Sa Roc- I Am the I Am

This is a great live performance by Sa Roc. This performance was at a park in Los Angeles. The crowd was really hyped! Sa Roc is probably my favorite rapper at the moment. She has real raw talent,beauty and intelligence. That’s a winning combination! We need more female artists like her in hip hop.

9 thoughts on “Sa Roc- I Am the I Am

  1. Agreed. But like my earlier comment about rap music and Public Enemy, she will remain “hidden” to the likes of Niki Minaj.

    Wonder if people know that minaj’s name is short for menage a trois?

    • Yes I agree. Nicki is very lost. Nicki is helping to brainwash millions of little girls. She is a puppet for the elite to trash the minds of our people. Sa Roc is the anti-Nicki. We need more strong sistas like Sa Roc.

  2. I lie this young queen. I think she is just as good as nasty manaj and the rest of her turdpile label mates. I like I am The I am. A breath of fresh air. She was wearing clothes and looking regal. She wasn’t being suggestive and stooping to the lowest common denominator. I would buy her music. Unfortunatly mainstream hiphop is only interested in promoting negativity. They would label her to preachy. I like her rhyme flows. I agree with sister negress, Niki Minaj’s name suggests menage a trois. But that’s the image that record label created for her. That is so shameful. I wonder if Lil Wayne and his ilk would like them pimping his daughters like whores to make money? This is a beauttiful intelligent young sister.

    • Yes,Sa Roc is a beautiful sista. Lil Wayne,Nicki,Rick Ross,Kanye and Young Jeeezy are the worst in the music world. Sa Roc is a black woman that demands respect and carries herself like a queen. You’re right,Nicki is a media creation.

    • Glad you like the layout Pam. Coming from you that’s a huge Sa Roc is a very talented rapper. Sistas like her need more exposure to counter the negative images thrown at young black girls. You should check out her music. She speaks on a lot of issues that affect our community.

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