Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 3 (Russell Simmons)

A few months ago Russell Simmons had a video on Youtube disgracing the legacy of Harriet Tubman. It was supposed to be a comedy sketch of her having sex with her slave master. This is NOT funny in my opinion. You should never degrade your ancestors that fought for your liberation. But I’m sure he’s just following what his white masters told him to do. This man still has a slave mentality. Simmons has since removed the video after people complained about it. This video is from the Arsenio Hall Show. He speaks about his “apology” and the aftermath that followed. He is a true buffoon with no backbone. Judge for yourself.

23 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 3 (Russell Simmons)

  1. So the Civil Rights bootlickers accepted his apology and so he felt it was over and done with, but it was the… as he put it “Do Nothing Negroes” who wouldn’t let go? DAMN! I don’t know who this guy is, but I know he is a traitorous dog for disgracing the legacy of one of our greatest Queens.

    • He is the real “do nothing negro”. This guy has a lot of balls trying to insult others. Simmons is a low life hustler. I have NO respect for this buck dancing buffoon! There’s a special place in Hell for his type. I truly believe in karma. And believe me,he will get his.

  2. smh, ur highness he said the words I expected to hear, that he did NOT write or produce this but was basically the black face put out there and giving the black seal of approval. He still a sell out but I would love to see the person that wrote and produced this, but I won’t hold my breath they are probably protecting them. That person that wrote this is the one that ppl should direct most of their complaints to, Russell is not off the hook but whoever wrote this has to be one sick s.o.b. I just want to know Russell who wrote this and why isn’t this “artist” standing by his work and didn’t back u up. oh that’s right u were used to put this out there and put a black face on this garbage that a white person probably wrote and they get away with and ride off into the sunset while u get all the backlash. smh when will u learn.

  3. First it was them damn RUSH cards. He should be ashamed of himself for that, then this shameful video. This coon has no shame. I have no respect for Russell Simmons. He is just trifling.

      • Rape is one of the most horrible crimes against humanity, the worst kinds of hate crime there is.

        The rape of women throughout history is the ultimate oppression to rip any dignity from the people.

        I want to know the name of the douchebag who wrote that “skit”.

        I have just about had it with this kind of bullshit!

      • I agree with you. Rape is no laughing matter. I think it’s sick and disgusting to try to make light of something so hideous. It goes to show you how vile these people truly are. Simmons says he didn’t write it but I’ll do some research and see if I can find out.

  4. WHY is this Skank Still Alive? Hell we wipe each other for less?!! He’s don’t Fk all but try to deflect from what HE DID by going ALL around the issue he KNOWS is highly Disrespectful and Traitorous, Period!
    What “shoot up?” is he on about, huh? Is it the one that takes place in private with a white powdery hill higher that Mt. Rushmore?? Negro PUURRLEASE!! If there was ANY shoot up near this HOE , it would of been All Over Fox News only to happy to point out “violent Blacks”.
    Simmons is just a straight up Buck Dancing Hoki Pokie, telling us to “get past it ” Excuse me? ! How many Cocktail Pieces of Shit did this fool eat to come out with this ritual done turn ’round?! Don’t Mess with Ankhcestors, Fool….Would his Masters put out something disrespecting some Dead arse jew? Of cousre not. Would a jew act like a Okie Doke over it, of course not! Would a jew tell his people to “get past it” , of course not. Yet time and again we have our so call Coon Jiving “leaders” ready and willing to reach for their toes rather than the Sky! Says it all.

  5. So we have Gay Simmons apologize – but not really – for targeting Black women past and present? All of them are “negroes” to him. Instead of acknowledging the rape of body and mind, WE are to flip the script and seduce the predator? Just submit and enjoy the rape. It is exactly what I see Black women do, and then get blamed for being ratchet. If he likes being a woman so much, why does he not stand up for Black women? Instead he complains that people did not even see the tape. Uhm, insane much? Sigh.

    • Gay Simmons?!LOL!! That’s a good one! You have some great lines.lol I really wish Simmons would just come out the closet and be done with it. As a matter of fact,Arsenio should come out also. I’ve heard rumors about him for a decade. Who do these guys think they’re fooling?lol

  6. When this first broke they were realeasing the name of the black comedian that wrote this skit. But now that I’m lookin for his name…it’s nowhere to be found on the internet. It seems Mr. Rushcard is being made to take all the heat himself, or he elected to protect the coon who wrote it.

  7. @Kushite

    Russell Simmons is the type of blackman we need to ex-communicate from our race…Pronto! Blackwomen are “Divine” in every aspect, and Coons like him give license to other blackmen and non-blackmen to continue subjugating our women with impunity. Kushite, we gotta voice our disgust to these clowns. The men that hate us want our sisters, this is a fact of life. Russell, and other men like him aid and abet the conflict between sistas and brothas. Which allows other men to see themselves as saviors of blackwomen. Brothas, please understand that Africa’s land, resources, and female treasure hang in the balance!!!


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