13 thoughts on “Where are the Reparations?

  1. After reading, this reporation’s. And seeing everyone got thier 9 acers and mule, Until I looked at the bottom Highlighted yellow Jim Crow era and black african decendant’s got Zero Dollars. I was like wow they are so messed up. They want to give to those but they don’t want to give to those that hat the most trama type hit in history. I don’t know like i have said before. I want to se KARMA AGAINST THESE DAMN DEVIL’S. By the way where did you find this formative Information.

    Oh and Youtube Is F’N Up again. Have you noticed.

    • Yes it shows the double standard. Why does everyone else get theirs but us?? I get the feeling they fear us the most. So they have to keep us oppressed at all costs. A friend sent me that picture. Not sure where he go it. What’s Youtube doing now? Are they deleting channels again? They’re always up to something.

      • That cool that your friend found that for you… Because It obvious that they do fear Us and they are trying to wipe us or all of us slate clean from the face of this earth. Which it will never happen. They don’t want us to rule because they now that we can dominate thier tail’s over night… LOL like Umar Johnson said we could. I also believe. If we as to get our they know that we are or probally going to do the same for what they have don to Us” JUST A THOUGHT”.

        Any how far as “YOUTUBE” go. They have changed the whole formate around to where you don’t know if you have any messages or If someone commented on a video. It all messed up. I am tiered with with whole thing.

  2. Black DNA can wipe out them off the face of the earth. We pose the biggest threat so no reparations for us. But it’s ok though. I got a vision from GOD and when they get theirs, you’ll hear their screams from space.

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  4. Prince, You know I asked this before. I know a eskimo woman and another Native American woman they get a check from the government. I think that sucks. One was running from the law for writing hot checks, She went back to the reservation. The reservation protects her. But our ancestors shed blood and sweat and were beaten and died, But yet we get nothing.

    • It’s really a sad situation. We helped to build this country and we get no thanks. All the slave labor that helped to make others wealthy and now we’re some of the poorest people on the nation. They’ve shown that they see us as less than human. So don’t expect any type of reparations any time soon.

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