The Beauty of Black Women(Part 2)

BW Cover1

No white woman has a color as beautiful as the dark browns, light-browns,
peach-browns, or gold and bronze of the Negro girl….Then, there is the matter
of form. The bodies and limbs of our Negro women are, on the whole, better
built and better shaped than those of any other women on earth…And their gait
and movement would require an artist to properly describe. The grace of their
carriage is inimitable. But the most striking characteristic is a feature which
even the crude mind of a mere man can appreciate. It is…’the way in which
they carry their clothes.’ The dress well….From shoes and stockings to
shirtwaists and hats, they choose their clothes with fine taste and show them
off to the best advantage when they put them on….And, finally, in the matter
of that indefinable something which, for want of a better word, we call simply
‘charm’ — the Negro women are far ahead of all others….They have more native
grace, more winsomeness, greater beauty and more fire and passion. These facts
have already begun to attract attention, here and elsewhere, and, eventually,
the Negro woman will come into her own. What say you, brothers! Shall we not
love her while she is among us? Shall we not bend the knee in worship and thank
high heaven for the great good fortune which has given us such sisters and
sweethearts, mothers and wives?”

Hubert Henry Harrison

22 thoughts on “The Beauty of Black Women(Part 2)

  1. Wow, she is an absolute beauty, love the head scarf wish I could rock that. Damn Prince where do you find all these pictures? The post is good as well, at least 1 man knows the value of the black woman. Mother of humanity.

    • I’m sure you could pull off that head scarf. 🙂 Yes,she is beautiful. I found the pic by accident on someone’s Tumblr account. I was struck by her beauty. But it did not say her name though. I assume she is a model. By the way,I assure you he is not the only man who knows the value of black women. I can attest to that.

  2. Been watching old videos of Dr. Ben today and he said the best thing I’ve heard all year… “The only thing better than one black woman is two black women”

  3. Thank you brother. You have made me very happy reading your article. I see you was raise with pride and understanding about our people. Thank you for letting our sister(Princess & Queens) know how special they really are. We must not forget our Prince and Kings as well. You to need to know how powerful you are.

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