Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 2 (T.D. Jakes)

Pastor T.D. Jakes catches the holy spirit when Tyler Perry “lays hands” on him. There are no words to describe these theatrics. And listen to the crowd! They LOVE it!! Oh well,watch and judge for yourselves. Our people are so lost.

36 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 2 (T.D. Jakes)

  1. wtf.. I thought I was watching a madea play with him out of drag, I noticed his voice kept changing a bit to madeaish voice and he started fake speaking in tongues. I think this would make a great boondocks episode. rofl, maybe his coonin like this is the reason his studio keeps catching fire, the creator don’t like ugly. rofl wtf did that woman say come on give god praise he’s pushing that baby out? wow, this some straight cooning sh!t. sh1t like this is why i’m starting to get away from religion and side eye it now smdh. I know i’m wrong for this but when he laid hands on td jakes it looked like td starting orgasming or having a seizure probably both maybe he was shocked/excited at the amount of money he got. smh and wtf that guy doing at 3:47 coonin for Christ now I see. tbn the trifling blasphemous network. smdh.

  2. I think I commented last night on this post or the other one, but they didn’t go through… Both these videos just show the many ways whites work to keep the illusion alive…the more money they amass by stealing and raping international lands, the more they “allow” the sell-outs to make to keep in line. As long as money and status is worshiped by us, the harder it will be to fight for our collective respect and real freedom to be.


    • You said it Sugarkiss! They profit from our pain. And these sellouts have no backbone or pride! The are a real disgrace. But you’re right,the worship of money is what makes it so hard. It’s easy to buy off those who have no self respect.

  3. Look some body just gave you 1million dollars, won’t y’all Fall back!? Imma open a church for real and git ma Coon Show on da road, Do you hear me? Ah say, do do dddooooo uuuuuu hhhheaeeeaaarrr MEEEEeeeeee, ummmmmm….yes! Do y’alll feeeeellll ittaah,!!! LOL LOL I think things have gotten worse in the church. Did you see that piece of classic Cooning by the lady on the left on the alter? Where in Hell was she gonna go??! DAYAMMM!!

  4. wtf I just noticed when he started speaking in fake tongues the woman on the right in the red skirt started prancing around lol smh. the woman on the left in blue did the hokie pokie and turned herself around when he said 1 million dollars rofl.

  5. Da f*ck!?
    Are these people insane? I had heard talk of this, but it struck me as so odd my brain just kept rejecting it. This right here should turn every grown man and woman away from any church.

    • Yeah and the crazy part is most of these churches as a picture of a white Jesus hanging on the wall. I remember Garvey saying that if you worship God at least have him look like you. I can at least respect that perspective a bit more.

      • Yes, that would a new place to start. But negroes love their white Jesus and fill fight tooth and nail for him.

        The biggest telling thing about a people is the God(s) they worship. We are the only people that don’t have a “god” that looks like us. I’m Amerika I mean.

      • Yeah it’s total brainwashing. It makes the white men closer to God when you have him in that image. How can you fight your oppressor–when he looks like your God? It makes him seem invincible and you can never see yourself as his equal. Boy,they’ve done a number on our minds.

  6. @ Kushiteprince
    “How can you fight your oppressor–when he looks like your God?”

    Your highness its funny u should mention this because I read about how the white jesus we see is actually a painting of cesare Borgia by his rumored lover Leonardo divinci. And they destroyed the images of the real messiah and replaced with cesare Borgia inspired white images so the whites could feel disassociated from killing the black muslims. cesare was one evil mofo, he allegedly killed his own brother out of jealousy and had sex with his sister.

  7. @Kushite

    I like and respect TD Jakes, but, the allure of Hollywood is tempting to say the least. As we know, Pastor Jakes is in the movie businness…Not Easily Broken, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Jumping The Broom, etc. Time will tell if he can resist the demonic forces that exist in Babylon(Hollywood).

    • Well to be honest I think Snakes….Oops! I mean Jakes sold out a loooong time ago. I think the temptation was to great.So many of these preachers and pastors want to be “ballas”. They have dollar sings in their eyes. They could care less about the masses that follow them.

      • @Kushite

        The sad reality, is that, selling-out is an acceptable form of thinking and behavior among blacks in politics, business, journalism, sports, music, hollywood, etc. Any black woman or man that is overhyped by white and black media is suspect to me. I’m cynical by nature Kushite, i don’t trust any of these Coons that exist in our race right now. We don’t need black leaders and overseers to keep lying to us about what’s going down on this planet right now. I’m willing to give Pastor Jakes the benefit of the doubt for now.

      • KP,

        Many of these preachers and pastors live much better than their parishioners. That makes me leary of many of them.

  8. There Is no level of sickness that our people. have joined hand’s with the forces of evil to rob from their own and those that are alike. It sicken’s me to see and know that by using a book called the bible. To when over masses and masses of people. All of this is ” WHITE SUPREMACY STATUES”. And They will join In the hand’s of those to live like they are and Use the WORD JESUS … To get in over the people. And all they have to do is believe In something that doesn’t exist anyway. But yet the bible Is FILLED WITH ALLOGORIES.. And they know this and they are leading everybody down In the wrong path….

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