10 thoughts on “Kalik Scientific- The Rebirth

  1. I like this but you know the real reality is that most youngsters want to hear about negative things. Where pejoratives are used to describe women. And the N- words is used and violent images are conjured up. Kalik is a nice breath of fresh air. Positive. He could teach that miscreant Lil Wayne and all the others of his ilk something. But that is what’s popular with the young people today. SMH.

    • Lil Wayne,Rick Ross,Young Jeezy.Soulja Boy and the rest are destroying the minds of our youth. That’s why we have to tell people about artist like Kalik. His message needs to be heard. The drug dealing,pimp persona in rap music today is horrible. Nothing but junk-food music!

  2. Fuck, haven’t commented here in a while. I’m slipping up these days it would seem.

    It’s nice to see an actually talented artist with positive messages in his music. A big problem I have with the music industry is both a general lack of talent of its artists (and poor attempts to cover it up with autotuning and synthesized music) and negative themes in the songs themselves (when they aren’t complete nonsense bubblegum trash, that is). Definitely would love to see him get the fame he deserves, perhaps shoving aside a “professional” rapper or crappy pop starlet or two. 😉

    • Yes I agree. Malik is very talented. But it’s rare a rapper with his talent and message would get large exposure. Much pop music today is fast food music.lol It may taste good but it’s not healthy for you. There are very few music artists today who produce uplifting and inspirational music. And the ones who do you probably won’t see on MTV. It’s easy to see why so many young kids seem so lost and engaged in immoral activities. Garbage in—garbage out!

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