The Deception of Django Unchained


Please don’t be deceived by this film getting much praise from Hollywood. This film uses slavery as a back drop to tell a so called “western revenge” story. Give me a break! First of all,any film that deals with slavery and a white man like Quentin Tarantino directs it–you must watch with caution. Tarantino is in love with the “n word”. He says it in almost all of his films. Even films that have very few black characters. I think he has always wanted to do a film that dealt with slavery so he could have excuse to have nigger said over and over again. The most brutally violent scenes involve black people. There’s a mandingo fight that is very bloody and sick as well as a slave being eaten by dogs.Even a black slave being brutally whipped.It’s very hard to watch. And you have ignorant black people that are applauding this garbage! Why you ask?? I think it’s because we are so starved to see some type of retribution for all the suffering our people have been through. That’s why we will accept any film that even looks like it uplifts the black man and woman. To many black people it was nice to see a black man going to rescue his black woman.I know a lot of sistas probably liked seeing that. I can understand that. But you have to look at the total picture. The “cons” outweigh the “pros” in this film. If you go to this film thinking it will be “The Nat Turner Story”,you will be very disappointed. After seeing this film I realized that black people need our own film studios and production companies. We can no longer rely on white people to tell the story of our holocaust. They will never get it right. They don’t have the sensibilities to tell our stories correctly.We have to speak with our wallets and no longer support such trash. We shouldn’t spend any more money on films that degrade and dehumanize black men,women and children. This film didn’t deal with any type of freedom or liberation at all. Calling it a feel good revenge film is a JOKE! This slave fantasy will not make you feel pride after viewing it. You will realize that you were tricked. And I must also add that this insults the memory of our ancestors. It’s simple math. Tarantino+Slavery= Slave fantasy garbage!

King Lo breaks down his opinion of Django Unchained.He doesn’t hold back at all! He goes into detail how black people are easily fooled by the media. This was an excellent review on the racism and bigotry of the film. One of his best!
quentin tarantino roast 011210
Hollywood’s favorite House Negro Samuel L. Jackson. He was able to play the evil House Negro in the film so well because he was playing himself.That’s why he gets roles in all the blockbuster films. Next to him is his “massa”,the racist demon known as Quentin Tarantino.
Do you remember Jamie Foxx as Wanda on the show In Living Color? Does this look like the face of a hero? They picked Jamie for the role in Django because they know he’s a weak punk! He’s just a closet homosexual that stands for nothing! He doesn’t give a damn about black people.Just like most of the people in Hollyweird. They will take any role for a paycheck. No matter how degrading it may be. They will sell their people out in a heartbeat!

Say what you want about Katt Williams,but I agree with what he says in this video.He spoke nothing but the truth. He makes it very plain what he wants to do to Quentin Tarantino. Nuff said!

47 thoughts on “The Deception of Django Unchained

    • Thanks for that brother. Those films are sure to be interesting.There seems to be a lot of slave themed films coming out lately. Why do you think that’s happening lately? And what are your thoughts on others trying to tell our stories? You already know where I stand on the issue.

      • The theme relates to 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation. For what it’s worth, White folk are History Buffs.

        As to others telling our stories, we stand together as we stand by Garvey: “There has never been a white historian who ever wrote with any true love or feeling for the Negro.”

      • Very true brother. I would have to agree. I enjoy learning about history as well. Although I am not a fan of revisionist films or books. Which is why I don’t like most Hollywood versions of history. Garvey was very much correct in his statement.

  1. I feel like Tarrantino feels like he’s got some kind of ghetto pass. So he can say the N- word. I am not going to contribute to making this cretin rich.

