Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power

Last Saturday I heard the news that MMA fighter Anderson Silva lost his title. He lost to some guy named Chris Weidman. I’m not very familiar with him but I’m sure he will be marketed as “the great White Hope”. Anyone that follows MMA fighting knows that Silva will go down as one of the greats. His record is (33-5,16-1). In my opinion he is the greatest UFC champion of all time(bar none). But that’s not enough for some guys.Many of the guys at my job were quite elated at his lost. They seem to take a lot of pride in his loss. I noticed that none of the guys were black by the way. As a matter of fact,they were all white or Mexican men. They were in the break room hooting and hollering about how great it was that Anderson had lost. Many of them said he was a showboat and deserved to lose. They claim he was a show-off and had it coming. The more I thought about it I asked myself: “Why do they always root against the black man?” The obvious answer is that people tend to root for those of the same culture and heritage. You identify with those most similar to yourself. That’s true to a large extent. So it should be no surprise that blacks root for the black man in boxing matches. And Mexicans do the same thing. And of course white men always go for the white man in just about any sporting event. But it goes deeper than that. I think it has a lot to do with power identification. In a system of white supremacy, the white man dominates in politics,media,education,war and economics. That makes the white man the KING in a white dominated society. But in the sporting world it’s a bit different. I’m not talking about team sports like football,basketball and baseball. I’m talking about sports like boxing and MMA/UFC fights. Sports where it’s just one on one. There’s no knives,guns,nuclear weapons or outside interference. This is where the black man is KING. In boxing/MMA fighting black men are the best. I even had a white co worker once tell me that black athletes tend to be faster,stronger,jump higher and more skilled. This is what many people call an “open secret”. In many ways Anderson Silva reminds me of a young Muhammad Ali.
Ali used to predict when he would knock his opponent out and then went out and did it. The mainstream media couldn’t stand it! Black men are not supposed to have any pride,dignity and self respect in a system of white supremacy. The white man is supposed to be seen as God, so anytime a black man is champion it’s a threat to the establishment. Or at least a perceived threat in their minds. That’s why they didn’t like when Ali spoke out about the Vietnam war. And they stripped his title from him. Of course he later won it right back. But the fact is that since black men are seen as “naturally” better athletes their non black opponents are the under dogs. I noticed this because my Mexican co workers always root against whoever the black men fights in boxing matches. I know that many of them are Manny Pacquiao fans. They have told me many times they believe that Floyd Mayweather is afraid of him. Mayweahther is another one they say is too brash and bold. He needs to be put in check.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Victor Ortiz
Ali was sent to jail right? And Mayweather was sent to jail as well. Hmmmmmmm……am I seeing a pattern? Is the black man punished for not bowing down to the white man? Maybe so. But the reality is that this hatred from non black sports fans is too blatant to ignore anymore. I have challenged many white/Hispanic co workers on their obvious bias. And I can handle my own in debates. I don’t back down from ANYONE.I think it’s important to start calling these racist hateful bigots. They fear BLACK strength. They fear BLACK intelligence. They fear BLACK dominance. Basically they fear BLACK POWER. And so anytime a black man is seen as a champion it empowers the mind of the black masses. It makes black people see themselves as kings and queens and in a different light. It can change the consciousness of a people. This is a big no-no in a system of white supremacy. This is why I think Anderson Silva had to lose. He couldn’t be allowed to retire on top. He had to be knocked out and by a white man no less. Was the fight fixed? Some think so. Cree7 has a great theory on her blog. She says:
“Silva had a couple of choices last night: 1) throw the fight as “asked,” or 2) anger Dana White’s mafia thereby putting God-knows-what and God-knows-who at risk and being forced into fights with little notice, enduring “accidents” by training partners, being tasked with super-fights in which he would have to lose weight, then gain weight, etc..
And, all the while, having to cap his testosterone so as to not offend white guys. He chose #1. And, he did it in such a fashion so as to deprive white men of chest-thumping while, at the same time, protesting that he had to make that choice. His corner men were visibly concerned and confused at Silva’s agitated behavior between the first and second round. This was not the man they knew.

