15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools – Atlanta Black Star

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Slave revolt

Nat Turner’s Revolution‬

Nat Turner’s rebellion, also called the Southampton Insurrection, is probably the most famous slave uprising in North America. The revolt was brilliantly planned by Turner and took place August 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia. The Turner-led group of  ”freedom fighters” killed up to 65 people of European descent, the highest number of fatalities caused by a slave uprising in the American South. Though the rebellion was quelled within a few days, Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterward.

Source: wikipedia.org

Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution

The most successful slave uprising in the Western Hemisphere was the Haitian Revolution, which began in 1791. Dutty Boukman, an educated slave from Jamaica who was sold to a French slave master in Haiti, organized and started the revolution that was eventually led by military mastermind Toussaint L’Ouverture. During the war, which culminated in the…

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20 thoughts on “15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won’t Teach in Schools – Atlanta Black Star

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  3. The subject of slave revolts is not something that white society wants to teach in schools because it is evidence that black people have taken REVENGE on whites for their brutality and that is something that white society doesn’t want young black minds to grasp. There is no benefit to white society to put thoughts of retribution into the heads of black children.

    Black people taking revenge on whites for the countless crimes they have committed against us is something that is sure to plague the minds of white people every single day, which is why the school curriculum gives credit to whites for freeing the slaves. Kudos have been awarded to William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln for leading the way in ending slavery when in truth it was the revolutionary BLACK MEN and BLACK WOMEN who ended slavery by their many revolts.

    The British in particular like to boast and brag about their abolitionists who took their complaints to parliament to free the slaves… but they didn’t free the slaves, the slaves freed themselves. In the Caribbean there was uprising after uprising and it was costing the government money to send in troops to quell the uprisings. The slaves had become stronger and defiant and the slave masters could no longer control them. The revolutionaries would rather die than continue being slaves and they were going to make sure they killed as many whites as they could before they died. The government couldn’t keep up with the uprisings and so rather than admit defeat to their slaves, they granted the abolitionists their say and in that way they were able to keep their heads held high.

    We have a remarkable history of fearless warriors who have fought to the death. If we want our children to know about the history of our people, it is up to us to teach them. Our enemy is not going to tell our children that our ancestors were the ones who ended slavery because that would make them feel proud of their people… and white society wants them to feel ashamed of their people, so we must set up our own schools and teach our history to our children so they will know they are descended from the STRONG and the FEARLESS.

    • Beautiful post sista! That was great! I can always count on you to break it down correctly. You have a way of getting right to the point. That’s what I love about you. We need teachers in school like you. Then our children wouldn’t be so damn brainwashed!

    • amen, i’ll add that even when there are slave movies they just do the ones where a white person helps to free them. That is why we haven’t seen a movie made about harriet tubman. Then the ones that did take their freedom they don’t want to talk about like the real black lone ranger who more than likely killed his master and escaped. They won’t tell that because they want to be able to pat themselves on the back and be like see we helped yall. Then the black kids grow up thinking their ancestors didn’t do anything to fight back and just turned the other cheek.

      • Exactly! You said it! A film about Nat Turner,Marcus Garvey or Harriet Tubman would be great. But of course it’s not realistic. Hollyweird would never go for it. They don’t spend millions on films that will empower our people. But they love films that degrade,humiliate or demonize black folks. They’ve been doing since filmmaking began. We need to write,produce,direct and fund our OWN films.

    • Our Enemy is not of Flesh and Blood but the Principalities and Power of the air(Lucifer, Satan, that old serpent named the Devil) and his minions. There is a battle being waged for your soul. Most of the people, tv, musicians, sports players, newscasters, movies, video games, and anything else you idolize are pit their to keep you from the main prize: your soul and your position in GODs’ kingdom. Dont believe me. Do your research. Find out what these people preach, what they idolize, what they practice, what they worship. For whatever keeps you in thrall from GODs’ Word, the Holy Bibe, has you under its power. That is what you idolize. I was there myself so by no means am I saying that Im above reproach or temptation. There will always, until the Judgement Day, be men lead by evil desires and temptation. These desires come from lack of love. Who is Love? Our Father who is heaven and Our Saviour(Yeshua Meshiah, Emmanuel, Jesus Christ) who sits at Our Father’s right hand. Our Father proved his love for all mankind when he allowed his only begotten Son to die for our sins. Our Saviour proved his love to Our Father and to their creation(mankind): did the work of his Father(the ALMIGHTY), shed his divinity(became manifest in the flesh or mortal), was tempted in all things as a human, commited no sin, and was crucified as an acceptable offering(sacrificial lamb, the Lamb of God) for humanities’ sins(transgressions of the Law) that we might be delivered from death and the grave. HOW GREAT THOU ART: ALMIGHTY FATHER AND OUR Lord, King, and Saviour(Emmanuel,Yeshua Meshiah, Jesus Christ). Can you imagine watching your child being murdered? I cannot. So, Love God with all your heart, mind, and body. Love your neighbor as yourself. For whomsoever tries to save their life shall lose it but shall lose their life for our Lord(Emmanuel, Yeshua Meshiah, Jesus Christ) namesake shall find it. Immerse yourself in the Armor of God(the Holy Bible and Holy Spirit). Pray daily that the Father and Son of God give you more of their Holy Spirit and wisdom which comes from GOD alone. Repent and live. God Bless You All.

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  6. KP!!!!! How R U my KING! Thought of U yesterday. Just poppin’ in ta’ check on ya! Hope all is well in your sphere! Bliss! :)’s….

  7. @Kushite

    Black Liberation has been diluted, meaning, black men and women killed and were killed themselves for us to be free. We had to take our freedom back, whites didn’t give it back to us on a silver platter. Very insightful of you to mention Arab Slavery of african people as well. It pains me that so many of our people have been brainwashed by arab muslims and so-called black muslims. We’ve ignored the other slave trade far too long, and we’re paying a heavy price for our stupidity and ignorance in relation to Islam, Mecca, and Saudi Arabia. We’re still fighting the same battles today, ain’t a damn’ thing changed.


  8. I don’t know about the USA but here in the Caribbean, black uprisings and revolutions are the cornerstones of History

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