Never ending Homosexual Assault

This is a great video with King Samir interviewing Mwalimu Baruti. Here’s a great passage from Baruti. He really breaks it down.
Sadly, we have begun to see the rise of males in the role of men. And many of these males have pushed their way into the leadership positions of organizations which claim to raise men from boys. Most of them…believe that Afrikan manhood died in the early stages of the Maafa and was then misreconstructed in this land as an overraction to an overpowering, racist white supremacy. Further, and most importantly, they argue that this misreconstruction is beyond correction. In their role as mentors and teachers to Afrikan males on their road to adulthood, they outspokenly embrace homosexuality and effeminate male roles as authentic and credible definitions of Afrikan manhood. Before continuing this point, however, we should at least briefly address the origin of the word mentor itself. In Greek mythology, mentor is the adult male whom Odysseus, the protagonist in The Odyssey, trusted to raise and protect his son Telemachus as he traveled the world in search of adventure. Mentor, however, apparently had other plans that went beyond the mere development of Telemachus’ cognitive skills. His intentions, as a Greek, were naturally homosexual. Historically, in European culture, when sons are left in the hands of adult males they become their sexual victims. And this is what makes using the Greek term mentor, a name directly descended from the mythical character Mentor, extremely problematic for Afrikans seeking to maintain a heterosexual sanity. We give power to others, and their way, when we use their culturally peculiar terminology to define ourselves, those we honor and, by default, their and our actions in the performance of those roles. No matter how you look at it, ‘mentor’ in Greek society essentially referred to any adult male who educated a boy, exchanging his expertise for the right to sodomize him at will. It was custom, a socially accepted rite of passage of boys into manhood. Therefore, knowing Greek homosexual culture, we would have to logically conclude that Odysseus left Telemachus in the care of someone he could trust to ‘correctly’ and ‘lovingly’ introduce his son into his homosexual adulthood. Odysseus, a Greek warrior who by every historical account of interpersonal relations among Greek military personnel, had to be homosexual, had to be aware of what was in store for his son in his absence. And regardless of whether or not we interpret the lines in The Odyssey to say that he knew his son’s fate or not, in European culture, ‘mentor’ was and is the title held by those who bring boys into a homosexual adulthood. So, speaking in the language of our ancestors, Afrikans shuold use the term ‘Jegna,” not mentor, when honoring those Afrikans who unselfishly put so much of their energy into training our youth to be adult warrior scholars. Because, using the European language out of which we speak and define reality, to call someone your mentor is to call him/her your rapist. Jegna is a word taken from the Amharic language of Nubia. It refers to those who are altruistically committed, out of an unqualified duty to their people and nation, to teach our children the art and science of a politically conscious adulthood. Or, as articulated by Wade W. Nobles…’Jegna (Jenoch, plural form) are those special people who have (1) been tested in struggle or battle, (2) demonstrated extraordinary and unusual fearlessness, (3) shown determination and courage in protecting his/her people, land and culture, (4) shown diligence and dedication to our people, (5) produced an exceptionally high quality of work, and (6) dedicated themselves to the protection, defense, nurturance and development of our young by advancing our people, place and culture.'”

Bob Law & Claude Anderson- Group Economics

This is a great video featuring Bob Law and Claude Anderson. They speak about the need for black people to practice group economics. Every other racial group does this to empower their people. Why aren’t we doing this? We need to get our minds straight and realize this is really important. With no economic power you can not survive as a people. A battery without power is DEAD. We have helped to make Jews,Japanese,Arabs,Indians and Koreans very wealthy. While neglecting our own black businesses and staying in poverty. Something is very wrong with our thinking. This mindset has to change if we want to prevent becoming a permanent underclass.This position is shared by Chancellor Williams, who wrote in his must-read book, The Destruction of Black Civilization, Great Issues of a Race: 4500 A.D. that “The second great understanding should be that economic activities are so fundamental in any truly upward movement, so clearly indispensable at this stage in history that it should be unnecessary to state it even. The still existing slave mentality causes millions of Black people to shy away from these basics of life itself because it requires more initiative, training and work and less talk than politics….”

