Homosexual War on Black Children

This is a very shocking video by Irritated Genie. I thought the U.N. was supposed to helping other nations. This poor Haitian boy was raped by these sick men! How come this type of thing isn’t more well known? What do you think when you see a video like this? Does it make you angry? It should.

23 thoughts on “Homosexual War on Black Children

  1. I knew of the rwomen were being raped. But the men. My God what is happening? And the U.N. is responsible for this? That’s just disgusting. I thought the United Nations was supposed to aid the suffering in third world countries. Well i guess i shouldn’t be surprised about anything. After viewing the movie Hotel Rwanda, It showd how the United Nations didn’t want to help the people in that film.

    • We shouldn’t be surprised. These creatures are sick beasts! They need to be exposed for the evil they spread. I saw Hotel Rwanda also. I thought Don Cheadle did a pretty good job. People should be aware of how the UN does.

  2. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I see Eddie Long Dong’s pedophile nasty self up there in that video. He just makes me throw up in my mouth.

  3. Prince, this is off topic, My co workers showed me a post that a young sister in Louisiana was set on fire while walking on a walking track. She said they were wearing white hoods. They left the letters kkk spraypainted on her car. I fear there will be more insanity from the beasts. She is suffering burns on half her body.

  4. The color aroused freaks are in full effect. As the election gets closer. It was also mentioned that she was wearing an Obama tee shirt. That was what was posted on one blogspot.

  5. This is serious.

    How can we warn and save our people? Many of our real revolutionary elders such as John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben, Kwame Ture, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and other are becoming few in number. They became revolutionaries at relatively young ages and it stayed with them. That is why I say it is up to the young people to be the revolutionary force. I am finding more and more that many of our parents/grandparents now are falling for this gay crap. You cannot convince most older blacks that Democrats/Obama is crap and to stand for real revolution. I am trying to wean my grandparents off of the Democrat’s titty, but man is it hard. They argue “He is for us.” “He wants welfare for all citizens” “He wants equality for all.” I believe that if most of our older folks really cared about the future of their children and grandchildren, then they would do better. Supporting gay marriage, Obama, and being complacent about the U.S in general means death to their youths’ futures. Why can’t they see this??

    • Our people have been brainwashed by the system. But I believe the youth is our last chance. We can’t be afraid to speak truth to power. The older folks can’t be saved. They’re stuck in their old ways. The children are the future. Don’t give up hope. Stay positive and keep fighting against injustice and inequality.

      • I understand, but it would be nice if they could support us because we need them just like they need us.

        We young people just have to get serious. I attend a HBCU and you probably are not surprised at how much I see the gay, backwards agenda being perpetuated on this campus. Girls walking around kissing and holding hands. Men dressing like women nearly. The men who are living secret lives. What shocks me even more is that the professors seem to be almost too complacent as if they do not have a moral obligation to students. You would think all of our professors on HBCU campuses would serve as true master teachers, but it is not that way. The few who do are hated on by the silly ones. So twisted. If you have email contact information, it would be great to further converse in more detail about how to go about defeating this before it defeats us.

    • I know it’s hard sis. It’s a sad reality of what goes on. But it shows what savages will do to poor defenseless kids. These “men” are heartless creatures. What is more disgusting than this?

      • Nothing. I saw his naked self and realized what was gonna happen and could take anymore. Why are blacks so eager to befriend white people?

        What is it gonna take for us to see what right in front of us?

  6. @ Sister Truth
    We have to pull together in times like this. This is very sickening but it’s real. A lot of people are still not aware of these type of incidents. You have to wake up the the people in your personal life. These are gross atrocities. And these people need to be punished at all costs. People are fast asleep and feel helpless and powerless. It’s up to those of us who are enlightened to speak up. People need to know that they’re not alone.

  7. Hey, Kush I see you have the video uploaded to your wordpress. When I have seen this I was in shocked. The main question is here why in the world Is this young black male laughing as he is being plunged in to the anal area. This is something that he should be outraged. See our people have gotten to comfortable and loved these damn devil’s. They will let them play around with them like that and get away with it. I don’t know I was at lost for word’s when I have seen this.

    But maybe you can explain to me more on why was this black man giving in to this horrific ” WHITE SEX CRIME “.

    • Yes I caught that too. It looked like he was smiling for a minute. Either way it’s SICK! I still call it rape though. Whether they paid him or by force. And most of the people laughing in the background are the white boys. They get a kick out of this sick perverted behavior. If you study Greek and Roman culture you’ll know it’s the norm.

      • Thank’s Kush, I am going to have to look into it. I haven’t nor have I thought about it. But It most deffinately something that I should be looking Into, for the most part. Like you said even If It was Paid or not It’s still not funny when this type of thing is being hounded on to our people. Beside’s. We have black people here in america claiming that white’s Isn’t even doing nothing to us black when they are so blindedly Not knowing what is going On… It almost turning In to a one world government. Hate to say It.

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