  2. There is no deception as far as I can see. I watched a well crafted, well acted, well respected film by Quentin Tarantino… his BEST film to date. The performances by Jamie Fox and Samuel L Jackson were outstanding and yet so many of us ignore this to fuss over the use of the N-word. The word “NIGGER” was created by white people, but is spoken more frequently by black people… in some cases it is used as a term of endearment. How many of us have heard the three little words: “You my nigga”? As for the violence in the film, it is pretty mild compared to the violence that was meted out to our enslaved ancestors. The fight in Massa’s house between two black men is still performed at Madison Square Garden. There are many PROs to the film Django Unchained but only one CON and that CON is that a BLACK MAN didn’t write and direct it… and that is the underlying issue here. This is why so many brothas are tearing this film apart, because if SPIKE LEE had written and directed Django Unchained the brothas would have nothing bad to say about it, they would be applauding it.

    KING LO BREAKS IT DOWN: Now I usually agree with King Lo, but this time I don’t because his words are simply an attack on a film that SHAMES black men by presenting their foolish decision to sit back and ignore the history of our great movers and shakers. Django Unchained shows that it took a WHITE MAN to come forward and make a film about a COURAGEOUS slave because a BLACK MAN didn’t think a film like that was worth making. Spike Lee’s anger towards Quentin Tarantino has got nothing to do with his ancestors… it is because Tarantino beat him to the Director’s Chair to produce a film that HE should have done years ago. But it is Quentin Tarantino who is getting all the kudos for showing a black man KICKING ASS during slavery times.

    It is little wonder why the sistas love the film Django Unchained because Django represents what we want black men to be, STRONG, DETERMINED PROTECTORS and DEENDERS who LOVE black women. Django took a whip and whipped a white man who was whipping a black woman… Django took a gun and shot dead white men for harming his black woman… Django never fell out of love with his black woman and risked his life to save her… Django planned and carried out an attack on a plantation with no help from anyone. Django rescued his black woman and destroyed Ole Massa’s house. Django didn’t fail… he succeeded in doing what he set out to do. But instead of focusing on these positive aspects of Django Unchained, the only thing the brothas want to do is BITCH about the use of the word ‘NIGGER’ and every other insignificant thing.

    SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT KATT WILLIAMS? Well in view that I only came to know of his existence today, I can only comment on what he says in this video. This chap Katt Williams believes that Quentin Tarantino needs a PASS to say the N-word. Who exactly does he need a PASS from? It can’t be from black folk because the N-word isn’t ours, we didn’t create it. The white man who coined the N-word is long dead so I don’t know how Quentin Tarantino is supposed to get a PASS from a dead man. This chap Katt Williams is not only angered that the N-word was spoken 186 times for what he claims was “profit” but he is also deeply offended that such a film was put out on JESUS BIRTHDAY! LOL ~ this comatose brotha thinks he can pour SCORN on a white man yet HONOUR the mythical representation of a white man without there being a contradiction of sorts. So much for his IQ of 163.

  3. Well this is a surprise Dick Gregory said that Spike Lee was a punk and a thug for criticizing Django Unchained. He said the movie spoke to him in ways that no film had in years. I’m surprised at this. I’m on the fence about this. I’m kind of curious about this. I want to see what the fuss is about.

    • Really?? I hadn’t heard that. I can’t believe Dick liked that film! I will have to see if I can find those comments he made. I’m still a bit surprised this film brings out such emotions in people. It goes to show how much slavery still divides us as a people. Some black people hate it–some love it. It’s very strange indeed. Be sure to sign this petition to stop the sell of the Django dolls. I can’t believe they would stoop to this level.Thanks,it would be greatly appreciated.

    • DICK GREGORY is absolutely RIGHT to call Spike Lee a PUNK and a THUG for finding fault with Django Unchained because Django Unchained is BRILLIANT. Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson give fantastic performances… in fact ALL the cast is on top form. I cannot stop talking about this film because it STANDS OUT from all the CRAP films that black people have been in for the past THIRTY plus years.