After Weidman obliged Silva’s repeated invitations to knock him out, Silva said he had no desire to fight for the championship. No desire to be premier exhibit of big-game being taken down by the white hunter. This was Silva’s way out—five years later than when he’d first announced it. Dana White, UFC president and spokesman, said he has other plans for Silva. Anderson Silva is TIRED.”
I think we can all relate to being tired. And I think Cree makes some excellent points. We’re all tired of this racist and hypocritical system. I’m not angry anymore at these non black fans who root against black athletes. I’ve seen it from Filipinos,Koreans,Mexicans,Cubans,Puerto Ricans etc. They ALL do it. Don’t give me that we are all “people of color” nonsense. I used to believe in that. Not anymore though. After reading the comments from racist sports fans on different blogs–I have seen the “light”. They believe the black man should be on the bottom rung of society. And a black champion of any kind threatens that anti-blackness belief system. Same goes for why white fans root against Venus and Serena Williams. Even when they play against white girls from foreign countries. The motto in AmeriKKKa is to “always root against the N****r”. From now on I will take it as a compliment when they root against us. We are such talented and gifted athletes they have to create fictional champions because they don’t exist in real life.
How many Rocky films have been made?lol
Rooting for Rocky is like pulling for Bugs Bunny.Or Tweety Bird or Bart Simpson!lol You can keep Rocky Balboa. I’ll take Anderson Silva any day.

33 thoughts on “Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power

  1. “Ali was sent to jail right? And Mayweather was sent to jail as well. Hmmmmmmm……am I seeing a pattern? Is the black man punished for not bowing down to the white man? “—– Yes, sirrrr. Or any man that is whiter. As I’ve been saying for some time, the paradigm upon which people’s actions are based all over this world is not is white/ non-white but black/nonblack.

    • It makes me wonder as well. When you lok at the sports/entertainment industry. Lil Wayne,T.I.,James Brown,Mayweather,Ali,Tupac,Snoop,Michael Vick,OJ Simpson,Warren Moon etc. I’m just saying. I also agree I think it’s becoming more black/non-black. The paradigm is slowly shifting from the the white/non-white world from fifty years ago. It’s sad because I don’t think enough of our people can see this shift happening.

  2. It’s always been about breaking the black male’s manhood. Putting him in dresses, attacking him when he doesn’t go along with homosexuality, rewarding him if he does, destroying his desire for his own women (a surefire way to increase self-loathing and homosexuality — in my opinion) and coveting, castrating and seducing him. — in my opinion

    as far as other non-whites, my expectations of their support is ZERO. I do NOT consider non-whites and blacks as the same. In fact, I think they hope we’ll stay on the bottom so they won’t take our place.

    ALSO, they are brain-trashed with the ant-blackness that is inherent in a white supremacy system, and are so white-identified themselves that they also work against their own self-interests just like we do

    I pray for the day when black people do NOT look for any validation from ANY non-black people and spend more time validating each other

    • You’re right TP. We have to rely on each other NOT the good intentions of others. They could care less. I also agree that they are brainwashed to hate blackness just like other races. WE tend to think that just because someone has a little melanin they are on our side. PLEASE! They are just trying to move up the social ladder at our expense. It’s al about keeping blacks at the bottom so they can become “honorary whites”. I’ve seen it too many times to count. I’ hip to their game. Al we got is US. We have to accept this reality. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but we must.

      • @ Kushite

        So have I and sadly, WE see them as “honorary whites,” too.

        The ONLY time I don’t see this is when the non-white person is very dark-skinned, or doesn’t have straight OR “black-looking” hair

        Until we admit our own anti-blackness AND our attempted sexism (against BW), we won’t be able to fix a single problem we have — in my opinion

    • @ TrojanPam,as far as other non-whites, my expectations of their support is ZERO. I do NOT consider non-whites and blacks as the same. In fact, I think they hope we’ll stay on the bottom so they won’t take our place.

