Barack Obama & Abraham Lincoln

I thought this video was very interesting. It shows many of the similarities between Obama and Lincoln.It also shows how the current climate in this country is growing more and more hostile. Many people are upset that Obama was re-elected. Some states even are starting secession petitions! Can you believe that??I’m really concerned where this country is headed.

10 thoughts on “Barack Obama & Abraham Lincoln

    • Even though this country is going down the toilet,it’s not because of Obama. The ignorant hicks that hate Obama think he has real They don’t do research at all. It’s just a knee-jerk reaction to seeing a black face in the White House. Of course,this is what the powers that be had planned all along. It helps to create racial division.

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  2. thank you posting this, but I find it laughable at best. The person that made this is some kinda Jesus freak that looks at numbers and other bs as the story teller. I believe in the Most High God and I don’t think a loving God would be so cryptic in his/her delivery. Is life not hard enough? Now we gotta figure out some damn riddle to be in the Most High’s good grace? If that be true then keep it. Also, if the Most High makes us to have to figure out codes and puzzles and shit then to me, that’s not love, but torture and again I say keep it.

    • Yes the maker of the video is a Christian. But regardless he still makes some interesting points.I understand your point about being cryptic. But there are people in power who do use numbers for certain “staged events”. But it’s usually Satanists who deal in the numerology. I’ve studied numerology and symbolism for over 15 years and trust me–they use it. I’ve seen many patterns come up time and time again. I know this may sound like some spookism bs to foreign ears but I’ve done the research. If you check out my “Symbolism” section you’ll see what I mean.

      • OH YES!! I have do doubt that the elite use symbolism and numerology. I just think to equate that to a higher power is putting human characteristic on something we really have no idea about. I have studied esoterica for a while myself and what it tells me is mostly we have no clue. It’s all speculation with a few hits here and there. I don’t think humans in our present state have the capacity to understand most of what we see. Not to mention most of what we see is relative and we only interrupt a very small sliver of what’s there. We are just not able to understand most things. At least that’s the conclusion I have come to.

        And know that my brain has been rewired from years of this thing, so I may just be stone crazy.

      • Oh yeah, no doubt they use it.They’ve been into this occult knowledge for a minute. I see your point. A lot of people feel that way. I really don’t know what they get from sacrificing people and causing destruction everywhere. I guess they believe their “God” will reward them for their deeds. It’s sick if you ask me. You have to be a deranged and heartless creature to do some of the things they do. They feel know empathy for their fellow man yet claim to believe in a higher power. Go figure.

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