The Butler- Why are we still playing butlers and maids?

On August 16 a new film will be released. The Butler is just the latest film in Hollywood propaganda. It’s the story of a butler(Cecil Gaines) who served eight presidents from 1952-1986.The producers made sure to put a lot of black celebrities in it so that black people will flock to the theaters in droves. It stars Forest Whitaker as the main character,Cecil Gaines. With Oprah Winfrey playing his wife.It also stars Lenny Kravitz,Cuba Gooding Jr,David Oyelowo,Terrence Howard and Yaya Alafia. Even Mariah Carey has a small cameo in the film. Don’t worry though,there are white people in the film as well. We don’t want people to think this is a “black film”. Most of the white men in the film are playing the Presidents. Actors like Alan Rickman,Liev Schreiber,Robin Williams and James Mardsen.And of course this film is by director Lee “Monster’s Ball” Daniels. This homosexual self-hating director is doing everything he can to degrade the image of black people. If Monster’s Ball and Precious weren’t enough,now we have this garbage in theaters. There are so many great uplifting stories to tell black children. There are great black heroes and African heroes in our history. We had civilizations long before we ever had contact with Europeans. Hollywood makes great films that put their history in a positive light. Stories about the Romans and Greek empires. They make films that give them a sense of pride showing themselves as great warriors. Films like Gladiator,Lords of the Rings,Alexander and 300. And what do we get. Think Like a Man? Booty Call? Barbershop? Madea Goes to Jail?? This is a disgrace! And Hollywood is very slick. They know black people will most likely see this film if they hype it up enough and put big black stars in it. Please do NOT spend your money on this film. We have to let our voices be heard. Let Hollywood know that we are hip to this game they’re playing with us. They keep making films like this to keep us in a subservient mindset. Don’t fall for it.
They keep telling us that times have changed. Have they really changed? Back in the 20’s and 30’s black women like Hattie McDaniel had to play maids. I realize the acting opportunities were limited back then.
The Help1
If that’s true then how do you explain films like The Help?
The Help2
We don’t want to admit it but nothing has really changed. This is nothing but the refinement of white supremacy. We are still playing maids,butlers,thugs,pimps,whores,gang members and drug dealers. What makes this film so bad is how they try to gloss it up like playing a butler is so regal and grand. I watched the trailer and they play this moving sentimental music in it. I had to hold back my laughter. I could hardly keep a straight face. And I’ve watched some of the interviews with the black actors in this film. Look at this video of Cuba Gooding Jr and Lenny Kravitz. It’s really funny watching these two clowns try to explain how playing a butler is such a honor. See how long you can watch it before you start laughing.

Another thing I noticed in the trailer is actor David Oyelowo plays the son of Forest Whitaker. He gets involved in the civil rights movement and eventually becomes militant and joins the Black Panthers. Needless to say,he and his father don’t see eye to eye politically. There’s a scene at the dinner table where he and his father get into an argument. He insults his father and then his mother(Oprah Winfrey) slaps him across the face! She then tells him “Everything you have is because of that butler!” It’s a very powerful scene. But it’s also very telling. By having the mother slap the militant son it’s telling black people to not fight back. The son is portrayed as the villain and is not following the “right path”. The film is telling black people to be more like the butler. In other words,black people should not fight back but just be quiet and obey your white oppressors. We should “suffer in silence”. This is white supremacy and Hollywood propaganda at it’s finest.
Some might say that I’m overreacting because I haven’t seen the film. But I don’t have to see it to know it’s propaganda. I’ve seen Hollywood do this time and time again. And I’m really quite sick of it. I’m tired of seeing my people portrayed this way. Films like this are nothing but mind control. And all these black actors know it as well. But they just want a paycheck. Here’s a video from a brother named Solomon on Youtube. I totally agree with his all his points about this film.

