47 thoughts on “Gay Agenda will sink Barack Obama

  1. I never believed that Obama really cared about that segment of the society (LGBT). And he always came off kind of disingenuous to me when he was addresing the same sex marriage issue. It is my opinion that he just wanted the support from that community.

  2. I hope not.

    My Chairman, in another context, for another organization, on another subject, wrote of another man, how “Black Solidarity” is not a mind frame with some African people, but a day on the calendar (November 4th.)

    Black Unity means standing behind the best available. So many of us forget this. These same Africans blasting the President raise the Jews and the Chinese as exemplars in race unity, forgetting that these other ethnic groups have much worse people–even people who abuse us–yet they stand behind one another. Meanwhile, the President politically backs the Homosexual Lobby and we’re ready to empower Romney.

    It’s very pathetic.

    What Principle is Most Important? Race Unity or Ineffective Protests?

    • I can’t believe you are justifying the idea that ALL black people should automatically support Obama without an expectation of political returns or critical though about his agenda. Obama is only there because he put a new face on American imperialism (a subset of White Supremacy). So how can “we” unity behind a man that is only a tool of White Supremacy? When Asians or Jews stand behind one of their you can bet your butt that individual is SUPPORTING their interests ABOVE and BEYOND everything else……Obama is NOT doing that for us!!!

      • Brother,

        We were already 99% Loyal to the Democratic Party. It’s a bit strange that we’re suddenly so critical.

        It reminds me of my Black teachers in High School. At lunch time, we had every critique to throw at them. But the White teachers were infallible.

        Obama is a Democrat. We are Democrats. Suddenly, the Democrats give us nothing.

    • I feel what you’re saying. I do think unity for our people is a must. I’m just not sold on Obama yet. I did vote for him last election. I don’t begrudge any brothers and sistas who want to vote for him again. I just think he didn’t produce the “change” he said he would. he even bailed out the fat cats on Wall Street. While black folks are unemployed and losing their homes. But people can vote for who they want. I think we may need our own political party independent from the system. What do you think?

      • Two years ago, I was on the streets rallying for the Freedom Party.

        A lot of us sacrificed money, time, occupation to give us our due. Regardless, we didn’t get the votes. More or less, “so-called’ Conscious Black folks didn’t vote; and “so-called” Unconscious Black folk voted Democrat. Now a White man is our Governor and we didn’t even get the 50,000 votes required to have a Political Party.

        Obama bailed out Wall Street. So what? Are you at war with Wall Street? Let’s be forreal?

        I mean, Brother, I know that you’re a good Brother, but if we’re going to discuss something, let’s be forreal in the discussion.

        For instance, I know that CEOs walked away with millions. But that’s what CEOs always did. What’s more, they walk away with millions partially because we give our children $400 to wait outside for three days and get some boots.

        So really this isn’t about Wall Street. And this isn’t about a Black Political Agenda–because we HAD that and we didn’t support it–I sacrificed BIG TIME–and gained NOTHING for it.

        What this really is about is “Crabs in a Bucket.” Here is an excellent Black man being torn down by Black folk. Nothing New.

        Name me a Brother and I’ll name you a person criticized by us to this day!

      • I’m not saying black people shouldn’t give crap to Obama when he’s not doing right what I don’t like however is black folks giving crap to Obama when they wouldn’t give it to a white male. Like Clinton,Kerry,Gore,Hillary,Edwards many white politicians not only don’t live up to their promises to black people will BLATANTLY take us for granted and use us.

  3. Sorry Brother if I’m too hard. Actually seeing Romney made me a bit more emotional. I recognize that, that might be the whole idea, but you know I’ve nothing against you.

    It’s just I’m hearing so many cats opining against Obama. For Sister TrojanPam I was searching for a quotation from Elijah Muhammad, didn’t find it, but found one from Martin Luther King Jr.:

    ” Negros threw eggs at me, when I spoke in New York “

    • No,you’re not being too hard. You’re just voicing your opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that. I understand you may be frustrated by so many black folks going hard at Obama. But it’s only because many of us are becoming more hip to the way things work in government. Many of feel duped because we thought Obama would create some type of “change”. Of course I think deep down we knew he couldn’t create miracles overnight. He can only do what he is allowed to do by his white masters. So people are angry and taking it out on Obama. In a way you’re right it is “crabs in a barrel”. But we want results. And we don’t see our communities doing any better. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a Democrat or Republican in office. The ghetto remains the same. The bottom line is WE have to change it. The government has showed us time and time again–they don’t care about our well being. So we have t do for self. I personally don’t have anything against Obama. He’s just a man with a job. Just like most of Black America. He has bosses he has to answer to as well. Like I said,people can vote for whoever they want to. I just have reached a point where I think collectively it wont change much for us. You feel me?

