What is “Good Hair”?


“Reconstructing a new culture among the African slaves involved the
master supplying them with implements of his culture. Used combs,
worn hair brushes, and ragged clothing were some materials given the
slaves by the master. The European comb was often used as a
measurement by slaves as to whether one’s hair was good or bad. If
combing was relatively easy, you had good hair. If it was
difficult, you had bad hair.”

Willie L. Morrow

From the book,400 Years Without a Comb: The Untold Story

12 thoughts on “What is “Good Hair”?

  1. I do not put too much faith into Wikipedia, but one interesting article caught my eye:

    The Population Registration Act required the classification of South Africans into racial groups based on physical and socio-economic characteristics. Since a person’s racial heritage was not always clear, a variety of tests were devised to help authorities classify people. One such test was the pencil test.

    The pencil test involved sliding a pencil or pen in the hair of a person whose racial group was uncertain. If the pencil fell to the floor, the person “passed” and was considered “white”. If it stuck, the person’s hair was considered too kinky to be white and the person was classified as “coloured” (of mixed racial heritage). The classification as coloured allowed a person more rights than one considered “black,” but fewer rights than a person considered white.

    An alternate version of the pencil test was available for blacks who wished to be reclassified as coloured. In this version, the applicant was asked to put a pencil in their hair and shake their head. If the pencil fell out as a results of the shaking, the person could be reclassified. If it stayed in place, they remained classified as black.


    Eery if true.

    Hotep Prince!

    • Actually I have heard about this pencil test years ago. I always thought it was just a myth.It does sound a bit strange though. But then again,many times truth is stranger than fiction.lol I’ll have to do a bit of research but this sounds like it’s in the same vein as the “paper bag” test.

  2. White supremacy was a bitch wasn’t it? Pardon my french Prince but I get so angry at all the evil these beast put our people through. It was thoses monsters who taught our people to hate our skin and hair texture and hate our pigmentation and african features. 400 years and we are still sick in our psyches. Still trying to heal. Good post.

  3. I guess that’s why those sororities like AKA’s that are very exclusive are sick with this mental illnes. Yes the Negress was right we are a people in need of healing and deliverance from this slave mentality of light skin dand dark skin and who has good hair.

  4. Namaste King. Last week at work a Lebanese co-worker asked our white colleague who is married to a Dominican woman if she gets her hair straightened at a Dominican salon and he responded, “No she doesn’t need to do that because she has good hair.” I think I actually turned around like – whaaaaa? I don’t know why that surprised me but I don’t think I ever heard a white person say that. I felt bad for their daughter who is going to grow up confused because apparently, according to him, his wife knows nothing of racism in this country and was shocked when she saw a video a few weeks ago on segregation. Sad.

    • Can’t say I’m surprised. Although whites don’t say it very often,it happens from time to time. Of course we learned to hate our hair from them. So I’m sure they’be heard us say it sometimes. But it really shows his ignorance. Good hair is healthy hair.

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