Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 4(Prancing Elites)

There are no words to describe this buffoonery. I guess you could call this the “gay edition”. This is the Alabama all-male cheerleading team. They are known as the Prancing Elites. This video is enough evidence of why black men need to be raising their sons in the proper manner. The video is only a minute long but it seems like an eternity. Buffoonery in the highest degree.

42 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 4(Prancing Elites)

  1. This is absolutely soul destroying. At first sight I thought they were GIRLS. These young boys are going to be leading our people one day and yet they have already been destroyed by their parents who are ALLOWING them to be corrupted by our enemies. Do you see how the European school system is destructive to black children? The Fathers of black boys need to stop ABANDONING their sons. Being raised by just the Mother is having dire consequences and those consequences can be seen right here in this video ~ it is heartbreaking to watch.

    • Yeah I know. It’s very difficult to watch. It’s apparent they’re minds are destroyed. But this is what this racist homo-culture wants to promote. They now real black warriors can cause a revolution. That’s what they don’t want. We have to stand against this nonsense! Our children are being destroyed! *sigh*

      • Yes, this is exactly what White Supremacy wants…. to keep black males from becoming MEN who will protect and defend their people. Europeans ruin the minds of black boys from a youth upwards by giving them white female teachers so they will learn from a young age to look up to and respect white women ~ and the result of this first stage of brainwashing is evidenced today with back men disrespecting black women and honouring white women and choosing to abandon black women to interbreed with every other race of woman… and yet White Supremacy still isn’t satisfied. It wants to go even further to STOP black boys PROCREATING! This is why we see schools encouraging black boys to become homosexuals.
        I found a longer version of the PRANCING FAGGOTS:

      • This what I’ve bee saying for years! This is the agenda they’ve been working on for twenty years. They want homosexual/lesbian perversion to be normal in black culture. This is a real WAR we are in! We better wake UP to this reality. That video you put up is beyond disturbing! Sick!!

  2. they want black men to be gay that is why Obomber called Jason Collins and congratulated him for being gay but didn’t call any of the black males that were heroic or the black children that made it into college at young ages. White ppl don’t fear gay black males, the same white ppl that will cross the street if a black male walks by will probably not cross the street if it is a gay black male. I notice a lot of the gay ppl were molested as a child or their parent is gay. this is why parents need to be on guard with who they allow around their kids. And kids from single parent households are targeted more, I’ve seen the stories of a single mother who falls in love with someone then that person preys on her child.

    • That’s true MstooGood. Some even have the nerve to say “gay is the new black”. These people are insane! We will NOT stand for this garbage! We will fight against it until the death! Our children are counting on us. We must speak out!

      • I hate that saying gay is the new black, smh black is the new everything. they say orange is the new black, gay is the new black, what’s next being an immigrant is the new black, being female is the new black, being an old person is the new black? when will it end. gay is not the new black, A gay person never been lynched and segregated from others . that may not happen until they reveal they are gay, we don’t have the luxury of “coming” out as black they have the luxury of coming out as gay or staying in the closet to avoid backlash.

    • Yeah that’s very true. More lost than most realize. Maybe only Jah can save us but we have to keep fighting against this sick culture. We can’t just give up. Nice to see. We missed you around here sweetie. 🙂

  3. Man….I felt like I took one on the Jaw after watching this! This got me Dazed! I was going to say something like “prancing…..**%!*! when I overstood that these were Young Boys, OUR Boys. Yes these Pork Pies have been running a number on us for years and the very last thing that they need in their lives is Zulu Warriors On they arse causing a Commotion. They also become anxious when they see young Brothers actually READING A BOOK, Any Book! Indeed they don’t like seeing a Happy Black Man WITH a Happy Black Woman with Happy children.
    I think it is well past time for talking and put the action of TAKING OUR FAMILIES BACK form this Insane Asylum and STOP adopting the behaviour of our True Haters. Everything we have mimic from this creature has landed us with twisted lives. We have to beging the process of saving ourselves, because if we do not, we will not be able to save nor protect our most Precious of Valuables, our Life Oure Children. Time to LEAVE the farm yard, it’s called “old mcDonald” for a reason. We’re not “mcDonald!”

  4. Sigh. Where are connection problems when you need them?! You know I cannot comment any further on this. I do not want to insult troubled children. Instead, we need to figure out how to teach the next batch – the little girl running across in front of the she-boys – proper boundaries and discipline. Double sigh.

  5. See, this is why Black men need to step up and be MASCULINE!!! Your the head, the father, the protector and the provider of your children. Not this, let the girls do this! ( I’m am female.)

  6. We better grow up and grow up quick. The fact is that boys need their fathers from conception on. Folk are being childish about “a piece of paper” but however you want to play it – creating children from one night stands and booty calls is producing what we see in this video. A father should be infusing a boy baby with testosterone throughout the pregnancy, lest the boy will indeed be born “lacking.” Our children are facing enough hardships. Let’s at least try to bring them in as strong as possible. Better mate selection- by both partners- and committed unions.
    Black Love is a Revolutionary Act.

    • “A father should be infusing a boy baby with testosterone throughout the pregnancy, lest the boy will indeed be born “lacking.”
      Great quote LBM! I couldn’t agree more! I agree,we MUST do better in raising our kids. This video shows the end result of how bad it can really get. This video is heartbreaking.

  7. @Kushite

    Why are we shocked by this behavior? A lot of brothas act like women are a foreign species, blackwomen specifically. Whether it was a joke or not, a blackman should never behave in such a manner. God! Please get Obamer out the White House…Pronto? Since he came on the scene, this ish has gotten worse.


    • Obama has not helped our situation at all! We should open our eyes and see that it will only get worse from here. But I think that was part of the plan from the beginning. Obama gave us the illusion of change.

  8. Prince I could only make it to .45 sec, before my eye balls fell out and my brain exploded! I am at this point at a loss for words or ideas about what solution is needed to right this titanic.


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