      • Brother, you neglect to realize that Black people elected Mayors who were especially fond of Police Brutality.

        You can’t Blame Obama that when Mayoral and Gubernatorial elections come up, we sit them out then whine when the Police come into our homes and shoot us.

        If the Cities didn’t improve, blame your Mayor, not your President. As it were, Obama on a national level did wonders for American people–Black and White. Blame your Mayor if your localities are pish posh, not your President.

        Sister TruthBeTold is over there saying to NOT Vote–like that’s not what got us into trouble in the first place!!!

      • You make an interesting point. But what do you think of these two statements by brother Malcolm. Do you think this still applies?

        The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way. The liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor, and by winning the friendship and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political football game. Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football, and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball. Through tricks of tokenism and false promises, and they have the willing cooperation of Negro leaders. These leaders sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains.—-from his speech called, God’s Judgment of White America)

        The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but at least they don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves, they show you their teeth in a snarl. That always keep the Negro aware of where he stands with them, but the white liberals are foxes who show their teeth to the Negro also, but they pretend they’re smiling. The white liberal is more dangerous than the conservative. They lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf. He flees into the open jaws of the smiling fox. The job of the Negro leaders is to make the Negro forget that the wolf and fox belong to the same canine family, and no matter which one of them the Negro puts his trust in. He always ends up in the dog house.—from his speech called, God’s Judgment of White America)

      • Of course it applies. But if you must go to one dog house, it’s obvious you go to the Fox. There’s no choice when the groundwork you’ve set doesn’t allow for one.

        Like I explained to you–we ran a Black Political Party and it failed. We had boycotts–but we’re still misspending.

        We don’t have a third choice–it’s Fox or Wolf.

      • Picking between Obama and Romney is like evil vs a more effective evil. In that regards,you’re correct–Obama is a better choice. I think he’s a good symbol for young black boys who aspire to be something in the future. Obama is a nice symbol. But for those of us who know how the political process works–that’s all it is. And don’t think I’m just picking on Obama. I’ve went at a lot of Uncle Tom negroes on my blog many times. By the way,you quoted Farrakhan earlier. You do know he’s not on the side of justice or liberation for black folks,right? I’m sorry brother,but Farrakhan is as fake as a $2 bill. But I’m sure you’ve done your research on him already.

      • That’s partly why I quoted Farrakhan. The truth is that we pick on any and every Black person. Some threw eggs at Dr. King and you know many ridiculed Garvey. But it remains to be seen how we’re fighting White people fighting ourselves.

        If Farrakhan ain’t right, stand where he is and let others decide. But to knock the Brother down–that’s “Crabs in a Bucket.”

        And yes Obama is a great symbol. Look at where we are with Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Drake (a homosexual rapper.)

        Obama’s a man with a beautiful family. Let him enjoy the limelight. Where else are there Black men with beautiful Black families?

      • I see your point. My problem with Farrakhan is he wants nothing to do with Africa. And I put up a video last month where he said black people were cursed by God. Which is why we have dark skin! WTF!! That’s straight insanity! And you’re right people went at Garvey,MLK,Malcolm, etc. I get tired of the fighting as well. But it’s human nature to speak your mind when someone doesn’t have the best interest of your people. And the reality is we wont all agree on everything. We’re not a monolithic people. I personally don’t have anything against Obama. I don’t even know the man. But people are frustrated,so they always go after those they believe have “power”. Obama is no exception. And also,if we had a political party that failed–why not try it again? Why not try for another Black Wallstreet? We just have to put our minds to it. If we’re upset about the way the government operates,then do for self.

      • My Chairman lost over $30,000 trying to form a Black Political Party. I lost a significant amount too.

        Until we have the membership and the commitment, we may as well do what we can: Stop the Election of White Supremacists.

      • Agreed it bugs the hell out of me that black people will bend over backwards and kiss all the ass they can of a white male politician no matter how much of a lying,cheating,sleazy pig he is[re:Clinton]yet act all righteous and ‘angry’ when it’s another black person. They seem to forget EVERY politician makes promises they won’t keep and the idea you had that Obama was some ‘Super negro’ able to leap all prejudices in a single bound that is on YOU not him. Black people would rather put it all off on someone ele’s shoulders than get off their ass and do it themselves. Obama doesn’t owe black people any MORE than a white politician but black people aren’t nearly as demanding when it’s a white person yet they wonder we can’t get anywhere.

