18 thoughts on “Drug Users & Drug Prisoners

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  2. This is on Interesting, Post you have here. Not only that it is interesting, White should be more JAILED for distributing and using the narcotic’s . It almost 8O% of the White Jungle Monkey that are using, It. And for black people selling it In thier own community. Faulsifying black thug’s on the street in getting thier own people to us It.
    However. Instead they wanted black’s to take the baite for something that they do wrongfuly here in the streets. Good Post though

    • Yeah that’s true. Even though there are more white users,cops patrol black areas more heavily. So it makes sense that they arrest black people more often giving the illusion that we sell drugs and use drugs more than they do. Also television and films show drug dealers as usually being black. Perception alters reality.

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