No Justice


We must define ‘criminal justice system’ to fit a conscious, warrior mentality.
There is no need to change this term, only its working definition. For us, the
western justice system is criminal. It is a criminal justice system. It is the
creation of the white supremacist mind and, therefore, has been molded to fit
its anti-Afrikan interests. So, when we use the term ‘criminal justice system,’
it is an indictment. The adjective ‘criminal’ is descriptive of the nature of
their justice system relative to us. ‘Criminal’ stands alone as the defining
adjective, it does not work in concert with ‘justice’ to describe ‘system.’ It
works alone as an adjective to modify ‘justice system,’ explaining its

Mwalimu Baruti

8 thoughts on “No Justice

  1. Zimmerman, may have a victory in the justice system of the land. But if youthink about it. he is a marked man. He will forever be looking over his shoulder. Just like those evil devils that took Emmitt Till’s life they thought they could leave the state they committed their crime in and move to another state. In stead even whites recognized them and called them murderers. They both ended up dying with cancer. Karma is a real thing. Karma will avenge.

  2. There isn’t much i can say other than let this be motivation for us to unite, remember and never forget this young man or the others whose lives were cut short, and didn’t receive any justice.

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  4. I really can’t wait for the day when Zimmerman ends up on an episode of Karma’s a Bitch on investigation discovery, but it may just be wishful thinking on my part

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