15 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o

    • Sorry didn’t mean to be so mysterious.lol Lupita is a young actress from Kenya. There’s a lot of buzz about her upcoming performance in “12 Years a Slave”. I have a lot of “issues” with all these slave films coming out. There’s so much more to our rich history. But I hear this is a true story. We shall see how much truth is in it. You know how Hollyweird likes to change things up. Anyway,here’s an interview with the lovely actress.

      • Ah. I heard about that movie, but I stick to oldtimers for now. I do not remember if this is the one with Jennifer Hudson, or that her movie hits at the same time. I do not like this slave movie thing at all. It is too much like Sinterklaas. We see the need to no longer be slaves, while white Pete sees how easy life is when slaves do all the work. Sigh.

  1. When living in a world that is ran by your enemies” RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY”. Slavery Is all the far they will go. They will never ever give us credit for our RICHFUL HISTORY. Our history is being told by those that don’t like use ” BLACK PEOPLE”. So they will do anything in their power to defame everything that we have done GREAT in the eye’s of man. Sence they want to point out that slavery is the only thing that we have done, And come across And haven’t come no further then that. Then we don’t need to give them our hard earned money to go see these slaved movie’s that they are putting out against us. They mean Us more harm then good. Thank’s for this photo.

  2. Hello, I command you on spreading knowledge on your blog and shedding light on Lupita as we all need to hear her story. However that picture above is not Lupita. That picture above is myself, Tico Armand. Thank you!!

    • I’m sorry for that. My mistake. I changed the picture. Is this the REAL Tico? If so,it’s a honor to have you drop by my blog. You are a real international model. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Is it okay if I put up a pic of you? If you’re cool with it. 🙂

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