The truth is we need our own film studios. That way we can write and produce the stories we want to tell. And when I say studios I’m talking about black owned and operated film production companies. Tyler Perry has his own film company and Oprah Winfrey has her cable station OWN. But they are still backed by white/Jewish owners. Which means if Oprah or Tyler tried to tell a story that was too powerful,positive and uplifting about black people—their white slave owners could tell them not to make it. I must be telling the truth because look at the irrelevant material that Oprah and Tyler produce. Tyler with his silly sitcoms that reinforce negative black stereotypes. And Oprah doing her exclusive interviews with Lance Armstrong and Rihanna. These are topics that are totally irrelevant to the struggles of black people. We are facing unemployment,suicide,drug addiction,police brutality,genocide,AIDS and imprisonment. Meanwhile Oprah is interviewing Lindsay Lohan?! Come on Oprah, get with it!
Like I said that means we need independent studios so no one can tell us what stories to tell or how to tell it. There are so many stories about black doctors,teachers,inventors and scientists that could be told. Where are the big motion pictures about Ida B. Wells,Dred Scott,Booker T. Washington,Charles Drew,Adam Clayton Powell Jr,Martin Delaney,Kwame Ture,Althea Gibson,Marcus Garvey,Harriet Tubman,Madame C.J. Walker and Fannie Lou Hamer? Where are the films about great Africans like Askia Toure,Queen Tiye,Yaa Asantewa,Idris Alooma,Taharka,Funmilayo Ransome Kuti,Kwame Nkrumah,Queen Nzinga,Khufu and Queen Nefertiti? We should be proud of such a rich and beautiful history. We have a history of black men and women who fought for justice,truth and black liberation. We can’t expect our oppressors to tell the stories of our people in the correct manner. If anything they will most likely alter and distort the legacies of our great leaders,teachers and freedom fighters. Now after looking at this short list of great black people in history I ask you again…..Why are we still playing butlers and maids?

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  1. Why are we still playing maids and butlers?

    Because it’s a way for Hollywood and the Demons in charge to tell us what’s in store for us if we don’t wake the hell up. Permanent servitude.

    • Well young lady,you seem very But you’re correct though. That’s exactly where they want to keep our mindset. We are not destined to be the servants of other people. That is not the destiny of black people.

      • If it were only that easy. And if I had that power I would’ve done it a long time ago. But even after they’re “awake” many still feel lost because they don’t know what to do next. I suspect many know what’s going on but choose to stay asleep. It’s easier that way there is no social responsibility to do anything. They fear unity and cohesiveness.

      • @ Kushite

        who said: ” I suspect many know what’s going on but choose to stay asleep. It’s easier that way there is no social responsibility to do anything…”

        That’s what I think, I don’t think as many black people are clueless as they pretend.

        They see what’s going on around them, they see the unemployment rising, they’ve even experienced a lot of racism on the job themselves.

        They see black people being hurt and murdered by white police who always go free.

        They know what “gentrification” means — forcing black people out of our homes and neighborhoods so whites can take over

        They see things aren’t getting better for black people, but in fact, are getting worse,

        and that’s why i think so many embraced a ‘black president’ because we could stay LONGER in denial and avoid doing the work ourselves.

        Like that saying goes: “It’s hard to wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.”

        unfortunately, we are nearing a time when we won’t be able to “sleep through it” and will be forced awake with our eyes WIDE open and staring…

      • You’re right Pam. The time will come when they will have to WAKE up! We shouldn’t have to wait until that time. We should be getting knowledge now and getting prepared for what’s coming.

      • I agree. I recall when I was a kid, even then I remember my own mother and father might be channel surfing as we now call it and if they caught “a whiff” of bondage and/or stereotypical movies, we were NOT seeing it in our household! My father held the position why should we view what many of us are still living? For slavery goes beyond just being in captivity, it includes indoctrinated behaviors, life-styles, etc. Which is the primary reason today that I don’t watch the idiot box (much).


  2. Thought provoking post, thank you for sharing. One would think that with all the wealth that a lot of these Hollywood Blacks have like an Oprah or Tyler that they would just finance the films that show us in a more positive light. All these black actors dying to work and we have great stories to tell, but all you here time and again is not having the financial backing…smdh! When Spike Lee has to do a Kick Starter campaign you know things are exactly where white hollywood wants it to be.