Are you sure you want to be an actor,rapper or athlete?

A lot of people want to be rich and famous. They grow up watching television and see all the “glitter and gold”. But you have to think very carefully about these type of dreams. There is a lot of deception out there and we can not be naïve. We must keep in mind that no one gives you something for nothing. Nothing in life is free. Many people think that if you have the looks and the talent you will automatically make it in Hollywood. These people are delusional. There is a price you must pay to make it as part of the elite. You could become a millionaire and world famous but not without a price.This goes for most actors,singers,rappers,athletes and many realitys-show stars. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. This is a video by Black Child. The narrators in the film are Yash Qaraah and Sherry Shriner. This video may help those of you who are still “asleep” see a little more clearly. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

The Butler- Why are we still playing butlers and maids?

On August 16 a new film will be released. The Butler is just the latest film in Hollywood propaganda. It’s the story of a butler(Cecil Gaines) who served eight presidents from 1952-1986.The producers made sure to put a lot of black celebrities in it so that black people will flock to the theaters in droves. It stars Forest Whitaker as the main character,Cecil Gaines. With Oprah Winfrey playing his wife.It also stars Lenny Kravitz,Cuba Gooding Jr,David Oyelowo,Terrence Howard and Yaya Alafia. Even Mariah Carey has a small cameo in the film. Don’t worry though,there are white people in the film as well. We don’t want people to think this is a “black film”. Most of the white men in the film are playing the Presidents. Actors like Alan Rickman,Liev Schreiber,Robin Williams and James Mardsen.And of course this film is by director Lee “Monster’s Ball” Daniels. This homosexual self-hating director is doing everything he can to degrade the image of black people. If Monster’s Ball and Precious weren’t enough,now we have this garbage in theaters. There are so many great uplifting stories to tell black children. There are great black heroes and African heroes in our history. We had civilizations long before we ever had contact with Europeans. Hollywood makes great films that put their history in a positive light. Stories about the Romans and Greek empires. They make films that give them a sense of pride showing themselves as great warriors. Films like Gladiator,Lords of the Rings,Alexander and 300. And what do we get. Think Like a Man? Booty Call? Barbershop? Madea Goes to Jail?? This is a disgrace! And Hollywood is very slick. They know black people will most likely see this film if they hype it up enough and put big black stars in it. Please do NOT spend your money on this film. We have to let our voices be heard. Let Hollywood know that we are hip to this game they’re playing with us. They keep making films like this to keep us in a subservient mindset. Don’t fall for it.
They keep telling us that times have changed. Have they really changed? Back in the 20’s and 30’s black women like Hattie McDaniel had to play maids. I realize the acting opportunities were limited back then.
The Help1
If that’s true then how do you explain films like The Help?
The Help2
We don’t want to admit it but nothing has really changed. This is nothing but the refinement of white supremacy. We are still playing maids,butlers,thugs,pimps,whores,gang members and drug dealers. What makes this film so bad is how they try to gloss it up like playing a butler is so regal and grand. I watched the trailer and they play this moving sentimental music in it. I had to hold back my laughter. I could hardly keep a straight face. And I’ve watched some of the interviews with the black actors in this film. Look at this video of Cuba Gooding Jr and Lenny Kravitz. It’s really funny watching these two clowns try to explain how playing a butler is such a honor. See how long you can watch it before you start laughing.

Another thing I noticed in the trailer is actor David Oyelowo plays the son of Forest Whitaker. He gets involved in the civil rights movement and eventually becomes militant and joins the Black Panthers. Needless to say,he and his father don’t see eye to eye politically. There’s a scene at the dinner table where he and his father get into an argument. He insults his father and then his mother(Oprah Winfrey) slaps him across the face! She then tells him “Everything you have is because of that butler!” It’s a very powerful scene. But it’s also very telling. By having the mother slap the militant son it’s telling black people to not fight back. The son is portrayed as the villain and is not following the “right path”. The film is telling black people to be more like the butler. In other words,black people should not fight back but just be quiet and obey your white oppressors. We should “suffer in silence”. This is white supremacy and Hollywood propaganda at it’s finest.
Some might say that I’m overreacting because I haven’t seen the film. But I don’t have to see it to know it’s propaganda. I’ve seen Hollywood do this time and time again. And I’m really quite sick of it. I’m tired of seeing my people portrayed this way. Films like this are nothing but mind control. And all these black actors know it as well. But they just want a paycheck. Here’s a video from a brother named Solomon on Youtube. I totally agree with his all his points about this film.

