Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 1

This is a new feature on my blog. I will put up videos and pictures of things that show how much anti-blackness is alive in black people. As a result of white supremacy our people still suffer from self hatred. This video is proof positive. This is from the daytime talk show,The Talk. Comedian Sheryl Underwood says that afro hair is nasty. This is pure self hatred. And to say this on national television in front of a bunch of non black people is disgraceful! She should be ashamed of herself! She has since apologized for the comments. She claims she didn’t mean it. Yeah right. The damage is already done. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

43 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 1

  1. wow my comment didn’t go through wtf. anyway, I didn’t not see the vid until now thanks for posting it. I can’t stand this I cringed and was shaking my head the whole video. she just got on there and straight cooned, she was basically praising the white ppl’s hair and being like oh yes ur hair is superior, oh save that good straight, silky, lice infected hair the next time u cut it and mail it to me so I can make a weave out of it and sell it or wear it myself. Oh no Heidi don’t need to save those kids hair u can’t make a straight weave out of that it needs to be thrown away, oh but u should save the precious hairs on ur white kids head though that’s valuable. oh yes I Sheryl love me some white hair oh yes massa send me them little white chillens hair i’ll wear it matter of fact i’m wearing cindy’s hair right now. I can’t stand that she did this for what a laugh not realizing or caring that they are laughing at her not with her. I’m kinda mad at this whole thing, I mean dang she ruining it for black women acting like this, can’t always say its black men that don’t like our hair when a lot of times its other black women saying ignorant things about their own hair and other black women’s hair smdh. Sometimes I try to understand some bs like this but got dam.
    ugh, but then I kinda look at her and feel sorry, as she probably believes that its not bad and that she was poking fun at her own insecurities its the same way fat ppl make fun of themselves to hide the hurt or attack themselves before somebody else does. She has self hate issues, dam sometimes I want to study these ppl like her and tommy and see where they went wrong and how much family had to do with their views and so we can prevent tragedies like this happening and stop producing generations of self haters.

    • She went way overboard! I agree,she is full of self hatred. She is an embarrassment to black people. Even though she apologized for the comments I don’t think it was sincere. She said how she really felt. Now she wants to backtrack. Just shameful!

    • I don’t feel any sympathy for her. Black comedians are just as bad as the slaves that white owners used to retrieve runaway slaves. they are so beholden to their white bosses that they will say anything to appease them. Perfect example Chris Rock I’m surprised he hasn’t been lightening his skin over the years.

  2. To get paid to say anything that comes to mind without a filter. That is, as long as it is about shaming Black people. She is on that panel to make white Pete look smart. It is not Heidi that needs to check her, but Seal.

  3. My brother…you notice that she carries the classic knee-grow mammy look? Obese, hair hat wearing, clownish and dismissive of her self via her personal image. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t have the look to be a knee-grow bed wench so even that must also piss her off

    • Oh yeah,that’s why they hired her. She’s there for comic relief and to reinforce negative black stereotypes. Black folks like her will do anything for a paycheck. No matter how ignorant and foolish they look. This woman is a total self-hating buffoon!

    • I wrote a post about her on Brotha Wolf website called “Sassy Best Friend” where I talk about just that. People like her Whoopi and Sherri Shepard only care about serving their white elite. That is why Oprah is a billionaire.

  4. Sheryl Underwood’s ugly ass is such a sellout Uncle Tom. We should never look up at our entertainers because they are such Uncle Toms shucking and jiving for the buck.

  5. WHY didn’t she save 10%of her Self-Derogatory comments to herself. It wasn’t up to Seal to stop her, because this Uncle Tom Cabin Break-Out would only have had a Coon-Down right there, ok. It might be also advisable if she begins the positive step by getting rid of 10% of her excess weight, ii may well go a long way to help her improve her general view she has of her People.

  6. An OUTRAGEOUS response to the FEISTY question: ‘What UNUSUAL things do we all save?’ Firstly, let us not overlook the fact that the hair of Heidi Klum’s bi-racial children were linked to the word ‘unusual’ by the Presenter… but then, that’s white people for you and to them anyone who isn’t white is unusual… and that ‘someone-else’s-hair-wearing “comedienne” PROVED how unusual SHE is when she crapped all over her natural self in their presence and to millions of others watching on TV.

    Sheryl Underwood meant EVERY word she said. She didn’t hold back her rabid contempt for afro hair in any way whatsoever. She ENJOYED disrespecting and mocking afro hair. Her apology is unacceptable because she still feels the same way… she is only apologising for the sake of her career which is more than likely well and truly over… and rightly so.

    This is what happens to idiot black folks who are stuck in the past believing that black people are not changing. We are rediscovering who we are and we are taking pride in who we are. We are beginning to value being black and every unique aspect of being black. Making fun of being black is NO LONGER the main stay… someone should have whispered that into the ear of this weave-wearing buffoon before she sat her dumbass down on that chair.