      • Yeah I hear what you’re saying. But I go after any politician I don’t agree with. That’s what separates me from a lot of other black folks. We have to have the guts to disagree with black politicians who don’t have our best interest. We can’t be cowards anymore. Our communities are suffering and these so called “leaders” need to be held accountable. They should be called “mis-leaders” in my opinion.lol

  4. @Onitaset,
    We are all enitited to our opinions, and I am sure that you and I are working toward to the same goal for our people. However, I hold ALL politicians to the same standard: I critized Bush, Clinton, and Obama when they engaged in actions and agendas that harm the poor and oppressed. So the arguement you are pushing about Blacks suddenly complaining NOW about the Dems can not be used against me. The fact still remains, a fact that you have declined to acknoweldge, that Obama is nothing but a tool of White Supremacy and American imperialism and the poor and oppressed WILL NOT benefit under his presidency. He does not represent the interest of Black people in thoughts, words, and especially in actions…..

    • Brother,

      You must come to understand that “You may not get all that you pay for, but you must certainly pay for all you get.”

      And not only this. But, when you really understand this world, you’ll see that the White man PAYS for everything he gets.

      Romney is an idiot. He’s a terrible, terrible fool. He’s a dolt. He’s scum. He’s pathetic. But he’s White.

      White men in drones will back him. Because White people are wiling to PAY for what they get.

      Not until you understand this, can you sit here and have this conversation.

      • Lol, you make so many assumptions: you assume that YOU have a better understanding of how the world works than I do. Which is interesting cause I am not taking about how much of an idiot Romney is (which is a given). I am asking YOU how can Black people’s agenda be advance by a Black president who is here to serve white people’s interests. And as YOU SAID, “the White man pays for everything he gets” and the White man has paid to tune of over $1 billion dollars to get Obama reelected in this election. He will get what he has paid for, status quo White supremacy and imperialism………..your ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments can’t hide that fact!

      • You ask–“How can Black people’s agenda be advance by a Black president who is here to serve white people’s interests?” But what Black person isn’t here to serve White people’s interest? If you think that any Black person, who serves White people’s interests, can not do anything for Black people, then you don’t think any of us can do anything.

        What’s more–White people are not 100% united. You should know this. If White people are not 100% united, then Black people’s interests are somewhere amidst this.

        For instance, you talk about “Imperialism” now. But Imperialism relates with the abatement of Capitalism. “Imperialism” and “Unabated Capitalism” are against our interest. Romney is the candidate for “Unabated Capitalism,” not putting him in power empowers Black people, even if “Abated Capitalism” is also in White people’s interests.

        You’re protesting the wrong person. Farrakhan put it this way: “When I think about all of the hell I go through from my own people. I’m fighting for you everyday of my life. My life is on the line, and a bunch of silly Negros want to go and fight me. Why don’t you go and fight the enemy?”

      • Though I was writing to Brother MK82,

        You just hoped Obama was sunk–you and Sister TruthBeTold. If Obama sinks, Romney is elected.

        The Klan just burned a Black woman in Louisiana. They are backing Romney. Their campaign receives a political victory if Obama sinks.

        Gay Marriage isn’t anything compared against Lynchings.

      • I can’t speak for Sister Truth. She can speak for herself. But I never said that I wish Obama would sink. I only put up a video by brother T. West that believes so. People can make their own assessment on what will happen to Obama. My problem with the homosexual “lifestyle” is it’s spreading around like wildfire. And many black folks are beginning to accept this sexual perversion. I’ve even seen gay references in cartoons geared towards children. The homosexual culture maybe normal to European culture but it’s NOT to African culture. This was going on with Greeks and Romans way back in ancient times. I just don’t want our children being exposed to this sickness and thinking that it’s okay. Besides, homosexuality is anti-life and anti-family. Therefore,I can not and will not accept it. And Obama is saying that gay marriage is okay??WTF! Yeah I know he did it because his masters told him to, but I still can’t let it slide. I’m sure it was apolitical move as well. Homosexuality or lynchings?? It’s not an either/or scenario. Why can’t I dislike both?? Both are sick and disgusting in my book,you feel me?

      • Sister TruthBeTold said “I hope T-West is right” and you wrote “I hope you’re right.” It looked like you were saying you hope Obama would sink.

        As to either/or, it is. See, the election is not between Obama or Malcolm X, but Obama or Romney. If Obama isn’t elected, Romney is elected. That’s the bottom line.

      • I want the gay agenda to sink. That’s what I’m referring to. And you’re right–Obama and Romney are not Malcolm. But it’s all love brother. You said it yourself. We don’t all have to agree on everything. It’s no big deal. I got family voting for Obama so it’s all good.

      • @ Onitaset

        “What’s more–White people are not 100% united. You should know this. If White people are not 100% united, then Black people’s interests are somewhere amidst this.”

