Great post! We need to return to the Gods we once were. We have to raise our consciousness.

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Today, the Germanic descended Queen of England is one of the last actual, practicing (if only ceremonially) monarchs in Europe. Most that have descended from blood lines such as hers are not practicing or are very visible in any sphere that has direct influence on a nation’s policy…such as the family in Monaco. Outside of Eurasia, there are remnants of royal blood lines in East Asia and Meritu (Afrika) that occupy a mostly ceremonial position, but have more nostalgic and emotional recognition than having any practical or political effect on a nation. The Queen of England occupies an interesting position, relative to any other remnants of monarchies around the globe. She today represents as a political gatekeeper or emotional caretaker of the last vestiges of the old guard imperialism that saw the Brutish Empire once ruled all that the sun allegedly set on. This once large empire, that still controls numerous lands titles in…

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Great post! Never underestimate the power of melanin!


Melanin is the substance that gives skin, eyes and hair their colour. It is found in most living things. It makes squid ink and crow feathers black. Those without melanin are albinos.

Even white people have melanin in their skin – just less of it. Some whites have so little melanin you can clearly see blue veins through their skin. A low-level of melanin causes eyes to look grey, green, blue or even violet.

Melanin protects human skin from sun damage. It blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays, preventing sunburn and skin cancer. Melanin also keeps the sun from breaking down vitamin B9, thereby preventing birth defects. Tanning is where the skin produces more melanin to protect itself.

Melanin comes in four main colours: black, brown, yellow and red. Think hair colours.  When hair turns from black to grey to white it is losing its black melanin. The colours can…

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