Boycott Florida Day- August 1,2013….and beyond.

Boycott Florida1
Today is the day. Today we let our voices be heard with our wallets and purses. We will not support any Florida based products today. I know there are naysayers but we can’t just sit around and do nothing. And many of these naysayers complain yet they do nothing at all. But they’re quick to past judgment on you for putting your talk into action. To me it’s a small step in the right direction. If you must buy something today do it with a black business. Since everyone says black people spend billions of dollars as consumers we should put it to good use. So today we will spend no money at any business owned by Jews,Whites,Hispanics,Asians or Arabs. We will keep our money in our pockets.
Boycott Burger King
Myself and other bloggers are boycotting Florida-based corporations in order to pressure them to publicly denounce Stand Your Ground and use their money, power and influence to pressure Florida lawmakers to repeal the unjust law. We are targeting Florida’s tourism industry by boycotting travel and tourism in Florida, including the following tier one targets: Disneyworld, Royal Carribean Cruiselines, Carnival Cruiselines, Disney Cruiselines like DisneyWorld and Norwegian Cruiselines.
We are targeting Florida’s citrus industry by boycotting Florida citrus products including the following tier one targets: Florida’s Natural and Tropicana orange juice brands. We are targeting consumer spending in the following Florida-based food-based corporations/restaurants: Publix Supermarkets, Winn-Dixie, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Eddie Vs, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, Burger King, The Hard Rock Cafe and Arthur Treachers.We are targeting several high-profile Florida-based corporations across various sectors including Office Depot, Steinmart, Autonation, Hertz, Ryder, Tupperware, DHL, Lennar Corporation, ADT.
Boycott Florida2
The time is NOW! We MUST speak up!

29 thoughts on “Boycott Florida Day- August 1,2013….and beyond.

  1. Why only boycott for the DAY? It would have more of a lasting impact if black people boycotted these establishments FOREVER. One day isn’t going to make an iota of a difference. Black people in Florida need to get tough. We need to hit white people where it hurts… in the wallet and the purse. Whites care more about losing MONEY than losing their lives, so cutting off their money is like cutting off their lives. Lest we forget the Wall Street crash of 1929. They were jumping out of high storey buildings to their death because their money was gone.

    • That’s why I titled it “and beyond”. We have to take the first steps towards liberation. We can’t just do it for a day,month or six months. It has to be a way of life. We have to truly be dedicated for this to work.

  2. I never eat at fast food chains and have no plans for and Disney anything ever. Yes, let’s boycott and make our own.

  3. great info. Boycotting these places will be easy for me, i don’t like orange juice and i don’t eat at those restaurants. I don’t like red lobster and hell no olive garden i don’t like pasta that much. I don’t see why whties love olive garden that much i’ve never been, i saw they commercials and was like that look like sheit. don’t have a winn dixie here anyway and burger king is not that many around anyway, mcdonalds is out doing them, and i hate mcdonalds. fk mickey mouse, and disney world, i remember reading a story about a black family that went there and they said the rabbit mascot from alice and wonderland wouldn’t hug or make any contact with their kids when they took a picture with him.

    • Yeah I remember that Disney incident on the news! Plus Walt Disney was a known racist bigot! don’t support none of these racist companies. To hell with Disneyworld and all the rest! I feel what you’re saying sis. I totally agree.

  4. Kushite Prince,
    You know that this type of action has all kinds of opportunities for us all if, we look at it from different angles. I was thiking since Florida has so much stuff that some people will be giving up, there should also be a focus on what they and us collectively are gaining from this action. When I stopped eating fast food I took them money I would have spent n it and bought real food and put the change in a big jar. After a year I had enough money to buy a food processor, ice cream maker, and some wooden spoons. his was with the change left over after buying real food to eat right. My point being that while it may be great mitivation to stick it to them it is also great motivation in righting and bettering yourself. I have personally gained so much by pulling back from this establishment that even though I don’t support these things with my dollars I’ve decided that I will find other things to reclaim instead. I’ll also pair up with others and bring extra for lunch so as to help them keep the faith.

    • That’s the right attitude Honey! We all have to eat batter anyway. There’s no need to go to these fast food places. The food is all processed and disgusting anyway. We have to be mindful of what we put in our bodies. I appreciate your support in this boycott. 🙂

      • Yes Prince,
        I lost over 88 pounds giving up their food and striving to eat more like an african should. This has entailed cutting out grains, dairy, ever expanding my veggie intake and being mindful of how I eat fruit. I have found that when Wp are telling you what to eat and what is healthy they are lying or don’t really know. It is hard, but we must start over with everything. this boycott is just the begining.

      • 88 pounds?? That’s very impressive Honey! Have you read the book Nutricide by Dr Afrika? He explains the right food African people should be eating. Too many of us are on a sick European diet. We have to change our eating habits to be healthier.

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    • Thanks for the support queen. I really appreciate it. And thanks for dropping by my blog. It’s a honor to have a woman such as yourself come by my blog. How are things in Haiti? I’ve always wanted to visit Haiti.

      • I just arrived in Haiti from Dominican Republic. Was editing some videos about my journey when I got all the notifications of a mysterious blogger liking my posts lol!
        I’m gonna share this post on twitter and Facebook… Stronger in numbers right?!

      • Dominican Republic?? Another place I want to visit!lol That’s great that you’ve traveled to so many places. You must be really enjoying yourself. Thanks for sharing the post. You really are a team player!

  6. This is a nice blog, Kushite Prince. I agree that we need to boycott Florida but I can’t because I live in Florida and this is my last year in school there. I do plan on moving out after I graduate though. I hate living in Florida because of the trashy and racist Whites and racist Latinos.

    • What’s up Adeen? You finally came by my blog. Better late than Do what you can for the boycott. If you have to shop at least try to shop at the black businesses you know. I know about the racist whites and latinos sown there. I’ve heard they can be pretty bad.

    • Adeen, I have closet white racist where I am. They say hello to me all of the time. So, I’m forced to say hello as their faces turn red and their grins are wide.

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