    • So right sis! Underwood was NOT sorry! She is just trying to save face. She is the definition of a self-hating negro! That’s why these type of buffoons should be exposed for what they are. I agree with you 100%!!

  7. @Kushite

    You know how i operate, i focus on the bigger picture. Sheryl Underwood is a dark-complexioned blackwoman living in a world that wants blackmen to see them as ugly. When human beings get fed-up about something, they lash out at those closest to them. Ain’t a damn’ thing wrong with cola-colored blackwomen. The ironic aspect of all of this, is that, whitemen and other men love the natural color of our sistas. I don’t take stock in blackmen who reside in the world outside of our race. If we look to black male athletes, rappers, and actors to keep it 100 with blackwomen, We’re Lost! The enemies of our race will always attack blackwomen, because, a blackman that has no love for his reflection is already dead. No need to get blood on their hands, self-loathing negros do it for them.

    • I agree. I never could understand brothers who don’t love sistas. They must have mental issues. But it’s obvious Underwood hates herself. She needs to cleanse herself of Negrophobia. It’s a sickness too many of us suffer from.

      • @Kushite

        As it relates to the issue of self-hate, i cut blackwomen more slack. As i stated in the previous post, those that seek to create animosity within our race will always attack black womanhood. I’ve listened to many interviews that Sheryl Underwood has done over the years, she’s not anti-black…Trust Me! She has insecurities about her complexion and beauty, but, i don’t automatically attribute that to hating herself. The hair issue is a smokescreen. As a people, we like to dance around the truth. We need to stop kicking the can down the road. At some point, we gotta deal with the hatred that is forced on dark-skinned blackwomen simply because their skin is darker. We complain about non-blacks hating on us, but, we’re the biggest offenders. I hate this bulls**t.

      • Yes it’s true she has insecurities. But that still stems from self hatred in my opinion. If you don’t hate yourself what is there to be insecure about right? Look,I know she was trying to be funny but she shouldn’t have done that in front of a bunch of non-black women. That’s just shameful. Come on Tyrone. You know that was totally uncalled for. She wanted a laugh at the expense of her people. Not cool in my book. She knows better that to coon for these people!

    • I have to agree to disagree self-hating or not Underwood knows damn good and well that she is on a PUBLIC stage and obviously doesn’t care. I am so sick of the victim mentality with some black women Sheryl is grown and knows what she is doing so she gets zero sympathy from me.

  8. Sheryl Underwood has some serious self hate issues. She does self deprecating humor, but I was embarrassed for her. Aisha Tyler is no better sitting there and being silent. I hate that show, Julie Chen who is Les Moonves wife is just as racist. They hired Underwood to be the minstrel show. Money trumps dignity and pride.

  9. Someone help me out here. The clip with Sheryl Underwood talking about her childhood and her twin and her Mamma stabbing her father… was that aired BEFORE she called Afro hair ‘NASTY’ or AFTER? Because if it was AFTER then she is looking for the ‘Sympathy Vote’ ~ but whether she said it before or after makes no difference to me because she is still the same person who paraded her self-hatred and contempt for her own people… and laughed about it.

  10. You want to know why Underwood is there? At this time it appears a lot of people want to get comic relief from laughing at the antics of a black woman.
    I was always suspicious of why the Talk actually got rid of Robinson Peete.
    Now I understand: She was too classy,and too sure of herself and just had some dam pride which is what all black women should be about. But the Julie Chens and the Sharon Osbournes of this world want “step and fetch it Negroes”. Osbourne was asked to comment about Peete’s departure one day and she stated something to the effect that Peete had attitude. Dam straight she had attitude. I love Robinson Peete.There is no way that Chen and Osbourne were ever going to make her do the step and fetch negro dance like they have Sheryl and Aisha do. And by the way concerning Aisha- I realize that she is someone who just smiles at everything whether it is in bad taste or not. Like that time recently when Osbourne on Arsenio said that the hosts of The View could go _______ themselves.Osbourne is so vulgar and yet she gets a pass but Robinson Peete and Leah Remini were sent packing. Give me a break.
    I will not watchThe Talk. After that statement about the View hosts-and this incident about the hair- I realize that the members of the Talk have absolutely no respect for other women in the industry. When women diss women even in a joke I turn off. I really do not get the appeal of this show.

    • Beautifully said! I agree 100%! You said a mouthful. And I agree with your statement about Holly Robinson Peete. Holly had a little too much self respect. And you know they don’t like that at all! Which is why she had to go.

  11. honestly I wanted to slap the spit out of this drag-queen’s mouth when I heard her first, so disrespectful

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