Earth Amplified & Stic Man- Food Fight

This is a great song by the rap group Earth Amplified. With a guest appearance by Stic Man from Dead Prez. You have to really pay attention to the words in this song. They touch on how black people need to get off this “ghetto diet” that is killing our people. This steady diet of junk food is giving us cancer, hyper tension,liver disease and obesity. Not to mention the fast food restaurants like Murder King, McKiller’s and Taco Hell. And call me crazy but I’m starting to believe that KFC may stand for Kidney Failure and The video also has a nice concept. Much love to Earth Amplified! We need more songs like this in the mainstream music world.

24 thoughts on “Earth Amplified & Stic Man- Food Fight

  1. Damn I almost didn’t listen to this cause I’m leary of new rap. This is great I am e-mailing this to friends and will add to my mp3 player.

  2. Great video. Great job that those people did with the song and the video. (I will DDG the lyrics and post it on Too Much Black.) We may have gotten stuck in this sick matrix, but we do not have to eat their bullets. “Murder King” (lol) and MacDeath have not been on my food list this CENTURY! Ashe

    • Thanks! It is a great video with very truthful lyrics. Glad to see you’re trying to eat healthy. We all need to be conscious of what we put in our bodies. And of course,stay the hell away from Murder King!lol

  3. Thanks for sharing the video! It’s so wicked what they’re doing to the food and just as bothersome is that many give the food industry legitimacy by consuming what these corporations engineer and mass produce in abundance, yet they are cheap calories (foods devoid of nutrition). I really hope more of us will become conscious of what we’re putting into our temples. I for one strongly believe in following a whole-food, plant-based diet as close as possible. It is as if there is a huge disconnection between what we eat and how well we are living in our being. For example, is it not backwards that folks think that eating legumes is poor man’s food; and steak is food a king? I think so. Plant foods are full of life. Dead animals, not so much. However, folks eat more antibiotic-feed animals than foods that will actually sustain and create an internal environment that is conducive to health and healing.

    • Hey you finally came by my blog!lol I agree with everything you said. We really need to educate ourselves on what we put in our body. Our body is a temple and we need to treat it as such. Be sure to drop by anytime. You’re always welcome. 🙂

      • It’s not my first time perusing your blog, but my first time commenting. 🙂 I’m really passionate about food and eating well in order to live well on top of traveling and meeting people.

      • Well I’m glad you replied Tabitha. You seem to have a lot of knowledge about health. I’m very passionate about health as well. Black people have a horrible diet. Soul food is delicious but it will kill you. I’m doing my best to educate our people on the deception the food industry is selling us. More of our people die from beef than from bullets. Sad but true.

  4. You know we have discussed this Kushite. That’s why black people need to have their own grocery stores and be educated about what’s in our food and how it’s being manufactured. Education. Lots of poor black people living in low income communities don’t know what’s happening.

      • Hi, Kushite! I peruse your blog from time to time and other blogs as well (Abagond, Brothawolf, DOAN, Angry Asian Man, etc.). I don’t know if you know about this, but about two weeks ago, PBS aired the documentary “Soul Food Junkies.” The doc was about doc film director Byron Hurt and his exploration of the history and culture of food in the African-American community. Among the topics discussed: how the name “soul food” comes from the fact that the slaves ate the scraps of the food that the slave masters had already eaten (the worst parts of the pigs, for example); the lack of grocery stores in black and brown communities and how healthy food is more expensive; the proliferation of fast food restaurants in black and communities; how food was served to civil rights workers in the south; and the ways that people in the African-American community are helping to improve the situation. With the last point, a charter school in Newark, New Jersey was shown. At this school, children of color were growing their own vegetables and ate vegetables at lunch instead of the high-sodium and -sugar processed foods. Furthermore, African-Americans were showing that soul food can be good for us, it’s just that we have to make it healthier (bake instead of fry foods; take the skin off of chicken and use crumbs to replace the “sense” of eating chicken skin, etc.). If you haven’t seen this documentary, watch whenever possible. (You may be able to watch it on You Tube.) Again, thanks for the post!

      • I saw the preview awhile back. I wish I could have seen it when it came on. It’s sounds like it was really interesting. I will check YouTube for it. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Seeing this video is a good way of epressing the food hunger, In Lower communites Especially when you have convient store’s parked right there in that area.Leaching off of the poor people. That can’t hardly pay thier rent. They don’t care. They don’t even have healthy food’s in these place’s and they wonder why the epidimic of obesity is out of control. We need to start putting in more healthier food place’s where everyone that is in those’s rual area’s of low living, Can affored to eat healty, stay active and live longer live’s thank’s for posting up this video.

    • Yeah I like the videos concept. But you’re right,we have to eat better. This unhealthy soul food is killing our people. No matter how delicious it may taste. And obesity is a big problem in our community. There’s no reason for a ten year old child to be obese. Parents have to be mindful of what they feed their children.

  6. That is a powerful video. I believe it is deliberate and strategic in planning our destruction. Through miseducation not teaching about dietary health. Kill all black people with processed food.

  7. “…. Murder King, McKiller’s and Taco Hell. …..KFC may stand for Kidney Failure and Cancer…. you sir have given me new material to work with. Thank you!

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