2 thoughts on “Yaritza Reyes

  1. She’s pretty, and all but them Dominican treat Black people like shit. And all you need do is look at Zoe “I ain’t Black” Saldana. That girl got a nigger wake up call coming that is gonna paralyze her.

    • Yeah I know what you’re saying. They’re beautiful but some have a real attitude problem towards black Americans. I’ve seen it with Cubans,Puerto Ricans and Dominicans of African descent. I knew this girl in high school that was from Honduras. A lot of brothers use to sweat her all the time. She was cute but she wasn’t all that. But I remember we were in English class one day and she told me and my buddy that she didn’t consider herself black. She said being Honduran made her “different”. Yeah whatever. Some of these Afro-latinos got it really twisted. They are full of anti-blackness. I don’t like being around people like that.
      Zoe Saldana??? Didn’t she just marry a white guy last week? Nuff said.lol

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