Afrikan People and European Holidays

European Holidays

As a race of people, we are entering into a very crucial and decisive period in earth’s history. The signs of the times point to the fact that a major change is about to take place in the world and the critical question is shall we perish or shall we go on to victory? The positive forces of life are available to assist us, and “The Father desires to give us the Kingdom”. It is now up to us, therefore we must pragmatically examine and reassess everything we have been and are now doing to see if it works for or against us. Unfortunately, many of our people find it difficult to even begin to imagine that they can conceive a thought other than that which whites via the various media systems have conditioned them to think.
Christmas, historically, has no real religious significance except to the
European world, as such it has no real meaning to us as A People for it does not
culturally project us in a positive light. Therefore, its failure to meet this
need means that it can only be working against our best interest. Understanding
that there are still some immature members of our race who feel they couldn’t
live without Christmas, we appeal to them to stop the wild spending and acting
so foolishly during the Christmas season and divest themselves of this mania.
The supposed happiness obtained from the MERRY Mess is too brief to pay such a
physical, mental, spiritual and economic price for.”

20 thoughts on “Afrikan People and European Holidays

    • Yes,Barashango was a great teacher. Another teacher we lost way too soon. Isn’t it strange how many of our great teachers have untimely deaths. Hmmm…. Anyway I’m glad you like the post and found it informative. Be sure to get all his books though.

      • Do you have a recommendation for a 1st book for someone who is new to trying to wake up? There is so much out there that at times it can be overwhelming. There are people who believe we are not of this earth, others who believe whites are not of this earth, others who believe whites lived in caves but we never did, etc.

        The love you have for our people is much appreciated.

      • I forgot to ask if you have a suggestion for a reputable black business for me to purchase When We Ruled.

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  2. First, thank you so much for your support and having such great info on your blogs.

    I was thinking this just this morning. I was thinking about all the good times I had with family during this time of year. My cousins and I “sleeping” on the floor waiting for that fat cracker to break in the house and leave us things. And for no reason other than the fact that we had been “good”. Now, in contrast no white person had ever given us anything, not even a smile. They had been nothing but sources of problems in our lives, yet our brain trashed parent who worked all year and would have to work half of the next to pay for our “gifts” were willing to give all the credit to some fat child molester no doubt. This is not a reflection on our parents because they did love us and wanted us to have things like all other children on Xmas morning. What it says is that we are deep in European shit. We have come to love all that is euro and hate anything to Black. I’m just as guilty as my parents because when I was old enough to know better i did the samething. This Hella-Daze will stop with me. I’ll be protesting it if by myself. Just like Thanks-Taking I’ll not recognize it. And I really hope 2012 will usher in something new for us all.

    • Fat child molester!LOL!! You crazy for that one!lol I feel you though. Our parents did what they thought was right for us. They just didn’t want us to feel left out on what other kids were doing. We can’t hold anything against them. But you;re right,we have to speak our minds if we don’t agree with something. We’re not kids anymore and we’ve done the research on these I stopped celebrating Thanksgiving awhile back also. I’ve been doing Kwanzaa for a few years now. We have to stop paying homage to rape,murder,land theft and genocide. That’s nothing to celebrate in my opinion. We know better–so we should do better.

  3. I see the strong divide occurring in our society where brothers and sisters are either choosing to wake-up from this false reality OR they are totally embracing the dying European culture to the fullest. These un-holy “holi-days” are just part of what keeps our people asleep and sheep-like.

    And then you always have family members, this time of year, that just don’t get “why” you take a stand against these celebrations. They claim to know the history BUT since its a “family tradition,” they celebrate these days anyway…smh.

    Great post and very timely material Kemet, thanks!

  4. Dear Prince…. how do you feel about giving me writing lessons?
    I agree with you 10,000% Christmas is nothing but a commercial goldmine, too many black people fall into. Worse, it stands for the religion that justified the 400+ years of dehumanisation our ancestors faced. I wonder when we are going to collectively wake up & smell the bull.

    • Writing lessons?? You must think I’m a pretty good writer Thanks,although I don’t consider myself a great writer but I could give you tips. I’ve seen your blog,you’re a good writer. You don’t think so?
      I’m going to do a post on Kwanzaa real soon. We should celebrate our own culture and traditions. Not traditions given to us by some other people.

  5. “The supposed happiness obtained from the MERRY Mess is too brief to pay such a physical, mental, spiritual and economic price for.”

    This sums up my thoughts completely! Now, I would be lying in saying that I don’t purchase gifts for Christmas. However, it means more to me to be able to spend time with friends and family. In the U.S., we so undervalue the importance of time. If society valued time more (especially time with friends/family, time for wellness, etc.), then we rely less on materialistic things to fill a void.

    SN: That’s why “Black Friday” always turned me off. I would never get up early to go fight people to get some ridiculous crap that I will forget about the next month.

    • I hear what you’re saying sis. We shouldn’t get caught up in all this “merry mess”. It should be about spending time with family and loved ones. And of course Black Friday is just the worship of materialism and greed. In this horrible economy and unemployment these fools running around buying a bunch of useless junk.smh

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