20 thoughts on “Restore the Family Unit

  1. We should work to make sure that the next generation isn’t raised in a broken family, the family unit is a the heart of every culture because the family makes the community and the community makes the people and for us to survive as a people we need every child to have both mum and dad there.

  2. The black family is in desparate need of repair. During slavery the black family was torn apart, Now the evil system of white supremacy works to keep it torn asunder in 2013.

  3. Kushite yes the family. We don’t feel whole without it. I think that black people are some of the most family orentated people on the planet. I mean after all that we have been through colectively our deepest pain comes from not having our families whole. It is often at the root of a lot of our problems. Yes, we so need us and we so need our families whole and united.

  4. Strengthening the Black family must become one of the top priorities within our community. We cannot promote greater solidarity when our families are constantly growing more fragmented, disengaged and dysfunctional. Although the historical damage that has been done to our families is largely not our fault, we have to take ownership of the problems our families face to make us all better.

  5. It is great to see brothas on the same page talking about this and meaning it. This give us hope all is not lost. As for the trouble maker once we peel away the illusion, and confusion and figure out the colusion we are on our way! Like the song says Ain’t no stoppin us now we’re on the move. I think that once we start coming together in a big way there will be no stopping it as it is something we all hunger for and have never stopped dreaming of.

    • I do my best to lift up the spirits of my sistas. We have to look out for each other. The black woman should be respected and protected. I’m just doing my part. Thanks for the kind words.

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