I Am Cursed!

A very thought provoking post! Shelby makes some powerful points. Be sure to check out her blog.


Confused yet?

Confused yet?

I bleach my skin to make it light!

This Black must come off! I want to be white!


I hate myself because I am hated!

Why is my skin so underrated?


My complexion is on trial, I object to my skin!

I am Black and degraded. I was born not to win.


Take this dark pigmentation that so destroys me!

Every tear that I shed is a heart wrenching plea!


I look at your skin; so white and so pure.

Give it to me! Find me a cure.


I am cursed with such shame that I am black.

My skin is a nightmare and that is a fact.


How many whites have ever loved my race?

I am the one who should paint my face.


 You with your filthy, black stained brush,

and you with that brilliant, red colored blush.


You lie…

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9 thoughts on “I Am Cursed!

  1. We really need to move away from the negativity towards BLACK skin because having BLACK skin is what makes a person HUE-MAN.

    MELANIN is the ENVY of Europeans… and we have it. The reason why they encourage us to hate our BLACK skin to the extent that we want to bleach our BLACK skin is because they know how rich and valuable BLACK skin is.

    This video is a real treat. We are DIFFERENT because we are HUMAN and we are HUMAN because we are BLACK. So instead of negative poems about skin lightening creams, we should be writing positive poems about MELANIN RICH BLACK SKIN… the BEST skin there is.

  2. @Kushite

    The craziest aspect of all this insanity, is that, whites can’t survive without our melanin/dna. Yet, we want to be white. Whites are much darker today than they were in the past, there’s a reason why. I see pale, ghostly looking white people from time to time…i don’t envy them one bit. Black folk don’t appreciate how good we got it. Losing melanin is the only way we will love our skin, which is not what we want. Whiteness is a genetic error, it has no reason to exist outside of severely cold climates. Kushite, i apologize for not keeping in touch blackman, work has taken up a lot of my time. I wanna wish you and the family a safe and joyous New Year!


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