      Spike Lee and all those other screen writers and directors should be bowing their heads in SHAME for not considering producing a film about a brotha who fights the enemy to save a sista. There is a beautiful love story in the film between a black man and a black woman… how often do BLACK writers/directors create a script like that, produce it and screen it? Spike Lee dishonoured his ancestors in his film Bamboozled when he decided to recreate the old stereotypes Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima and Little Nigger Jim… and then he has the nerve to get all offended when Tarantino uses the N-word.

      I urge you to go and see this film… you won’t be disappointed. AVOID watching the Trailers because they will spoil the many surprises, twists and turns that are featured in ALL BRILLIANT FILMS.

      • You know I love Dick.He was a pioneer during the civil rights movement. I was taught to respect my elder,and I do. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with someone just because they’re older than But I’m curious about something.
        1. You say you want whites out of Africa.
        2. You’re against interracial marriage.
        3. You don’t consider biracial people as black.
        Yet,you support a white man’s version of slavery.Huh?? I can’t figure it out. If you don’t like whites so much how come you give so much praise to a white director? It doesn’t matter how well you think he directed it. It doesn’t make sense to me. If a person is supposed to be conscious and pro–black,they should be able to discern when something is being spoon-fed to them by a racist. It’s just weird to me how black people can blindly support anything. They don’t have a keen eye to see some things. It’s very confusing to me. And when Spike did Bamboozled it was making fun of internalized racism that blacks got from white people. It was criticizing that type of racism. He was kind of poking fun at it. Besides he’s black so he has a different sensibility than a white person. Tarantino is a white guy. What the hell does he know about the black experience??lol Nothing! He just throws the N word around and that gives him a pass?? That makes him legit because he listens to rap music? Because he knows some hood slang?No,I don’t think so. Not in my book. If anything,we give our own people a pass. Not some white dude who thinks he’s

  4. @Edens Sahara Please don’t see this as an attack. I had a bad day at work today,I’m not in the best mood. I’m just kind of I still love you I don’t let things like opinions on films divide up the fight for justice. We have to keep our eyes on the prize. Films will come and go. Peace. 🙂

    • It is a good thing to show respect to our elders… however, not all elders are deserving of respect. I do not believe in respecting people just because they are very old and grey-headed. I believe in respecting people who know RIGHT from WRONG and who endeavour to live in harmony with what is RIGHT. A 20 year old who is wise, is more deserving of my respect than a foolish 90 year old.

      In regards to Dick Gregory… I wasn’t insisting that you agree with him, I simply asked you to read what he said. In regards to Quentin Tarantino… I’m not supporting him… I simply respect the film he created. I glean from your message that you feel that I am siding with a WHITE Director against a BLACK Director and I find that highly offensive. The black man is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood and so I would never elevate a foreign man above him because in doing so I would be elevating a foreign man over me. I am going to say again what I have been trying to convey since the beginning of my comments concerning the film Django Unchained… and it is this: I believe that a BLACK film director should have been FIRST to create a film about a slave who FIGHTS BACK. The REASON why brothas are ANGRY at the film Django Unchained is because they know they have been LET DOWN by their own BLACK Directors who had plenty of time and opportunity to do right by black people and create a film about slavery. But instead of admitting to that fact, they choose to throw a tantrum and rip the film to pieces to discredit it. Well only a fool is going to consider Django Unchained just another ‘White Man’s Trick’ because in THIS film, the Black Man WINS. This is all about WOUNDED EGO and WOUNDED PRIDE with Spike Lee, Katt Williams, King Lo and every other black person who speaks against the film Django Unchained ~ A Brilliant Film that had ONLY one fault: It wasn’t written or directed by a BLACK MAN.

      Kushite Prince, I find it very disheartening to know that you have a strong dislike to the film Django Unchained. How can you not appreciate seeing a black man DEFEND a black woman on screen? How can you not appreciate seeing a black man IN LOVE with a black woman on screen? How can you not appreciate seeing a black man taking REVENGE on his enemies on screen? How can you not appreciate seeing a black man SUCCEED and WIN? Please don’t bother to respond, I already know your answers are going to be counterproductive and drenched in denial.

