2 thoughts on “What IS Abibifahodie???

  1. This is the kind of article I LOVE to read because it is straight to the point with no grey areas. My favourite Gem on the list is No.1 because it highlights how important our Melanin is. We really must stop giving it away to FOREIGNERS.

    “1) Afurakan people STOP fornicating sexually with NON Afurakans, STOP having intimate relationships and/or casual sex with NON Afurakans, STOP engaging in friendships with them, DO NOT allow them to have access to your melanin energy in anyway (when/if you must interact for business/economic reasons when $$ must be exchanged, rub BOTH your hands with florida water or kananga water and say an ancestral incantation so that the parasitic energy of yurugu and other NON Afurakans (yurugu relatives) will NOT PENETRATE you. Afurakan people are highly sensitive to negative energy and so we should always be careful when interacting with enemies and ALL NON Afurakans of any kind. IF you cannot FULLY commit yourself to this first central point, then YOU ARE NOT READY to live the ancestral legacy of Abibifahodie. Seek healing and return to US when you are able to commit to buiding this reality, starting with yourself.”

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