    There has to be a better solution, and I know the reasons behind all of this is political. I would love to see what would happen if Oprah and Tyler teamed up to bring us the story of say Adam Clayton Powell!

    Peace and Love.

    • You’re absolutely correct! It’s definitely political. They have to keep our people thinking like servants. That’s why I tell people they don’t spend millions on films just to entertain the public. A lot of it is mind control propaganda. Our people have to be aware of this foolishness in the film industry.

    • Yes we do have to survive. But we have to make better choices though. These actors didn’t have to accept these roles. They knew it would portray our people as buffoon servants. Where is their pride? Where is their self respect? It can’t always be just about money. There shouldn’t be a price tag on self respect.

      • Kushite,

        A lot of Us are still conditioned but don’t know it, unfortunately. We all should be questioning why a lot of Us go into a white building called “a church” still to talk about “the light”.

  3. Great article. I could not watch the ‘actors’, but I definitely liked the review of the trailer. It saves me from watching both the trailer and the movie. I need the time to get ready for people expecting me to behave like Oprah. They better keep their distance, or I will channel Khallid Muhammed as per his Howard ‘lecture’. Peace.

    • I hear you, No Black Pete.

      I hate that this film is out. Lee Daniels isn’t only a sellout, he’s stupid. Yts in Amerikkka would love to enslave Us all over again anyday now. WN only talk about the slavery their people have faced so that We stay quiet about Ours and they repeat the actions of their ancestors in 1600s.

      • I wrote a post about him on Brotha wolf because this DUMBASS Negro had the nerve to be pissed off because white actress Nicole Kidman refused to use the n-word. That fool seriously needs a pimp slap.

    • Thanks for the comment sis. The trailer told me all I needed to know about this film. Trust me Pete,it’s all servitude propaganda. It’s just dressed up to make you think it’s something else. They’re just glamourizing buffoonery. And channeling Khalid is always a good

      • Unfortunately, watch how many of Our conditioned People go out to see it tomorrow. I was about to say yt people should be ashamed of themselves. Because of their delusional entitlement disorder, they see nothing wrong with their corruption.

  4. “It’s really funny watching these two clowns try to explain how playing a butler is such a honor. See how long you can watch it before you start laughing.”

    rofl I was laughing before I saw the interview, and then I see cuba’s mustache and I really lost it bahhahaa.

  5. BWHWHAAAAHAH why cuba stroking his baby mustache at 3:40 smh. oh lord I can’t take lenny seriously when he wearing those dam glasses the whole interview.

    • Lee is apart of ‘The Vanquished’ (as Edens Sahara puts it), unfortunately. It’s not his fault, he never asked to be here.

      • I know what you’re saying. But Lee chooses to be a house slave. He could make other films that don’t degrade and insult his people. That’s the point she’s trying to make. None of us are here by choice but you have to make the choice to have dignity and self respect. Lee is a sellout–plain and simple.

      • Kushite Prince,

        The mental lessons of Our Ancestors from yts were passed down and still are. Lee Daniels is a self hater, but his parents taught him to be that way. He never asked to have ignorant and self loathing parents. None of Us did.

      • Most of our parents did what they thought was best. Many of them thought integration would grant us equality and some degree of acceptance. But as you can see things didn’t work out that way. We are in the same position we were right after slavery. Nothing has changed. Only the illusion of change.

      • I don’t understand it. Black kids/students today do not get much information regarding Black History and believe me, even the so-called “academic freedom” for many black instructors that teach black history IS limited. A colleague and a friend of mine teaches Black History and he is always “up in arms” with the Academic Senate in trying to push forth syllabi that not only he can relate to but give the students a broader understanding of Black History. On another note, I have seen many students–young and old that are “clueless,” just want to get through the course-work, etc. and really hold no interest in the contributions that black Americans have made (sorry, venting here) and continue to make. Moving beyond the text-book, achievements and accomplishments of black Americans ARE minimized, why it is so crucial that black Americans think beyond of “self” and really make a collective effort to teach them.

