4 thoughts on “Africa’s Congo and Western Theft(Part 1)

    • Great article Carina. B.A.R always has some good information. I was reading some of the comments on the site. Some really good. This guy really summed it up in my opinion.
      The Black Prophetic Tradition of speaking truth to power and being a bulwark against oppression at home and abroad has dissipated into “Pimp my Ride” and “Real Housewives” and “Prosperity Ministry Pimpetry.” African Americans have assimilated hook, line and sinker. We’ve gone “all in.” There is no turning back now, no more “back in the day,” or “old school,” Stevie Wonder has even lost his Inner Vision.

      We are Americans now, fully integrated into the blood-soaked, depraved colonial mindset and empire that brought us over here in chains. We are wretched, soul-less creatures, virtual zombies, walking dead waiting for scraps from the “Grand Bargain” or to eagerly joining the military to kill people of color abroad. The militarization of our society has reached sick proportions manifested in the marriage of sports and militarism.

      We are seeing the culmination of 400 years of racism and how it has made all of us literally mad dogs. Obama transfers over 13 Trillion and counting–$80 Billion each month through QE 3– to the richest, largest, most vile corporations and banks in the world, and White folks insist he’s a Socialist. Obama prosecutes not 1, not a single Wall St. vulture for massive crimes, says nothing about the prison-industrial complex and creates a fraudulent Big Lie called the “Fiscal Cliff” (a fraud that he set in place with Boehner) to rob poor and working class folks, persons of color especially, of their last bit of dignity and wealth, and the Blacks and persons of color hail him as “Heaven Sent.” And like the whore and fraud who poses as as minister, Michael Eric Dyson, they like him claim he’s the most progressive President in a long time.

      So we are stuck, fixated between two schools of unrelenting cognitive dissonance.

      We are all mad dog, consumeristic, worshipers of status and things, just like the White folks whom we use to frown upon, frown upon for their greed and callousness. How do these people sleep at night? Gerald Celente called it correctly when he referred to them as “Anti-Human.” We are all Americans now, spawn of Satan, wicked beyond one’s wildest imagination. And as I said a few weeks ago, channeling Curtis Mayfield: “If there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go.” We deserve to go. Black, White, Brown, Yellow rich and poor alike. And we are gonna go. It’s only a matter of time before the system crashes financially and environmentally, or in thermonuclear war, or we usher in a state of prolonged and unrelenting austerity and poverty.

      And everyone of these hypocrites who love the material world more than anything, who crow about their Christianity and Christian nation will burn in real time too. Rapture? Oh, you gone git rapped upside your head. If there is a God he/she will deal with our wickedness accordingly. Cause and effect is a inviolate principle regardless of your belief system.

      The planet will soon rid herself of the detrius. America can’t be saved from herself anymore than Israel can. Put a Black face on a arm of the state and Black folks swoon. Susan Rice is colonizing Africa for White elites while we get angry at Fox News attacking her. Rice did lie about Benghazi as did Obama, Petraeus, and Eric Cantor too. The US was running a Abu Gharib, black ops operation in the so-called embassy, the general’s paramour all but said so. The attack was blowback from the Salafis and Jihadists Obama, Rice, Clinton and the “Ambassador” helped arm.

      These animals are destabilzing the planet and despite their arrogance and hubris they have no way of containing the wreckage.

      • great comment imo also … yes all merikans regardless of color seem to be trapped in their own little matrix of reality … it amazes me daily how they can do this even when confronted with hard facts

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