Culture Bandits- Del Jones

This is a great book by the late great author Del Jones. He goes into great detail about how black music has been stolen by others. The blood,sweat and tears put into the music industry benefits others more than it does us. This book will give you a whole different perspective on the entertainment business.
Del Jones a.k.a. Nana Kuntu would be comparable to the night watchman. Someone has to guard the community and keep the high watch. Nana Kuntu fought for our culture to make sure it was preserved. He ensured thieves (what our nana called culture bandits) don’t steal what rightfully belongs to Afrikans. He has to kept OUR information readily available for everyone that seeks the truth. His spirit was willing to organize and teach us wherever we were in terms of our Pan-Afrikan identity. One thing I can really appreciate is that he was not so into titles and accolades from people that he couldn’t speak the future of Afrika, OUR children. Any man that is willing to step up and carry the message to Our children deserves all the respect in the world. Be sure to check this book out. It’s definitely worth a read!

10 thoughts on “Culture Bandits- Del Jones

  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I am starting to like the blues these days. And I was listening to Muddy Waters. On this radio station I was listening to, I heard an Eric Clapton song. I know Eric Clapton liked old blues men. So yeah, white people are always high jacking Black folks stuff.

  2. Another reason to have our own. God bless the child that’s got their own and own people at heart. Black is beautiful and business is taking care of blackness. We have to get back to us first foremost and last.

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