Bob Law & Claude Anderson- Group Economics

This is a great video featuring Bob Law and Claude Anderson. They speak about the need for black people to practice group economics. Every other racial group does this to empower their people. Why aren’t we doing this? We need to get our minds straight and realize this is really important. With no economic power you can not survive as a people. A battery without power is DEAD. We have helped to make Jews,Japanese,Arabs,Indians and Koreans very wealthy. While neglecting our own black businesses and staying in poverty. Something is very wrong with our thinking. This mindset has to change if we want to prevent becoming a permanent underclass.This position is shared by Chancellor Williams, who wrote in his must-read book, The Destruction of Black Civilization, Great Issues of a Race: 4500 A.D. that “The second great understanding should be that economic activities are so fundamental in any truly upward movement, so clearly indispensable at this stage in history that it should be unnecessary to state it even. The still existing slave mentality causes millions of Black people to shy away from these basics of life itself because it requires more initiative, training and work and less talk than politics….”

8 thoughts on “Bob Law & Claude Anderson- Group Economics

  1. nice vid. group economics is important. I wonder why we stay trying to be individual, I sometimes think its because we are looked at as a monolith so we try to distance ourselves in every way to not be seen that way. It’s fine to have individual tastes, but we need to come together when it deals with economics, our future, injustice, etc.

    • That’s true. We have to see ourselves as a nation. Just like all other groups do. That way we can move forward as a collective unit. That needs to be our new movement. Marching and protesting hasn’t done us much good,has it?

      • it sure hasn’t. all its done is helped us get more upset ,burn calories ,and wear out shoes faster lol. I think now we don’t need to march, I think social media is better and u reach more ppl around the world. Even if we become our own nation they can still do to us what they continue to do to the native americans.

      • I see your point. But I still think we need to do it anyway. We need a Black Wallstreet in all fifty states. What other choice do we have? We have to do for self. It’s all about self preservation at this point.

  2. Yeah we do need another black wall street regardless of what could happen or the possibility it could end like the first one. One things for sure, I know they will be spying on us lol. It would be funny, imagine if we had black wall street and our unemployment went down and we started becoming wealthier, I bet some ppl would be trying to pass for black to get into our community lmbao. they’d be like um yeah I want to join ur community, oh yeah I have a black great great grand parent and i’m part Cherokee and Italian and irish. rofl.

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