Blackface in the Philippines??

This show is called Nita Negrita. This shows you that anti-blackness worldwide. This is really sick! I believe this show is no longer on the air. Thank God for that. Why couldn’t they get a black girl tom play the role? Why get a Filipina girl and then paint her with black paint?

21 thoughts on “Blackface in the Philippines??

  1. Wtf? Are they serious? What is that foolishness about? Was it too hard to cast a young black actress for the part? That is insane. I always suspected that there was racism in the Phillippines

    • Oh yeah it’s everywhere. This anti-blackness is everywhere. But we will keep fighting against it. Whether it’s from whites or non whites. We wont stand for this degradation of our people.

  2. Kushite, I am at lost for word’s…. Even though on my father side of the family I have a cousin that Is filipino, and she is married to another cousin of mine’s which he is a black male, and they have children together. I remembered when I was young My family and I we went to thier house In San Francisco, and I must admit that I enjoed myself when I was up there however, If I can remember she had made some Bacon, And I have tasted a couple of piece’s of the bacon. She gave me this real strange look like why am I tasting her food. Well at the time I haven’t given no thought about it. Until Now that I have seen this show.

    She could be just like the other’s hiding her racism toward’s black people. You know people looking to expand thier race through Racism, With out the person even knowing that they are racist. Now I have found out even more Info about my Filipino cousin, But that is a whole other story…. Now as far as this film goes… This goes to show you that other race’s of people will gladly side with those that hate us to demean our charecter..(RACISM IS WORLD WIDE)

    • I feel what you’re saying. White supremacy is a global system. We have to fight against this sickness.Sadly,there are other people of color who hate us. But regardless,we must expose them at all cost.

      • Hotep and shalom comrade…
        As a victim of white supremacy, and a novice counter-racist scientist,
        I believe deeply this is nothing but a concept thats strategic in all areas…

        So! what do i do in response? Its very simple…All i have to do is ask questions/study and experiment…in which i’ve the authority to do so in regards of finding out the truth and refuse to let such White Identified/Europeanized Non-Black/Non-White People such as so-called “Filipinos””,”Latinos”, etc. Lie To Me!!!! The questions i ask
        and you can ask yourself is as follows… I’ll start with the experiments based from The Interracial Con Game Book

        Experiment #1
        Go to any, i mean any person of color whose in most likely in a relationship with a black person which is only Sex and ask em “Do
        you consider yourself Black?”

        Experiment #2 Go to any brown,red, and/or yellow and try to open a business.Frankly you’re going out of business. Quick Fast.

        The questions are as follows:
        1.What do you call a black person who doesnt function as a “Filipino”?
        2.What do “Filipinos” talk about when no black people are around?
        3. What suggestions would you offer to a black person who does not
        function as a “Filipino”?

      • I have Interracial Con Game as well. It’s a very informative book. I think we have to face the reality that white people aren’t the only people with anti-blackness. There are Filipinos,Mexicans,Cubans and Indians that don’t like black people. So I know that Filipinos talk about us in a negative manner when we’re not around. We just have to worry about ourselves and fight against such ignorance. I appreciate the comment and thanks for dropping by my blog.

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  4. Prince, And you Know in the Netherlands they do that Black Pete shit. Where it’s Father Christmas and Black Pete his slave. Some guy with black face trailing behind white Father Christmas. That jarred me.

  5. this is a little off topic but i remember once i saw a movie degrading black women: a well off black woman in africa became a prostitute for no visible reason. there was an explicit scene in which her pimp raped her. I came out of the theatre and this white guy couldn’t look me in the eye, but this black guy was smiling at me, like I was the one who had just been screwed onscreen. The idiot didn’t realize that the degradation of the black woman=degradation of him. I just don’t understand the questioning/hateful/intense looks I get from complete strangers. What have I done to them?

  6. WOW!! what can i say? now they wanna do the same B.S.! over there. what is this world coming to? i guess being black really is somthing special!! cuz wouldn’t give a damn about us as a peopel this tells me there is alot more to us then black folks know.

    Thanks for this post!

    • Yeah it’s crazy right? It’s really disgusting what they did. Can you believe this passes for entertainment? I found it disgraceful! This shows the anti-blackness is global.

  7. In asia, white skin is very prized so its not surprising seeing something like this. Almost all non-white cultures have this brainwash mindset that white is beautiful and darker skin is ugly. Skin lighten products are used a lot in countries like India and asian usually get surgery on their eyes so they can have a more european look. Hispanics deny their african roots and embrace their european side,black women in america think be white is better – so all across the world we are messed up in the head by whites. Whereever they have gone they have set their ideals and standards into our minds

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