Amos Wilson- We Must be Crazy

When we talk about abnormality in the black personality, when we talk about feelings of inferiority in black people, feelings of self-hatred and self-alienation, feelings of incompetence, feelings of powerlessness…we must recognize that these feelings are a political and economic necessity. And, we should start from that premise if we’re to understand the psychology of black people.

…In order for us to be in the state we’re in today as people, we have to be out of our minds. We literally have to be crazy. It is necessary for us to be crazy; it is necessary for us to be backwards; it is necessary for us to be maladjusted; it is necessary for us to be dis-united; it is necessary for us to be self-hating, it is necessary for us to be filled with an inferiority complex.

In a world where the European is essentially about 10 percent of the world’s population, if that 10 percent is to continue to rule over the other 90 percent, it must keep that 90 percent out of its mind. It must keep that 90 percent in a state of deception. It must keep that 90 percent filled with a feeling of powerlessness and incompetence.

If this 10 percent is to continue to consume more than 60 percent of the world’s resources, if this 10 percent is to continue to rob African, Asian and other nations of their material wealth, then it must keep those people in a state of maladjustment.

8 thoughts on “Amos Wilson- We Must be Crazy

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  2. Greetings, KP! I was checking out the newest two July posts, which opened the door for some interesting interrelated discussion, and as with most everything else that is challenging Us, We are seeking Solutions. I still consider my Self to be “new” to the blog and I like to peruse to check out the information you’ve shared but I havent seen yet. So I came across this one from Dr. Wilson – one of my favorite underknown and underappreciated brothers who have served in ‘The Struggle’ – and if you haven’t already, I feel that this one deserves a re-post being nearly two years removed. Too many of Us have yet to shake-off the veil…information like this helps to provide those needed nudges. Just a humble suggestion, brother. Ase

    • Yes I agree with you. Wilson was one of the best to do it. I have most of his books and a few of his dvd’s. I’ve let friends borrow a few of his books. It always changes their perspective. He had an amazing way with words. He was extremely intelligent. I don’t think he gets the credit he truly deserves. Thais post was one of the first when I started blogging. I only had about 10 followers at the Now I have almost 200. I’m not sure if I’ll repost it but I probably will do something on Wilson very soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Also, for those who may have come across the above and read…in error, I omitted “sisters” when I spoke of the “…brothers who have served in ‘The Struggle'”. To counter the accepted ‘programned belief’ of being “opposite sexes”, We Are Not!…the woman and man – Black woman and man~wo/man – are ‘complements’…We complete the Created Divine Union of One.

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