Sister Letava explains the importance of Elders and Ancestors

This is sister Letava Mabilijengo. She’s a really great speaker. She does a lot of good work for the community.In this lecture she explains why elders and ancestors are important in the black community.

5 thoughts on “Sister Letava explains the importance of Elders and Ancestors

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  2. As a believer in Black nationalism and Black indigenous cultural expression, it is refreshing to see “conscious” Black women. But you have to watch out for some of these people.

    There are people, Black people on the internet and youtube making all kinds of outrageous claims. People born from eggs instead of the womb of a woman. Reptiles in human form. Two suns in the sky. Little green people at the center of the earth. Woman having babies without the aid of a man because the have their own woman sperm.

    Here’s where this woman comes in. A few days ago after looking at this post, I went to look at a few of Sister Letava’s other videos. Look at the dialogue she has with another female in the comments section where she states

    “Beloved, there is no mention of man because he is US. Physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically he is a degenerate female.”

    So now the Black man is a “degenerate female.”

    • Yes I’m aware there are some in the conscious community that are a bit “out there”so to speak. I’ve heard about the lizard people,the hollow earth and the theories about men once giving breast I’m the type of man that likes to get research from all types of sources. I have dvd’s by Phil Valentine,Dr Sebi,Jewel Pookrum,Bobby Hemmitt,Taj Tarik Bey,John Henrik Clarke,Queen Afua,Malcolm X and Booker Coleman. I think many of them have vast knowledge we can all learn from. I admire their hard work and dedication to the advancement and empowerment of black people. Although I may not agree with everything they say. I was not aware of this video by Sister Letava. I admire a lot of her work and past statements. I remember her saying in an interview about growing up around positive black men her whole life. And her father being a big influence on her life. She never came off as a “male basher” to me. I’m surprised she would make a comment like that. Thanks for the video,I’ll check it out.

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