Tears of Mother Earth


I heard you loud and clear.
I heard your cry like tropical thunder.
I feel your tears pouring non-stop like Vancouver rain in winter. Homes have become battlegrounds.
The weak have become the strongest.
Wars have become the conflict resolutions of the time.
Societies adorned themselves with hungry and homeless mobs. I heard you loud and clear.
I heard your cry like a stormy hurricane.
I see your tears in the blues of the refugees and orphans all over the world.
Streets of gold have become more deadly than the ancient jungles of Africa ruled by the flesh eating man monsters sucking lives out of teens.
Societies once fed and nurtured with natural resources have dumped you for man made chemicals and commerce.
Soulless societies; drugs and diseases infested streets, render lives useless for the wealth of few individuals
I heard you loud and clear.
I heard your cry in mourners of our lost trees.
I feel your pain in the abused women and abandoned kids.
Soulless societies, societies that feed on supremacy and corruption;
Societies that have forsaken integrity and decency of character for race, gender and sexual orientation.
The heartless few have divided your face to rule your masses regardless of who lives or dies.
Tears of Mother Earth.

18 thoughts on “Tears of Mother Earth

  1. Kushite you have a true love for the black woman. It is so wonderful how you always treat black women in subject on your form. It is most soothing and refreshing and heartwarming to have such tributes of adoration posted in our honor and for our honor. Kushite when I read your postings and look at the beautiful art work you have posted it puts me in touch with the very nature of femininity having a black man hold up the mirror really does put woman in her element. Thank you Kushite thank you…

    • Thanks sis! I do my best. I think it’s important to lift each other up and not tear one another down. I will always uplift black women on my blog. We all have to do our part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very nice poem I like this all together expecially the Picture. It truelly do represent Black women as being apart of mother nature… Like I say before time and time again you do find wonderful and respectable thing of black women. Thank’s for this .

  3. Very have got to give it up, that was an amazing display of words coming together to make meaning. Again, very good nothing else can be said.

    Also, I for some reason don’t get notifications when you post. That’s how I keep up with everyone, but I never get them from you. I’ll have to sort out what the problem is.

    • I have the same problem with your Post Racial blog. I get notifications from your Depression blog though. I have the same problem with about three other bloggers. Even though I’m subbed to all of them. Hmmm….,not sure what the problem is. I’ll have to ask others if they’ve experienced this also.

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    • Thanks Michele,I appreciate the comment. Although that is not my artwork. It was a photo I found on the internet. I will have to see if I can find the artist who drew it. But I agree with you,it’s an amazing piece of work!

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