Kushite Prince speaks on Trayvon Martin verdict

This video was uploaded by the Youtube channel United Black America. They had viewers call in and voice their opinion on the Trayvon Martin verdict. They were kind enough to use my voicemail message. I come in at the 5:00 minute mark. UBA also has a radio show and website. The host of the show is Asad. This brother has a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to check out their website:http://unitedblackamerica.com/

29 thoughts on “Kushite Prince speaks on Trayvon Martin verdict

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  2. Thank you, Prince. we really have to come together as one and i hope this case,white women, and america will open our people eye’s to the damn truth!! i also hope blk-males will see white women forwho/what they really R ,and stop this onlly blame the whitemen, but leave his other evil half out.sorry i don’t think soo they both work hand and hand in this white system wanting to keep us down or dead at all cost.

    so f**k them all as a team. to hell with there whole race!

    • Yeah I understand your anger. They are definitely a team for sure. These white women can be very slick but it doesn’t work on me. Since I don’t want them sexually, their minds games don’t work.lol I feel where you’re coming from.

  3. Thank you for this, brother! I love to see black people unite. Any chance I get, I try to wake up some of our people who still worship the devil, aka, the white man/woman.

    Again, thank you for being our leaders.

  4. Great hearing all the different ideas I like the idea of bartering instead of buying from them, it was nice hearing u kushite. We do need to find a place outside of the us. Abagond said he would do a post on it.

    • That’s good to hear Mary! I’m proud of you! You’re really getting out there and making your voice be heard. But don’t get caught up in any violence. Make sure it’s a peaceful protest. They want us to act a fool. Don’t fall for it though.

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  6. I always thought being black in Britain was another world from being black in America. And it probably is but it’s hit home that this could easily have been a case in the UK. Just goes to show the struggles aren’t over for any of us African descendants living in the western world. More reason why we have to empower ourselves with knowledge because this right here is proof that the devil wears many disguises. It’s sad to admit but the fight towards ‘freedom’ still continues.

    • You said a mouthful! I agree 1000%! It doesn’t matter where you live on the planet. Our struggle against racism/white supremacy wages on. We will continue the fight for justice and liberation. Thank you for those empowering words sister. Knowledge is power!

      • Unfortunately, I think it will always wage on for as long as they are alive. Amerikkka isn’t Ours, it’s theirs. Sadly, yts have a big army. Hopefully, Jah will get them soon.

  7. SMH, it this verdict reminds me of how racist AmeriKKKlan is. As a young, Black woman, I have a little brother at home and I hope this doesn’t happen to him.

    • I hope not too. We have to realize things are not post-racial at all. Even if Obama is I office it doesn’t matter. Verdicts like this wakes up a lot of sleepers. That’s the only good thing to come from this case. It’s the conscious vs the sleepers. This is spiritual warfare right now.

  8. @ the Prince:

    I am still wondering about things…for example, when the murderer was told to “step down,” how come that did not happen and he pursued Trayvon? Also was “visiting” his father, yet perceived as a thug and was nonetheless stalked. Why was the murderer not held accountable for any of this? And yes, this does make me more vigilant than ever for my own brothers.

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