        This is a laughable statement. White people are 100 percent united, united in defending and promoting White Supremacy. That is why they run this country and the world. The only disagreement they may have is HOW to defend and promote White Supremacy

        Furthermore, its funny how you talk about “Unabated Capitalism.” It is true that Romney is a defender of “Unabated Capitalism,” but GUESS WHAT??!? Obama is a defender of ““Unabated Capitalism” as well! Guess which entities gave Obama the majority of the $1 billion dollar that he raised for the elections: the SAME entities that donated to Romeny’s campaign (aka Goldenman Sacks). That why there have been NO MAJOR prosecutions of white collar crimes associated with Wall Street by the Obama Administration, in fact, some of those SAME PEOPLE who helped to cause the 2008 economic crash have worked or are still working for the Obama Administration (Summers, Bernekie, etc.). So……I am sorry to say that the arguments you are pushing are pure BS.

        I am protesting the RIGHT person, the system WILL NOT let any black person or any person for that matter move into the White House who is committed to justice and peace.

        p.s. I am just getting started, I could go on about how the first “Black president” is promoting more US involvement (imperialism) in Africa via AFRICOM, and the negative effects of such a policy. So much for Black peoples interests being somewhere “amidst this”…………

  5. I personally feel that if Obama had any consciousness whatsoever then he would not support this gay crap as I call it. It is not natural for us (or just humans periods I think?) regardless of this mess they try to promote about a “New Age” , “gender lines blurring” or the next ‘evolution’ phase. I am from the South and the proliferation of this behavior in this particular region among black men especially and women to an extent has a long history as you know Prince (not to say that it is not heavy in other regions but its history in the South is worth studying)

    This is nothing new. The power that be picks key stages for infiltrating this behavior into the Black community. They did it once during the “Black Renaissance of the 20s and 30s http://www.fau.edu/mediarelations/Releases0510/051001.php and again during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-late 60s. They constantly try to link “gay rights” with civil rights knowing good and well.

    The white power structure is simply moving to the next stage and finds it easier than ever to push this agenda onto the Black community now that there is a black face on white power. As mentioned in Stokely Carmichael’s and Charles Hamilton’s book Black Power: “Black VISIBILITY is NOT Black POWER!”

    The 7 generations phrase means that EVERYTHING we do now affects the next 7 generations. It seems like everywhere I go now I am seeing 10, 11, 12 year olds, etc engaging in this behavior. The thing that white power fears the most is a strong, black man and women and a functional family. If all of the men and women both turn gay and lose that need for each other.. then need I say more? As a black woman it disturbs me that they promote this black lesbian thing under the guise of “I’m so strong and independent that I don’t need a man” crap. That is bs. We black women NEED our Black men and they NEED us.

    My question is what can we do? This lifestyle is promoted in “hip-hop” music, T.V shows and just about every other form of popular entertainment. As soon as you speak out about it (even in your own family) you are accused of being some hate-filled being. What about survival, prosperity and an overall better quality of life for those of African descent? I can’t force anyone’s vote, but as for me I know how I will exercise this PURELY SYMBOLIC act (Do most people really know how much their vote really matters after corporations are factored into the equation?)

    • Great reply! You said quite a mouthful.lol I agree with what you said. But I understand your frustration. That’s why I upload these videos and speak out against this sick agenda. We have to educate our children that this behavior is NOT normal. And that it’s anti-life. Even if some of your family is against you. Truth is truth!

      • It was quite a mouthful lol. Oops. Im just a very expressive person I guess but will do, will do. Truth is truth.

    • What’s worse is so many supposedly ‘straight’ black women are defending the gay lifestyle and singing gay people’s praises on these blogs it’s pretty disgusting. Then those dummies try and act like being gay and being black is the ‘same’ so that’s why we should look out for gay people’s interest. What a crock of shit! White people who are gay don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but themselves and most are hella racist. And there aren’t really even enough POC who are gay to justify their stupid asses saying that stuff.

      • I totally agree. The gay struggle is NOT the same as our struggle. They don’t have the same historical discrimination that we have gone through. And gay people can be just as racist as whites that aren’t gay. That’s why I’m 100% against this gay agenda they keep trying to force it down our throats

  6. This Is a good video Kush, It makes you think about the down fall these devil’s. Took It. I am not saying that he has done anything for Us In the past four year’s. What I am saying they Ploted against him or they new what to do before He even get His other four years. They don’t want him… To have a secon chance. You know He PART SLAVE so I guess that why it’s call a Little give and take. Well any how If Mitt Romney wins this ELECTION thing you know what that measn It going down Hill For the rest of us. And more for those that are WEALTHY.

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