Are you sure you want to be an actor,rapper or athlete?

A lot of people want to be rich and famous. They grow up watching television and see all the “glitter and gold”. But you have to think very carefully about these type of dreams. There is a lot of deception out there and we can not be naïve. We must keep in mind that no one gives you something for nothing. Nothing in life is free. Many people think that if you have the looks and the talent you will automatically make it in Hollywood. These people are delusional. There is a price you must pay to make it as part of the elite. You could become a millionaire and world famous but not without a price.This goes for most actors,singers,rappers,athletes and many realitys-show stars. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. This is a video by Black Child. The narrators in the film are Yash Qaraah and Sherry Shriner. This video may help those of you who are still “asleep” see a little more clearly. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

33 thoughts on “Are you sure you want to be an actor,rapper or athlete?

  1. I can’t view the video, this sound like me sitting with my sister as she opens up my eyes to what’s really going on.

    Interesting and insightful….makes you wonder what is really going on.

    • Yeah it’s really deep! People want to ignore the reality even when it’s right in their face. The like to live in a fantasy world. But we have to be real about it. These celebs all pay a price for their fame and fortune. But in the end–is it worth it??

  2. very informative vid. this is not the first time I’ve heard that they are sodomized to reach a high level of fame. Just look at chris brown how he go from looking sweet and talking about love to lookin crazy with that blonde hair smh. The ones who are married to regular folks are not as famous. It is weird how all these ppl careers skyrocketed when their family member died. makes me wonder is Jennifer Hudson a part of it too. I know lil wayne is, maybe this is why we see all these celebs doing drugs because they have to numb the pain. Raz b , lauryn hill, and katt Williams it seems are the only ones willing to speak about all this yet they get painted as being crazy. I have respect for them. Raz b spoke about how he and the other members of b2k were molested I believe him, i do wonder if for every industry if there is a different initiation. This is just more proof that it is more spiritual warfare than it is physical. they sacrifice babies? makes me wonder if that is the reason when black and other poc kids go missing that they hardly report on it, because they are a sacrificial lamb. I wonder if ushers stepson was a sacrifice. so many questions

    • Very well said! You said quite a lot!lol But people need to know that stuff is out there. It’s not for the weak at heart. You have to have a strong will to resist the fame and fortune. Most of them end up regretting it later on.

    • I notice how white AND black people in the media only harp on black male celebrities who get in trouble. So black people are JUST AS GUILTY when it comes to demonzing black men. Michael has been dead for TWO years now but media assholes keep attacking him and don’t say shit about white males. I could name about 15 white males guilty of being pedophiles but the media NEVER focuses any attention on them. Look how quickly those bitches swept Jerry Sandusky under the rug. Just like I don’t hear any comedians of any race talking shit about Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen yet they will vilify black males in aheartbeat or even less time. And instead of attacking white people for their racism many black people esepcially women enage in the bullshit. Black women on the blogs love to criticize black men while slobbering over men of other races or defending white males. Tranny Wendy Williams was vilifying Chris Brown but defending Charlie Sheen and ugly dummy Whoopi was attacking Micheal yet defended Roman Polanski. It amazes me how stupid Negroes can let white people be blatant as hell with their racism and jump on every bandwagon white people create. It’s our own damn fault and it makes me wonder why black people ever whine about racism.

      • Yeah a lot of them are quick to defend these white folks. I’ve noticed this as well. I personally can’t stand Wendy Williams or Whoopi. I remember when Whoopi came out and defended Mel Gibson and said “he’s my friend and I know he’s not racist”. This woman is a fool. This is the same woman who thought it was funny when Ted Danson wore blackface. Whoopi is the ultimate sellout! And I never could take Wendy seriously. She seems so unintelligent and obsessed with meaningless celeb gossip. She needs to take her horseface somewhere and sit the hell down!lol

      • are u lavern from brotha wolfs blog?
        yes I do see the media and some black ppl go after black celebs more than white celebs. I hate hearing them talk about Michael and Whitney in a disrespectful way yet won’t say that mess about white dead celebs like anna nicole. They go after the black celebs more to make them look bad and so they lose fans and money. With the white celebs they hurry up and try not to cover them, with miley circus they already trying to distance themselves and are mad at her performance. They can get away with doing crazy stuff like that yet u let a black singer do anything like that and they are on the news all day.

  3. I wish more black parents understood the dangers of the entertainment industry for black people, and stop being hypnotized by the remote possibility of getting rich. It’s not worth it

    • It’s really not. Your dignity and self-respect is worth more than that. But we are blinded by the “glitter and gold”. It’s hard to get your soul back after making a deal with the devil. And the devil always collects his debts.

      • Hollywood Shuffle is a classic! As a kid much of the commentary went over my head. But I watched it again last year. Townsend touched on so much in that film. It’s much more than just a comedy for sure. All black people should check it out.

