Great post Wolf! You made some very great points. I had to reblog this one.


A collective stereotype fallacy is when prejudice and racism only seek out and concentrate on any example of any stereotype of a certain group while ignoring the individuals who do not confirm any stereotypes. There are several modes of this mentality when it comes to viewing black people in a white dominated society:

There is no doubt that there are poor people and criminals in every group. Unfortunately, those are the kinds of people that are the majority in the black community according to many whites thanks – in part – to the media’s brand of “reporting“. As such the lie that most crime in this nation is committed by blacks is heavily supported.

Oddly enough, some extreme racist whites believe the media is covering up a black-on-white epidemic! They believe more and more whites are being targeted by savage blacks for reverse racist reasons, and the media…

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  1. That’s why it’s important for us to carry ourselves as the the proud royalty that we are. Whites believe what they see in the media. Instead of really learning the truth for themselves they just lump all of us into the same negative sterotypes.

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