13 thoughts on “All innocent,All Unarmed

  1. wow. I only remember about 7 of those cases, idk the about the other people. It’s alot of injustices. It’s two trials coming up but idk when that i will be seeing what happens with the Darius Simmons and Jordan Davis murder trials. Even if Darius’s killer gets convicted he is an old man 76 he’s lived his life. http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/trial-to-begin-for-man-76-accused-of-killing-teen-neighbor-b9954502z1-215504241.html

    THey have one black man on the jury, but the thing i find crazy is they didn’t choose the other blacks to be on the jury because they said they weren’t race neutral. so i guess only whites can be neutral when it comes to race, yeah their history proves how neutral they are, like enslaving people based on skin color and creating race in the first dang place. smh.

  2. Kushite Prince,
    I don’t think this battle can be fought on this plane anymore with march, protest and such. I think our biggest blow to this unjust system is to set up our own and move away and out of this system. Starting with patronizing our own. If, we can’t find what we need with our own save up, or contribute to getting those services we need and open up our own. When we have done this we should consider having our own money that we legitimize ourselves to further remove our selves.

    • I hear you. We definitely need to buy black as much as possible. We need to be producers and not just consumers. You can’t buy your way in to respect. Respect comes only through production.

  3. Yes this is just sad. Some of the faces I’ve seen before thanks for sharing! Also I sent you an email!

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