Very on point post! Bobby really broke the truth down!

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So many of the problems that African people face in the world today are due to the assault on our minds by those who captured us and removed significant numbers of us to the western hemisphere. This also included the mind damage caused by the tampering of African lands and culture on the continent of Africa.

Most African people in America are aware that our minds were tampered with as a result of our forced capture and enslavement in America. The impact of this process is central to the international component of the Reparations Movement that we must focus on, and that is the “Repair of Ourselves” at the same time we demand reparations from the government and private corporations who benefited from our enslavement and still benefit today. Examining and reexamining the contributions of the late Dr. Bobby Wright provides a significant source we can utilize in…

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  1. I read the psychopathic racial personality 5 times, Prince. I just keep rereading this one line:

    “whites know right from wrong, they just do not care.”

    That pretty much sums up their character.

  2. I have a CD by Bobby Wright talking about his theories and he was right on point.

    We ARE dealing with a psychopathic racial personality when we deal with the system of white supremacy, that’s why I refuse to accept the premise that it is all about power and economics

    No, no, no

    it is a MENTAL DISORDER that causes a small group of people to terrorize anyone and everyone who does not look like them

    that is NOT normal behavior

    it is psychopathic behavior and I believe it is in their DNA

  3. just completed his 38 page text yesterday
    it seems he gained some prominence through direct work within his local space
    and also attended that pan african conference
    didnt think much of the textbook so why the ongoing applause?

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