        I was told long ago that “a true soldier dies only once” and I wonder if the fear of this is precluding other black people from meeting their potential?

        In Solidarity,

  6. WOW this is an in-depth blog… I wish I had time to read it but since I only have about 10 minutes I will drop I quick reply.

    The Butler is simply a film created for ‘The Vanquished’ – who are the house slaves among us who WANT to remain house slaves. The vast majority of our people… (and I’m talking about a whopping 95%), WANT to serve and rely upon white people. They love the slave position because it is a safe position. It’s the ‘Massa and Mistress will take care of me as along as I continue to do as Massa and Mistress say’. We cannot help them because they don’t want to be helped.

    Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the no-good coons in this production are ‘The Vanquished’ and anyone who doesn’t see this film for the bootlicking film that it is, also qualify as ‘The Vanquished’. We will not be able to rid them from our lives along as we remain around them. The Vanquished BELONG in exile. The only positive thing we can do is remove ourselves from their presence and return to Africa where ‘The Vanquished’ will not be allowed to put their house nigger feet.

    • Unfortunately Edens Sahara, ‘The Vanquished’ live in Afrika, too. Many migrated and brought their mental lessons with them there, too. It’s eerie.

    • I think vanquished is a great way of putting it. You really cut to the chase sis!lol That’s what I love about you! We can no longer stand for this type of degrading film making. We can’t support this garbage any longer. Thanks for your wonderful reply. I can always count on you to keep it 100% REAL!

    • You think returning to Africa will rid you of the “House slaves” you’d be in for a big surprise, you’re sadly mistaken and in for a rude awakening. Africa has the sell outs who help keep Racism white supremacy alive and kickin’. There’s no escape…remember rws is a global system. We have to face it and replace it!

      • That’s the truth.

        I agree We must face it soon. I think many yts are sad inside because they want Our Attention. Europeans evolved from the albino son. They are showing it more and more everyday. I get the feeling that yt men will ONLY Afrikan Women.

    • I have known for the longest of times that Winfrey is a straight up house slave. Just look at how lily white her audience has become and now when they don’t want her mammy ass anymore she peddles this ‘own’ shit to Negroes.

  7. BTW… What’s with the ‘Black Power Salute’ by the butler? What the hell is that trying to say? That we are powerful when we are servants? smh

    • I think the black power salute is to give the illusion that he’s “fighting the power”. What a joke!lol Yeah right,like he’s Malcolm X as a servant. They really are insulting our intelligence.

      • The powers that be want a race war. The media wants to tick us off. Seriously, Fruitvale Station and then The Butler. Doesn’t this remind anyone of the time when Rodney King was shown getting beat over and over again?! They are not letting up.

      • We have to be wise enough NOT to fall for their mind games. They like to agitate us and get all upset so we’ll riot in a fit of rage. Even though that rage is justified we have to be smart about it. Revolution first starts in your mind.

    • I said the same thing on another blog, I think that is their way of making fun of black power, like see black ppl this is ur black power, the only power u will have is serving white ppl. also he is wearing white gloves so they could be saying white power as black power is always a black fist in the air.

  8. In this video Oprah Winfrey talks about how important this film is for black families(yeah right). She goes on to say that the film shows “where we have come from and where we need to go”. However she never explains where have “to go”. She just kind of leaves it hanging there and you have to figure out what the hell she’s talking I’ve noticed this with a lot of black celebrities who try to sound deep and profound but are really just saying pointless

    • where we have to go, what go back to the fields, oprah is that what u mean. woman I can’t take u seriously aren’t u the same lady that disses black americans every chance u get? u went and built a school in south Africa a white dominated country u could’ve built it anywhere in Africa or the us. rofl gayle said he worked through 8 different white houses, um gayle its only one white house that blacks built. bahaha. oh snap, oprah just basically said at 4:00 she said its very easy to be emotional screaming loud killing ppl and being violent, and its more difficult to be subtle and layered, hmm so again this reinforces negros be quiet, be seen not heard, don’t fight back.