      Please don’t see this as an attack. I always speak from my heart. I still got love for you bro. Films will come and go. Peace 🙂

      • That was a very passionate response. I like that!lol I wasn’t trying to offend,I was just curious about a few things. No need to get offended. It’s all good. We’ll just leave it at that and move on. Because all you and I will keep doing is repeating ourselves at this point. Nothing will be resolved.

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  6. Django was in my opinion a Nightmare! I did not see anything in relation to Slavery except a picture of the stereotypical “happy slave”. To me it looked likes some type of fantasy love affair using Slavery as a backdrop.
    Jamie Foxx didn’t show any particular love towards his fellow slaves that I could see. Why did he let the dogs kill that man. That was brutal, violent, keeping in line with the Tarantino theme, and Coonish! In my opinion
    Jamie Foxx was just a big a Coon as Samuel Jackson.

    Slavery is not a joke, and not to be taken as one. When Nat Turner rolled he rolled with Black men and dressed and acted like a Slave. There is no way
    Jamie Foxx in 1861 Mississippi was going to even be considered on the same level as white man. And his wife was ridiculous. Crying and Fainting!!!! This is a woman who was a runaway, beat, raped, and brutalized. And those subjects were covered like a after thought. The Fight scene in the hotel room looked like a sadomasochist, homosexual wet dream. And it made me sick to my stomach.

    Did you notice also throughout the whole film, that there was not one lynching, nor one white man brutalizing a Slave, except for the whipping of his wife, It was only us brutalizing each other?!

    Black people don’t get to say what movies they want to make in hollyweird! Because they Want it from our perspective. It’s ours and I DON’T appreciate no White man telling it and telling it with much Disrespect and Ridicule! It’s been rumored that Blacks are to be re-enslaved. Well Django is the perfect propaganda piece made to date to get the ball rolling on that. Because the Slaves looked so much like we do today. Slaves didn’t have clothes like that back in the day.

    If I was compare Django to a movie it would be the Racist Piece by
    D.W. Griffith, “Birth Of A Nation”!

      • @Kushite Prince, I read your post and I was thinking some of the same things while I was watching the movie. Although I think
        Samuel L. Jackson was excellent in his part. If Django showed any malice it was the malice of Blacks towards each other. There wasn’t any reference to the true brutality of Whites. And the scene where Jamie Fox let the dogs rip that brother apart, still leaves me at a loss. As well as the scene of the brothers fighting each other to the Death! That didn’t bother anyone? Or did it just go right over people’s head?

        Dick Gregory is wrong, wrong, wrong! Malcolm X said of Dick Gregory, ‘What man sends a comedian for their cause’.
        Spike Lee is in the same profession as Tarantino. I’m not saying I’m a fan of a lot of Spike Lee Movies. Still, that’s his Profession. He worked hard to get where he is. How is Tarantino more qualified than him to do a movie about his Ancestors? Dick Gregory sounds like the Samuel L. Character in the movie, “what that nigger know”. His attack on Spike Lee was uncalled for, calling him a thug and punk. No, I take exception to Dick Gregory. And what was he talking about when he said he put, “Malcolm X in a Zoot Suit”? Malcolm X did wear a Zoot Suit! Spike Lee would have done it better. Because it is his heritage.

      • Yeah the dog scene was pretty sick! I saw some people turn away on that scene. That and the mandingo fight were both pretty brutal. But it’s a sad reality of what they did too us. But actually the real slave horrors were worse than what the film showed.

    • Django couldnt step in at the time when the dogs were eaten that black man, he couldnt let Leonardo characters know that he wasnt a mandingo trainer. He was getting closer to freeing his wife Grenhilda. So that was a risk he couldnt take.

