Happy 4th of July! Now get back to work Boy!!

Happy 4
Independence?? Your ancestors were slaves in 1776. So what independence are you celebrating? Make sure you do your research and know what these “holidays” are really about. Don’t just believe his-story books you read in school.

18 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July! Now get back to work Boy!!

  1. Funny I was just saying that if I was a black American I wouldn’t celebrate no “Independence Day” because it isn’t mine, just before I click new post and I see this. Many of us just get caught up in the hype of these holidays that have nothing to do with us, I don’t see masses celebrating the day that black Americans got freedom from the shackles of slavery but hey let’s jump and down for the 4th of July.

    • Many still have not. It’s hard to break those family traditions. You will be judged harshly most of the time when you step outside of the box. Many times by your own family members.

      • U so right about this, especially when u try to get them to excuse u from “thanksgiving” & x-mass. Then they want to push u harder so u go and celebrate family, but then u try to push a little knowledge and they get scared then defensive. I’m a little lucky because July 4th is my Great-Grandmother’s b-day, so I always try to bring it back to Family when dealing with that one. This time around was a wash-out. It rained the majority of the day and I was fine with that!

      • Boy can I relate to that.lol Family can be really hard on you. They want to carry on the traditions and don’t understand where you’re coming from. It can be a real uphill battle. But you have to push on anyway.

      • I would rather remain outside the box than in it and be judged harshly because my conscience would whip me worse than being judged by people who should know better! I’m Black AND also the Black sheep of the family and does that bother me? Hell no! For a fact, I don’t celebrate as the above poster so eloquently stated, American ‘helladays’. What in the world is there for Black people to celebrate? Not a #$#$##$# thing! And please, excuse my French!!

        Thanks Prince! All Black people in America NEED to read this blog post!

  2. Funny how we are encouraged to be all american on these days that were nothing short of blood, sweat, and tear of our people to lift eveyone up except us. We are encourgaged to be the good negro. I say no! I don’t celebrate these days of woe and shame and I will never forget as to do so would be to foreget them who struggled and suffered so much. The fourth in particular is a very bitter and biting holiday as that was a big day to buy and sell our kin folk. I do no care if, and when aknowledgement, appology, fogiveness are begged for I will never celebrate it ever…

  3. Just another thought that popped up as I was reading a post from Hued Flower. What if we did celebrate July 4th, but in victory of beating white supremacy in the near – very near – future? To not have to ask for reparations, because we are taking over. Their time is up.

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