Great post! We need to return to the Gods we once were. We have to raise our consciousness.

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Today, the Germanic descended Queen of England is one of the last actual, practicing (if only ceremonially) monarchs in Europe. Most that have descended from blood lines such as hers are not practicing or are very visible in any sphere that has direct influence on a nation’s policy…such as the family in Monaco. Outside of Eurasia, there are remnants of royal blood lines in East Asia and Meritu (Afrika) that occupy a mostly ceremonial position, but have more nostalgic and emotional recognition than having any practical or political effect on a nation. The Queen of England occupies an interesting position, relative to any other remnants of monarchies around the globe. She today represents as a political gatekeeper or emotional caretaker of the last vestiges of the old guard imperialism that saw the Brutish Empire once ruled all that the sun allegedly set on. This once large empire, that still controls numerous lands titles in…

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  1. Hey your highness, so I just about came across, the most disturbing video I have seen in my life. I sat here for about 10 minutes actually confused and then ashamed that I belong to the same race of women who would degrade themselves in this way, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it, I warn you though it’s horrible. It’s funny how black women talk about how they are strong and won’t let nobody do them wrong & get away with it, but still, they go on to do stuff like this… Black women are all about boycotting things that make them look bad but nobody bats an eyelash about this. Sorry in advance for disturbing you. Respect brother.

    • I’ve seen parts of this video a few years ago. It really is beyond disgusting! It’s vile and sick! But this is porn which is a subculture. It’s not part of mainstream society. People who engage in this perversion are already lost. This doesn’t represent most black women in America. Also Tommy does make good points from time to time. But he promotes mostly negativity when it comes to black women. He never has anything positive or uplifting to say. I also believe he works for the government. So I don’t trust this man at all. He likes to divide–rather than unite. Thanks for the comments.

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