      • mstoogood4yall

        Oprah is conditioned like most of Us are. Worst of all, she was abused and completely disrespected by other conditioned people in her family. This made her dislike her people more than she was conditioned to. It is not Oprah’s fault she is the way she is.

      • You’re right sis! Oprah seems very delusional to me. She needs to get back in touch with reality. She is misleading the masses of black people that look up to her. She’s fully aware of what she’s doing. She does it for a paycheck.

    • I remeber a time when I used to be proud of Oprah…now the sight of her face sickens me, just like that picture on the pancake box! I have deduced that Oprah absolutely hates black men….any movie she has ever had a hand in made sure to make the Black man look castrated and weak from The Women of Brewster Place to the Color Purple to that horrible Beloved, Precious etc. Oprah is earning her certified Tom title. LOL

      Oprah is earning her certified Tom title

      • Yeah Oprah only cares about making money. I know she gets accused of being a man-hater. But to me it’s deeper than that. Her movies make black people as whole look bad. In The Butler she plays an alcoholic wife who cheats on he husband. That’s not exactly a positive image of black women. I’m just tired of all the negative black stereotypes throughout Hollywood. We have to stop taking these demeaning roles. They make us all look bad. Black men and women.

      • That’s because Hoprah mammy extrordinaire is a muff diver. She vilifies black men to keep her lily white Scarlett O’ Hara on the Tara audience happy. I wrote a post about it and emailed it to Brotha Wolf.

  9. Why are We still playing butlers and maids?

    I can answer that because I have been around it for most of my life. Our People have been conditioned to hate themselves by the oppressors.

    We use “dark skinned”, “light skinned”, “fair skinned”, “negro”, “nigga”, “girl”, and “black” instead of Afrikan.

    • I remember that horrifying murder! It was heartbreaking! But living in Amerikkka these type of things are expected. This country was founded on murder,genocide,slavery and colonization.

      • That’s true, Brother. The men have always liked lynching Us Brothers specifically. They are after the hand of The Mother (Our Sister). They never realize they have no respect for Her as The Mother of All Civilization, EVER!

  10. Kushite Prince,

    When you are conditioned to hate yourself, you don’t know any better than to help the oppressor. I hate yt people. What Our People went through wasn’t just slavery.

      • Slavery can’t even describe what Our Great and Honorable Ancestors went through. What We faced was so horrible, Our People do not like revisiting it. I believe it started out like slavery.
        After the slave breeding, yts noticed a lot about themselves.
        That is what lead to the rape and lynching of Our Great Ancestors.
        The yt race then wanted Our attention but did not know how to achieve it. They have the same problem today.

    • That’s NO EXCUSE! Oprah is cowtowing to her lily white crowd to amke a dollar she knows damn good and well what she is doing so don’t make excuses for her. How the hell is some snotty little sales clerk from Germany going to insult her and SHE winds up apologizing. Fuck that! That is pure unadluterated mammy ass behavior. Is so sarry massah fo raisin a fuss WTF? Please she is like every other famous black figure who would rather kiss ass than kick it.

  11. It’s interesting I have been around “The Vanquished” lately and everyone is too busy to talk about The Butler. Amerikkka is folding in on itself. These are the end times. It’s ironic to see that yt men still believe in their Amerikkka after the work of all of these jhws yt men with power.

    I hate that Our conditioned folks have the Amerikkkan flag in their houses. I always believed yts were aggressive about conditioning Our People because they were working against themselves while working for themselves. The newest generation of yts love showing their admiration for Our People openly. The Afrikan Woman is The Mother of All Civilization because through Her self love, She gave birth to the Afrikan Man. From there, The First Afrikan Man and Woman gave birth to the albino son and daughter that would go on to hide in a cave and become Europeans. Their Other Children went on to become Mexicans, Asians, and the other People of Color. We are all one big family when you think about it. I think the other women of color (except for most Asian women) are seeing what is wrong with all of this. Afrikan people should not be in any Asian owned stores. Wrong is wrong!

