Afrika- Mother of Civilization

Mother Afrika

Now is the time for us to demonstrate our loyalties to our homeland, our
Motherland. She gave birth to us and, with our help, she will give birth to the
Afrikan superpower of which Garvey spoke. That is our only protection, our only
“homeland security”. We are a proud people who have inherited a legacy of
righteousness. That was the spirit of the 60’s. Let us not betray the spirit of
Afrikan Resistance. We come from a lineage of warriors. We lost our balance for
a moment. We can regain it. It is time for us to stand on principle again.
Legitimate leadership cannot make decisions based on fear. We “old-heads” must
step back to become responsible advisors to a new, younger, more courageous,
ideologically clearer, emerging leadership. We must encourage our people to
think in the interest of Afrika. We must give them confidence. Our people are
“ahead” of us. The “vanguard” has become a “rearguard”. The old-guard Black
leadership was mistaken this time. It was a costly error, but we all make
mistakes. And the cost is greater if we do not learn the lesson. Let us have the
courage to acknowledge our mistake and move on to organize ourselves as a
sovereign people. Let us, indeed, create a Black Agenda, based on the Vision of
a Sovereign Afrika, a People’s Afrika, advocating for Afrikan people throughout
the world. Let us separate ourselves from the American government which seeks
to rule the world. Let us put our voices together and pronounce to the world:
“Not in our name!”

Marimba Ani

5 thoughts on “Afrika- Mother of Civilization

  1. Prince, the more I see all these talking heads on the televison talking about the black agenda, You know the same ones Sharpton, Jackson. West, Smiley. It”s the same old soup warmed over. They are just doing alot of talking not doing. So very tired of them talking about the black agenda. I guess sisters and brothers are just going to have start doing for themselves. We see evidence of this day in and day out. White America does not care about black people or the things that concern us. Nor should they be concerned we black people have take care of our agenda.

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