8 thoughts on “The New Jim Crow

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  2. Were also still sleeping with the animals outside somewhere. I guess that’s the same thing right?

    We are so silly to believe the president will get us out of this mess (we meaning Black people) that we still vote. I just wanna get off and rest for minute. My arms and back and mind are tired from holding up all the less thinking of us.

    • I feel you brother. We need our own political party or organization that empowers us. We need something independent of whites. We need to start building more Black Wall Streets around the country. We need our own black funded institutions and invest in our communities.

  3. Whites did not enslave Africans. African slaves were prisoners of war and criminals who were sold by African chiefs to European slave traders. The book “A Slavers Logbook” by Captain Theophilus Conneau talks about this. Conneau was a slave trader who wrote and published his memoirs.

    He was against racism and did not agree with the notions of black people help by the people whom he sold slaves to. He was very friendly with African tribal chiefs and would routinely attend parties and celebrations held by the tribal chiefs. He also stated that in many ways the black people of Africa were more advanced than Europeans and that Europeans should try to learn from them rather than attacking their culture. SInce he lived in Africa he knew that the European conception of Africa was flawed.

    What the African tribal chiefs were doing with criminals and prisoners of war was no different then what people in Europe and Arabia had been doing with eachother for centuries… Europeans would routinely enslave each other.

    The only thing that made slavery of Africans unique is that the status of slave was passed down to future generations for a very long time. This was done by creating racist laws that denied black people full citizenship rights in many states(not all states though).

    My personal opinion on this is that Americans should have the right to self determination. And what I mean by this is that America should always be united under a single American federation. However different communities in America should have a right if they want to establish their own living spaces and govern themselves. Some whites want to live amongst whites and some blacks want to live amongst blacks. I think each racial group should be allowed to establish white and black neighborhoods that are policed by members of their own race. Also some whites and blacks want to live in a racially diverse neighborhood. They should have that right too.

    Communities in America should have a right to determine what sort of neghborhood they want. If people want to have a multi-religious and multi-ethnic neighborood that is fine. If people want to have a mormon only neighborhood that is fine. America should become a cultural mosaic that respects the rights of communities to determine the character of their neghborhoods and have all these different sorts of neighborhoods united under a single American federation.

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