  4. Great video brother

    I used to not want to believe these things but then I read a book by Malachai York called The Ancient Wisdopm of Tehuti. It’s preety much the same as the mereald tablet of Hermes but in the book there was this part about universal laws. One of the laws was that the “greater the loss, the greater the gain”. It made me think about how celebrities are made to sacrifice people close to them that they care for, the closer the relationship the more is profited from their death. And after it was exposed what happened to B2K when they were young…I put nothing past these devils.
    I assume if you are famous today that you are a closet homo or bisexual at best.

    • Yeah you said it! You have to give up everything that makes you human. Sex with dogs and horses. Eating feces and drinking urine! Engaging in homosexuality etc. It never ends. It’s about giving up your soul for the world’s riches. Check out this video. It’s a pretty good one!

      • that is crazy. I don’t know if everybody is a part of that I do think the very famous ones are but what about singers that are not as famous I would think they are not a part of this. I know lady gaga, lil wayne, and young money are a part of it they always have blood and crazy things in their vids. Maybe this is why we hear about the child stars flipping out and doing crazy things. I wonder if it is artists in other countries too, and if the artists from other countries have to partake in these rituals if they want to be known in the us. I do notice how beyonce went from being with destiny’s child and singing about god to where she is now and she don’t sing about god, I wonder if the former members of destiny’s child that got let go before they got real famous left because they knew this was wrong. all this is starting to make sense, I don’t think they had all this back when there was real music, but now we see more white artists being hyped up that aren’t even that good, while we don’t see any amazing soulful black artists like back in the day. Maybe the whites are more willing to sell their soul and the majority blacks they can find to do that are the ones that are rappers. I also see how black celebs back then used to act and would give back to the community yet these celebs nowadays don’t. They don’t want the black celebs using their platform for good and empowering the black community like bob marley, muhamamd ali, and sam cooke tried to do.

      • I watch these vids as entertainment. Some starlet shows the eye of Horus (or Ra) and everybody gets their panties wet. It is good to know who is part of what, but some people are sluts regardless of a contract or money. Since when is gossip – especially when planted by the starlets themselves – truth? When you know who the people in charge are, you will piss your pants before you even hint at knowing them. Peace.

      • Yes I know the movie stars and rappers are puppets. They have their masters that are pulling their strings. I just put up the video so that people know these are not the people to follow. They use celebs to mislead the masses of the public.

      • It makes me sick! Especially when 30 or 35 years ago you would have NEVER had black people supporting some mess like a stupid ass white woman calling herself a fucking man but keeps getting pregnant. or some stupid ass white woman making a bunch of babies she can’t even take care of then trying to get rich off of it. You have some many dumbass black women on the blogs defending this nonsense. Or defedning these sicko polyamourous and freaky ass white pseudo families and having babies out ofwedlock thinking it’s cool to be a single parent. this is ntohing more than a breakdown of the family designed byu bitter idiots calling themselves ‘progressive’. Yeah progressively stupid as hell!

    • No actually I removed those comments. I’ve noticed your comments are somewhat outlandish many times. I’ve noticed this on other blogs as well. You seem to repeat the same comments over and over again. I suspect you’re spamming. I’m not sure if I can take you seriously. Some of your comments seem way “out there”. I suspect you may be white or non black. I could be wrong. if this childishness keeps up you wont be allowed on this blog.

      • Kushite,

        I probably sound different because I have stepped away from Amerikkka to see it for what it truly is and why it exists.

        I agree, I can ramble on and on. It comes with age. I’m sorry if I did that on your blog. I’ll stick to reading the articles from now on.

  5. @ kushite prince

    Yes that website u told me about it last year I had forgot about it, but it has some good insight into the evil in the industry. Oh and what do u think about how songs this year were talking about molly’s and now I’ve been hearing reports of ppl overdosing on molly’s it is no coincidence. Sadly there are a lot of sheeple in this world that are weak and obey the messages they receive from these devils.

    • Popping molly’s is the new “in thing” in pop culture. The media loves to push drug use on our kids. These rappers know they’re leading these children down a path of destruction. But they don’t care! I think it’s sick! Sex,drugs and violence is what the media wants on children’s brains. These people are truly demonic!

  6. Every time I watch a vid on this kinda ‘ish it takes my vibez to the LOWest of lowz. Let me me go get my LIGHT back up! Where my Crystalz, IN’cense, n’ Sage ‘et! Thanx a lot, KP! Lol!!! JP! We NEED 2 KNOW this stuff. Bliss, King! ; )’s….

    • I didn’t mean to scare you sweetheart. I know you can handle it I like to put up different subject matter so my people don’t fall for this deception. I know it’s a bit “out there” for some—but it’s a reality we must deal with. But you go get your sage and crystals okay. You keep doing your thing boo. No one is going to get you. I will hurt somebody if they mess with you. Better believe it. 😉

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