      Hear! Hear! same here. hopeful our ppl will wake up for this fake ass Utopia B.S.!! cause i’m sick the hell of it and i pray the day comes when we’ll be with our own damn ppl without all the fake Foe’s! and not just white people ,either! non-black ppl as well.

  3. Nice post, Prince. I have no interest in MMA (I assume it is freefighting, but will accept boxing), but even I picked up on a “white man” winning a fight. Weidman = white man. That can only be if the Black man has been weakened enough for whiteman to appear strong. If mr. Anderson was truly a beast, he would not have cut his losses. What did they threaten him with?

    • I’m not sure. We can only speculate. It could’ve been a number of things. It could involve the safety of his family for al I know. Whatever it was it wasn’t anything positive. That’s for damn sure!

  4. I always thought since the beginning that the UFC was invented so that white men could have a sport other than hockey that they could dominate…something that would confirm their masculinity. Since they’ve been loosing ground in boxing and football , the other gladiator sports, they needed to develop something that did not rely on timing and reflexes as much. They also needed the option to wrestle since boxing requires too much hand eye coordination and rhythm. But you are right EVERYBODY roots against us, even when we face foreigners…smh. I don’t blame Anderson one bit, they give him so much grief because they never expected the blackman to dominate in a sport where grappling is an option, We need our own league these UFC “contenders” get title shots with records like 6-2, how ridiculous is that? That a-hole Chael Sonnen has like 13 losses and is always being quoted and given chances for a title…totally political at the UFC.

    • You know how slick Dana White(fitting name)is. It’s totally political! They’re all just upset because Silva was the best. They can moan and groan all they want. They know in their hearts he was the best. They say Silva wants a rematch this year. I would like to see it myself. I think it was a either a lucky punch or Silva threw the fight on purpose. No way in hell he’s a better fighter than Silva. And you’re right,they give these losers title shots with pitiful records. It’s a total double standard! And I can’t stand Sonnen. Most of these guys re over rated in my opinion.

  5. @TrojanPam
    “The ONLY time I don’t see this is when the non-white person is very dark-skinned, or doesn’t have straight OR “black-looking” hair

    Until we admit our own anti-blackness AND our attempted sexism (against BW), we won’t be able to fix a single problem we have — in my opinion”
    You nailed it sis! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I totally agree!

  6. rofl@ that pic of muhammad ali whoopin white boys ass. that guy look scrawny and weak.I don’t follow the ufc fights or really any fighting. I did watch part of the floyd mayweather fight against victor ortiz and it was funny how ppl attacked him when victor headbutted him and he knocked that fool down. They don’t like black men to be seen as masculine and powerful, this is why we don’t see many black superheros. But then again we don’t need any because we have super strength and speed, whites need some fictional character that is powerful because they really aren’t. Robert gill went 25 mph on a treadmill, now i have not seen whites do that. They have superman, but he is not real. we have usain bolt, muhammad ali, michael jordan, dr j, etc. They hate when black men aren’t submissive and do as they are told, the ones that defy them end up dead. Trayvon dead and whites keep saying why didn’t he stop and answer the questions. kenneth chamberlain was killed by cops after he told them to leave his home and that he was fine. They don’t like to be told what to do and they sure don’t like when blacks defy them.

  7. It is sad that there will never be fair competition as long as there is RWS around. It really sucks all of the pleasure out of watching such things though I am not a fighting fan as I never liked seeing men duke it out. I perfer watching other less damaging sports. There is so much exploitation within all major sporting industries touched by the system that I just now wait for the speaky moves and put downs. We deserve better than this and the black men in sports seem to never get their just due while most everyone else benefits from his talent. No they can beat the black man out right or head on so they have to find other way to cut him down. This has been going on forever, look at Jack Johnson, Joe Louis is so tragic even when we try to not be pround and give to them they cut you in the end, Ali jail cause he wasn’t gonna be like Louis or kill people. the list goes on cause they know on a level playing field there would be few and far between who could compete with us.

