simple and plain, the human brain was the prototype for the computer. Just like the computer, the data that you input is processed, and the output produced is directly related to the data. Just like the computer, the programs that are downloaded, in turn, determines how Our systems operate-what operations are performed-even when they are performed…basically, the programs that We run dictate our thought~action and can form Our personality(ies) [to varying degrees]. Just like the computer, We can delete any of the programs that are harmful or unnecessary AND install the programs that benefit the system and our Selves. Thing is, too often, We don’t even know what programs are on Our computers, what they actually do and how exactly they got there. When it comes to both my computer and my brain, I’m guilty as charged. Again, just like many other attacks We as Afrikan non-Sovereigns displaced in america (and americans, in general) continue to experience, counter-acting these “programs” is a process…I am still trying to uncover/delete (by refusing to buy-in to it) the hidden “programs” I’m running on – which come in different packages and with different amounts of data – that begin at birth.

    I’m just going to give a few examples of the possible millions of “programs” that many of Us have been running on– the numbers are gigantic. And let’s re-member that the same program doesn’t necessarily run the same way on different computers (brains/Humans)… there will be compatibility issues. Speaking of which, this is a major reason why We just cannot blame these ‘problems’ on Black society…the USA, Inc.’s society IS a “program”. Here are some “program” examples to marinate on:

    a) The umbilical cord is cut after delivery, severing the Spiritual bond between the mother and child versus allowing the bond to form during the 4-day period, research shows, that the umbilical cord by nature is meant to stay connected;

    b) By nature, We honor Beauty, especially the Beauty We see in Our Selves. The aging process depletes it. We program that within Our Selves based on how We were “programmed” to state our age. Opt out of saying I’m 30 years “old”, instead “program” youth by saying (and thinking) I’m 30 years “young”. C’mon, let Us think about it: Why would We refer to a child who has just completed one trip around the Sun as being “1 year ‘old'”???;

    c) We are “programmed” to be constantly in a state of ‘doing’ (something) and to be in a state of constant ‘non-doing’ (something) is the “program” labeled as ‘lazy’…and to always feel the need to be ‘talking’ – yet another “program” – whether We are running the ‘on the j.o.b.’ “program” or being ‘social’ under the society “program”…Our True Power is in the space of Pure Silence, where Infinite creation happens…and by nature, We are Co-Creators; and

    d) One of the oldest “programs” is multi-layered…We MUST see a thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’…’black’ or ‘white’…so-called ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’. Thought types such as these disempower Us. We cut Our Selves off from ‘here, there and in between’…then the overstanding of just, IS…and Being.

    Now is the ‘time’ – another “program”? – for Us to begin to look at what We have been spoon fed, ‘trained’ in, told, forced, tricked and duped into believing…it’s been and still is a very sick joke…but We Are Gods and Goddesses, are We not? Let’s begin again to Be What We Are by going within.

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