What should be done about Pedophiles?

This is a debate between Umar Johnson and Irritated Genie. They’re debating about what we should do with pedophiles in the black community. Genie believes we should kill any pedophile that touches our children. Umar believes they need treatment and that killing a few pedophiles will not solve the problem. This debate gets really heated in the last six minutes! I like both these brothers and they both make good points. Who do you think is right?

18 thoughts on “What should be done about Pedophiles?

  1. It’s hard to say because pedophilia is such an abhorant pathology. I don’t believe they need to be around young children they need to be treated. I don’t think that pedophilia is something that can be rehabilitated. When i first hear of a young child that’s been molested my first thought “Kiill the mofo that touched that baby”. They just need to be put away somewhere so they can’t harm anymore children.

    • They should be put in with the general prison population. And let the murderers and gang members have their way with them. That would be true justice!lol

    • I know they’re sick. I’m very conflicted though. I don’t want to stoop to their level. But they are very sick and need to be dealt with.

  2. I abhor the very thought of murder, but it’s clear that once you do something like this there’s no real treatment for you. It’s hard to say what to do, because pedophiles must be removed from society but I feel killing them is stooping to their level.

    • I know what you mean. But pedphiles are a cancer in society. They are the filth of the earth. And if they can’t be cured they need to be put away.

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