  8. Hey! I don’t want mma/ufc but I will say that what you said crosses gender as well. When Black women are number 1 i.e. Michelle Obama, they are hated with a vengeance or disrespected. White people know they have lied to stay on top and they want to keep that top spot, I’m not surprised by their actions not one bit. However, non-blacks understand the system of white supremacy, they understand that they can never be number 1, but they can be number 2 and they are willing to fight against each other for it. All those races you mentioned are known for being anti-dark skin and anti-black so I’m not surprised with them. I believe we are people of color, but I extend that belief to those that understand the system of white supremacy and want to fight it, not play into it. It doesn’t matter either way, God knew what he created when he created us, so in the words of Jill Scott, go head and hate.

    • Thanks acj. That was a great reply! I agree with you 100%! Haters will always hate. But they can kick rocks! They can’t stop us from shining! We will still rise to the top!

  9. Interesting post Kushite Prince.
    I have thought about the same thing and what comes to mind is the Magical Negro image. It is interesting, that everyone wants to sound, dress, look and act like Black people, but not many are willing to stand up and defend us. We dominate most of the sports, so it seems like to ppl we are the one’s to beat. I heard that Silva’s KO was probably fixed. Who knows. I am not getting any money for this fight, but it is sort of like the movie The Great White Hype.

    Thanks for the post. Peace.

  10. I don’t follow sports but one thing I know for sure, it’s about the manhood of the Black man. White men are intimidated by the manhood of the Black man. That is one thing I know for sure.

    • They see our strength as a threat to their power. They have always been intimidated by us. That’s how it’s been since our first interaction with them. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  11. @ Pam, i meant non-black ppl of color, too.

    Great post, prince. the world is after us, cuz they know what time it is and thier picking on us and killing fun day’s are “OVER”!

    it’s going to get much worster for us before we’re back on “TOP” running the show again. so don’t worry, just keep the truth out there save our ppl from the demons and pray to our god.

    • Thanks a lot Criss. I really admire your passion! That’s the type of mentality we’re going to need in the days ahead. Things are speeding up and we have to have the right mindset to deal with these demonic people.

  12. First of all you all are hell bent on race too much..If you follow boxing you know that latin american fans root based on country not race, only an idiot would think so. Its not american fighters fault that americans root based on race still…

    guillermo rigondeaux is a black boxer but waives a cuban flag
    anderson silva is black but far from an american hes brasilian.

    mexican-americans root for other mexican boxers period nothing racist about that..Its called national pride

    I’ve seen black boxers/fighters from various latin american countries have the support of their country men and women who live in america regardless of race when they fought american fighters regardless of the americans race. American boxers do not have that luxury

    whos fault is that?

    • You’re ranting and totally off base. You’re not making much sense. Yes people root for their own. I said that already. But WHY do Mexicans hardly ever root for the black man? You didn’t answer that question.

  13. Pingback: Drinker who claimed to be fired Goldman Sachs employee fighting for his life after being knocked out for ‘racist rant’ about losing his job and wife | Kemetix

  14. I hear you Prince! I have noticed that EVERY time a black man from America visits o associates with another man of color who has power white people lose their shit. Like Dennis Rodman and Ki Jung Youn or Jesse Jackson an Yassir Arafat or Louis Farrakhan and Mommar Ghadfi. Then these bitches have the nerve to whine about how ‘evil’ those men are and call them dictators. First of all they have NO business telling a black man who he can’t or can talk to. Second of all they throw birthday parties,parades and name holidays after some of the most brutal sadistic white males ever. Lots of white male bitches hate on Barry Bonds because he won’t cowtow and tells them to shove it. Any time these assholes hate a black male they will use any petty shit to attack. Look at Tiger Woods and Lebron James those assholes want to b mad because of how he left Cleveland well too damn bad! I know for a fact when whit people complain about a black man is too full of himself it’s because he is too uppity in their eyes.

    • That’s very true Lavern! They have to remind negroes to stay in their place. A black athlete,entertainer or politician can NOT get too uppity in their eyes. That’s why they love Uncle Tom type blacks. And you’re right about the holidays in Amerikkka. if they’re going to celebrate a racist murdering pedophile like Christopher Columbus they might as well give Adolf Hitler is own birthday too! These people are such sick hypocrites!!

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