  7. Greetings Prince. Read the Dick Gregory article and the list of slave movies coming out. All i can say is “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter…”
    And that includes when knee-grows stooping to fawn over Yurugu and the dirty crumbs they throw out. Wake me up when WE do a story on Nat Turner…I will watch that 12 times. Text me when we do a real story of Hannibal Baca, the Maroon rebellion, the struggle in Kenya by the land and freedom party. I have criticized Spike Lee for his Jealousy in the past, but to call she’s got to have it a thug movie and say he was pimping Malcolm X becasue he was wearing a suite ALL hustlers wore during those days, is right up there with people who miss your review of the slight of hand magician trick to fool a people starved for some feel good image of themselves. Let’s face it, no institutional or ourstorical oppressor will tell our tale. It is not in their experience or spirit to do so. BUT…we need to stop bitching about the Tarrentino’s of the world and develop economic and politiclal reasons why it would be harder in the future to ever clown us.

    • Yeah I think Dick was being a little hard on Spike. There were some entertaining parts in Django. The action scenes were done pretty well. But at this point I think we need to tell our own stories. I’m tired of seeing others tell our stories and we just have to accept their vision of our history. I definitely feel where you’re coming from brother.

      • @Kushite Prince: Yes I agree, black people should be telling our stories. Roman Polanski and Steven Spielberg told stories of the holocaust and did a brilliant job of it. But unfortunately, our people do not have that level of dedication. Oprah Winfrey’s offerings of ‘BELOVED’ and ‘PRECIOUS’ were not stories of our people… they were NIGHTMARES.

      • Beloved was very strange but Precious was horrific! It was one of the most degrading and sickest films I’ve ever seen. Oprah and Tyler Perry should be ashamed of themselves for being associated with that garbage. Of course Monique won an Oscar for it. White Hollywood will reward anything that degrades black people.

    • @blackmystory: Do you have the list of slave movies coming out? I would be interested in knowing which of our people Hollywood will be reviving for the big screen.

  8. As far as Precious is concerned the author Sapphire is responsible for that and Lee Daniels the film maker is responsible for that turdpile. Yes Oprah and Tyler Perry should be ashamed of themselves. But you know Oprah loves tragic images of black people. And they are coming out with another part of the Precious movie. I want to say it’s something like Son of Precious. Where she dies and the story is about the son. I think It’s called The Kid. Yes that’s the name of it The Kid. Shaking my head.

  9. In regards to the new ‘SLAVE FILMS’ coming to screens in 2013:

    I will be avoiding like the PLAGUE the film ‘Something Whispered’ starring Cuba Gooding Jr because let’s face it… he would much prefer rescuing a WHITE WOMAN than a black woman any day, so straight away this film loses credibility. To the next film ‘Big Ben Jones’ I do not agree with Keith David playing the bi-racial Frederick Douglass because that role would be better suited for a bi-racial actor… preferably one born to a black woman and white man as Frederick Douglass was. Good Directors are sticklers for DETAILS but unfortunately we’re still playing by the ‘It Don’t Matter’ rule. As for the British film ‘Belle’ I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that the British have chosen to back a film that focuses on a BI-RACIAL slave rather than a BLACK slave because the British always focus on their weaponry, which has given them many scalps. To the British, bi-racial people are considered half HUMAN and therefore deserving of attention. I will be avoiding ‘Belle’ as well.

  10. A white man writing, directing and projecting his warped version of slavery to the masses in a film is as dangerous as a blind man with a drivers license

  11. I just LOVE Katt Williams. It was so awesome when he went up against Steve Harvey and just owned him. Thank you so much for this perspective. I remember randomly buying Reservoir Dogs from a Woolworth a million years ago and taking it back the next day because I was so horrified at the insane amount that the n-word was used. I don’t get his obsession with it. So yes, I agree with everyone – we need our own African film world. As long as others continue to define us we will continue to be depicted as the step-child of America. Peace to you King.

    • I can’t stand Steve Harvey either! He comes off as so phony and holier than But I definitely agree with you. We need our own film production companies. So we can put out our own versions of our stories. So we don’t have to rely on the interpretation from others. Control is the key.Peace to you as well.

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