  12. Kushite Prince,

    Our people were conditioned when they fought for integration. Unfortunately, nothing has changed for most of Our People that classify themselves as “Amerikkklan”. They still sound exactly like the slave masters when they talk, but they never realize it. Our conditioned folks always go on and on about “Black America”. We were NEVER Amerikkklan, but “why”-tes wanted Us to stay around to show off their “great work”.

    The work of their ancestors is catching up with them, right now. “Why”-te men that take peeps at Our Sistas can’t stand seeing Sistas that look like Nicki Minaj.

    • I see your point. Although I don’t think Nicki Minaj is the image for black girls to look up to. She was much prettier before the plastic surgery. Nicki is a horrible role model in my opinion. She looks like a plastic Barbie with a fake body. She doesn’t realize how silly she looks.

      • We need to keep images of her away from Our Young Sistas. It’s also very good to know that why-te boys are not happy with the image of an Afrikan woman looking exactly like their sisters.

  13. For one thing, me and a relative went to go and see this movie. And I didn’t care for it to much. Why because It was watered down and It wasn’t the truth, from my perspective. However. I have thought the same when seeing this. I have seen the educated version of freedom Riders. Which I have rented It, from the library. To me it wasn’t that educational. It was more like the whole freedom Rider thing was more Planned then anything.

    • Thanks for the comments Jakke. Yeah we can’t support garbage like this anymore. These films insult our intelligence. We can’t spend our hard earned on things that enslave our minds. We have to tell our OWN stories from our perspective. The Butler was written by a white man.

      • Kushite,

        Many of Us have scripts, but the why-te men that green light projects do not allow them to be made. It seems as if Our People must fight for everything We want from them. Amerikkka as a whole serves as one great big ego booster to why-tes.

    • @JakkeBrown

      Of course it wasn’t the truth. It was made by yts for yts. The white glove over Forest’s hand is symbolic. WE NEED TO WAKE UP! The goons behind Hollyweird are saying Black Power belongs to whites only. We better Wake Up because films like this make why-tes long for “their days”.
      We need to watch out. Why-te men have set the Obama presidency up for failure. Once he leaves, why-te men will say, “See there a Black Man could never run anything.” They will try to be in charge all over again.

      I know I sound pretty pessimistic. I’m sorry about that.

      • The moment they put barack Obama In the office I knew It was set up failure then. All this time we have had white president’s then. One day we have a so called black one. He doesn’t Represent the black community no how. However. White people already complaining that he Isn’t doing a great job being in the presidency position. When bush was in office there wasn’t any complaining, Matter of fact they applaud bush for everything that he has done. Which it wasn’t nothing that he did right. Let them tell It they have a great country, and they love America. And I also agree with you. Butler the movie was and alway’s will be made by those that look at our history In the wrong perspective. Thank’s for the comment.

  14. Darn, I think Forest Whitaker was hopped up on some mk-ultra stuff when he acted in this. It looks like he is taking all of this far too seriously.

    • What’s up Holip?? This is a true honor brother. My blog is official now!lol Thanks for coming by my blog. I truly appreciate it. Drop by anytime. You’re always welcome brother.Peace.

  15. Funny you should bring this up. I just wrote a post about this for Brotha wolf. I have noticed that there are more stories about Negroes as nursemaids. And don’t even get me started on the “Secret Life of Bees” crap. They seem to think that this being a ‘true story’ makes it somehow accpetable WRONG! This movie looks shitty as hell and I refuse to support anything involving Daniels or Winfrey.

    • Yeah I don’t trust Daniels at all. Look at his track record:Monster’s Ball,Precious and now The Butler. Want to hear something really scary? They hired this man to do a film about the civil rights movement. YIKES!!! The civil rights movement in this man’s hands is a very scary thought!

  16. “What makes this film so bad is how they try to gloss it up like playing a butler is so regal and grand. I watched the trailer and they play this moving sentimental music in it. I had to hold back my laughter. I could hardly keep a straight face”
    LOOOL me too!

