Public Enemy- Burn Hollywood Burn

Since the Academy Awards are coming up next month,I thought this song would be appropriate. This is a rap song by legendary rap group Public Enemy. Many hip hop fans consider it a classic.It also features rappers Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube. In light of the racist and stereotypical roles that Hollyweird gives black people to play–Public Enemy perfectly sums up how I feel about the film industry. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Public Enemy- Burn Hollywood Burn

    • There are a few positive artists out there. Those are the artists I try to promote on my blog. But the progressive and uplifting artists don’t get mainstream exposure.Public Enemy,KRS ONE and the X Clan are from a lost hip hop era. But trust me,they’re great artist out there..

      • That would be a great idea! That’s exactly what we need. But we need to own and control it totally. So other people can’t tell us what message we can put out. It’s the only way we can get out an unfiltered message.

    • It has crossed my mind. I’ve called onto the Cows and Cree’s program a few times. And it is a good way to get your voice out there without so many guidelines. I’ve been so busy lately but it’s still a possibilities. Thanks for the suggestion.

  1. Why don’t you and sister negress do this prince? It sounds good. You would be promoting change. I think it’s an excellent idea. You and sister negress and hung like jesus should get together.

    • Hmmmm…..The Kushite & Sister Truth show?? Has a nice ring to I wonder if Sister Truth would be interested in that. I’ve thought about maybe doing a show but I need to come up with the right format. But you’re right,me,Truth and Jesus would be a nice combination.

  2. Today’s hiphop is full of misogyny and oppression and ignorance. I used to like Public Enemy back in the day. Hiphop was about something back then. It was informative. Today it’s just about ignorance and self destruction.

    • Hip hop has gone down the toilet. It is being used to brain-trash our youth. Public Enemy was trying to wake our people up with TRUTH. That’s why their type pf message is not popular today. It’s all about self-hate,sex,drug dealing,degrading women and acting like thugs.

  3. I am blessed I grew up during the Golden-age of hip-hop. Public Enemy has always been one of my favorite groups of all-time. Then NWA happen, which set the tone for gangster rap. Either way, I’m glad kids today (if they do their research) can check out Youtube and will learn a thing of two from rap artists like Chuck D and KRS-One, who kicked that knowledge.

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