Fasting and Juicing- Angela Baker

This beautiful sista is Angela Elizabeth Baker, Herbalist, Biologist ,Holistic Health Practitioner & Owner of The Holistic Academy LLC ( Explains Differences Between (& Benefits of) Fasting, Juicing, & Herbal Detoxing while consuming a raw vegan diet (fruits & veggies). Learn how to jumpstart the natural healing processes in your body to eradicate dis-eases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cysts & fibroids, bacterial infections, kidney & bladder issues & much more! Be sure to check out her site.

5 thoughts on “Fasting and Juicing- Angela Baker

  1. I agree with the bulk of what she has to say. However, I think that drinking water should be done on a thirst bases as you can leach out electrolytes if, you are not replenishing them fast enough. Juicing is great and I think because our land is so depleted that everyone should juice to get all of the vital nutrience that the body really does need. However, I would say more veggies and leafy greens than fruit which is often high in sugar and high amounts of even good sugar is difficult and dangerous for the body. I also, think including smoothies as to have some of the whole plant is beneifical as well. As it heats up and summer gets into full bloom even someone like me will eat less meat more veggies and (fruits in moderation). I never quite understood why people called juicing fasting as it is a feast and so good for the body.

    • I drink about four glasses of water a day. A least I try to anyway. I pretty much agree with what she’s saying. I think juicing is great for keeping a healthy body. I know what you’re saying about juicing with a lot of fruits though. It can be a little too high in sugar. I usually mix my juice with fruit and veggies. I think a good balance is important.

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