The truth is we need our own film studios. That way we can write and produce the stories we want to tell. And when I say studios I’m talking about black owned and operated film production companies. Tyler Perry has his own film company and Oprah Winfrey has her cable station OWN. But they are still backed by white/Jewish owners. Which means if Oprah or Tyler tried to tell a story that was too powerful,positive and uplifting about black people—their white slave owners could tell them not to make it. I must be telling the truth because look at the irrelevant material that Oprah and Tyler produce. Tyler with his silly sitcoms that reinforce negative black stereotypes. And Oprah doing her exclusive interviews with Lance Armstrong and Rihanna. These are topics that are totally irrelevant to the struggles of black people. We are facing unemployment,suicide,drug addiction,police brutality,genocide,AIDS and imprisonment. Meanwhile Oprah is interviewing Lindsay Lohan?! Come on Oprah, get with it!
Like I said that means we need independent studios so no one can tell us what stories to tell or how to tell it. There are so many stories about black doctors,teachers,inventors and scientists that could be told. Where are the big motion pictures about Ida B. Wells,Dred Scott,Booker T. Washington,Charles Drew,Adam Clayton Powell Jr,Martin Delaney,Kwame Ture,Althea Gibson,Marcus Garvey,Harriet Tubman,Madame C.J. Walker and Fannie Lou Hamer? Where are the films about great Africans like Askia Toure,Queen Tiye,Yaa Asantewa,Idris Alooma,Taharka,Funmilayo Ransome Kuti,Kwame Nkrumah,Queen Nzinga,Khufu and Queen Nefertiti? We should be proud of such a rich and beautiful history. We have a history of black men and women who fought for justice,truth and black liberation. We can’t expect our oppressors to tell the stories of our people in the correct manner. If anything they will most likely alter and distort the legacies of our great leaders,teachers and freedom fighters. Now after looking at this short list of great black people in history I ask you again…..Why are we still playing butlers and maids?

Boycott Florida Day- August 1,2013….and beyond.

Boycott Florida1
Today is the day. Today we let our voices be heard with our wallets and purses. We will not support any Florida based products today. I know there are naysayers but we can’t just sit around and do nothing. And many of these naysayers complain yet they do nothing at all. But they’re quick to past judgment on you for putting your talk into action. To me it’s a small step in the right direction. If you must buy something today do it with a black business. Since everyone says black people spend billions of dollars as consumers we should put it to good use. So today we will spend no money at any business owned by Jews,Whites,Hispanics,Asians or Arabs. We will keep our money in our pockets.
Boycott Burger King
Myself and other bloggers are boycotting Florida-based corporations in order to pressure them to publicly denounce Stand Your Ground and use their money, power and influence to pressure Florida lawmakers to repeal the unjust law. We are targeting Florida’s tourism industry by boycotting travel and tourism in Florida, including the following tier one targets: Disneyworld, Royal Carribean Cruiselines, Carnival Cruiselines, Disney Cruiselines like DisneyWorld and Norwegian Cruiselines.
We are targeting Florida’s citrus industry by boycotting Florida citrus products including the following tier one targets: Florida’s Natural and Tropicana orange juice brands. We are targeting consumer spending in the following Florida-based food-based corporations/restaurants: Publix Supermarkets, Winn-Dixie, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Eddie Vs, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, Burger King, The Hard Rock Cafe and Arthur Treachers.We are targeting several high-profile Florida-based corporations across various sectors including Office Depot, Steinmart, Autonation, Hertz, Ryder, Tupperware, DHL, Lennar Corporation, ADT.
Boycott Florida2
The time is NOW! We MUST speak up!