  17. Thank you so much for this post. I was scheduled to see The Butler with my mother-in-law but then realized that it was the same director who did Precious (which was definitely traumatizing for me to watch). So I decided we should just do something outside instead. I didn’t watch that movie about The Maids either. I don’t understand why these type of movies are so compelling for many of our people. Very sad. Sending out a spirit of self-love!

    • I understand your point Ajua. The Butler and The Help are films that tell us we should be servants to others. Lee Daniels as a pattern of doing films that degrade and insult black people. Don’t forget that he also directed Monster’s Ball as well. We can no longer spend our hard earned money on films that insult us and reinforce negative stereotypes. It’s obvious that people like Forest Whitaker,Oprah,Cuba Gooding and the rest—are all part of this agenda. They will do anything for a check. No matter how insulting the role might be. There is nothing regal or noble about being a maid or butler. But the powers that be want us to think so. We have to break the chains of mental slavery if we want to be free. Thanks for your comment. And you did the right thing by not seeing this film. It’s nothing but more brainwashing in my opinion.

      • @ the Prince:

        Yes, I agree. And I did not and will not, no matter how old this film gets go see it. One of the reasons that these white producers “green-light films like this is because they “want to keep black people asleep” and under the illusion that, “this is post racial Amerikka.” And that is a bunch of bull-shit. By keeping masses of our people asleep, the racists know that many will not THINK. The very same films and programs that black people watch, many of their children sit with them and watch also. AND internalize it. Can we say brain-washing? Oprah, Cuba, Lenny, etc. do not give a shit about our plight. They want to ensure a paycheck and that’s it, agree or not. And that is okay. That gay-blade Lee Daniels is not only self-hating, he supports films that vilify our people, especially sistas.

        Yet, when his next film comes out, many of our black people will flock to the theatres or buy the DVD supporting him. That is like embracing OJ Simpleton when he clearly showed his OWN people that e does not give a rat’s ass about us. Leaving this thread grumbling. ..smh.

        How dam sad is that chit?

  18. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until you have seen the film before you criticise it? Even if every word you say about it was true, to condemn someone or something without a hearing and based on nothing but supposition and hearsay is hardly fair and not very wise. That has happened to too many black people in the past to be allowed to continue, even regarding such a relatively trivial matter such as this. It also makes you look rather foolish and the possessor of a dogmatic, closed mind.

    • @ aljo

      who said, “Even if every word you say about it was true, to condemn someone or something without a hearing and based on nothing but supposition and hearsay is hardly fair and not very wise.”

      If every word Kushite Prince said was true then it wouldn’t be based on supposition or hearsay, would it? It would be a fact.

      The rash of slave and servant movies coming out of Hollywood would and should make any prudent black person ask “WHY?”

      Those of us who are asking why are doing OUR DUTY as thinking people who understand there must be a reason for this regressive imagery in the 21st century being produced by a racist white Hollywood machine.

      You can agree or disagree but you can’t stop the debate by shaming anyone and name calling and calling people foolish for posting an opinion.

      That is the purpose of having a blog.

  19. Follywood and waterdown movies make slavery looks like roses and peaches across the enchanted meadow. The art of this movie is funny. They hit to the truth and darkside of the past. It always show the white savior,grateful darkie complex and stereotype. Sometimes Follywood make sugary slave movies and not hardcore to avoid roits and guilt. This propaganda is clear for blacks in United States. We’re Second and Nothing Special

  20. The slaves and the conquered have no story to tell. At least not in the eyes of the conquerors AND the slaves. As the ancestors told us…the tale of the hunt always favor the hunter. I am actually glad Tyler Perry and Oprah are not telling their true story. It would not be about Medea, but about coon acting fags chasing white boys booty and …well…she would play what she always played……a maid!

    • So true brother. The white perspective will always be told. The story of the conquered will always be seen as irrelevant. And your assessment of Oprah and Tyler is correct! They seem to love their coon positions. They don’t have a problem with racial stereotypes Hollyweird puts out. Just as long as they get a paycheck.

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